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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Squareheads Down For The Big Bosche Eco Gangbang!

It seems that Global Warming is responsible for Hurricane Katrina, according to Germany's Environment Minister Juergen Trittin - a Greenie Bundist in Schroeder's Cabinet:

"The increasing frequency of these natural events can only be explained through global warming which is caused by people," Juergen Trittin told the ZDF television network. Trittin, a member of the Green Party in Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's ruling coalition, was also quoted by the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper as criticizing the Bush administration for doing little to fight climate change. Germany is a strong supporter of the Kyoto Protocol, a treaty that came into force last February. The pact requires industrialized nations to cut their emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other "greenhouse gases" blamed for climate change by specified amounts.

Well, well - the Germans are stating Golbal Warming as fact! I like the word blamed since its so convenient to use as opposed to PROVEN. And of course, Trittin has conveniently explained away that Germany in particular and East Eurpoe in general is a cesspool - less than 10% of the Rhine is not industrialized. And what advances have the Euros made in cleaning themselves up? All they need to do is point East - which they have done with so much success in the last 100 years - and look to the real oil barrel's of runaway pollution: Poland, China, Russia and all her former states. Poland is the least regualted nation in that hemisphere and it has the highest per capita rate of birth defects for any indistrialized nation. So to use the eco-wacko's own crap - go after the East if you want 'real global climate change.'

We got Katrina - You got the Nazis: Want To Trade, You Bosche Bastard?

Here's a link so you can read the rest of this bilge!

Oh my God, you are a total nutjob.
Thanks! Glad you like the post!
You'll have to excuse me if I go with more than 1,500 of the world's most distinguished senior scientists, including the majority of Nobel laureates in science instead of some conservative on the Internet.
The same group that gave Arafat a NP. Get to Canada as quickly as you can. Your sky is falling!
Oh god, so because the nobel committee gave a peace prize to Arafat these scientists don't know what they're talking about. You really are holding on tightly aren't you.
Any organization that gives any award to Arafat, Gorbachev, Nelson Madella, Koffi Anan, Carter, Amnesty International, The UN - yep, that is a fine orgainzation!
Another example of what is wrong with the Right. Ideology trumps fact and science everytime. Creationism for everyone!!!
Are you f'in kidding me. Arafat a man of Peace. Kofi Anan - Oil for Food! Gorbachev. Just call your self a communist now and stop your charde of progressivism. Do you know wht Gorby's first job was when he was with the KGB, he rounded up dissadents in Checheslovakia and had them executed. Screw the Nobel Peace Pimps and screw everyone on that list above. You can't defend any of them since they certainly hate the US as much as you do. Communist!
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