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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Company Policy

Of all the stuff out there on the US Port deal with a UAE firm, this piece crystallizes why this deal should not go through. It comes from NRO contributing editor, Frank Gaffeny.

If the following response to a posting on the WarFooting.com blog last Thursday by a self-described, but anonymous, former employee of the UAE company is any guide, that won't be pretty:

The US and the West in general are making a serious mistake if they hand over control of 21 ports to an Arab company, owned by an Arab government.

As a former employee of the DP World I can offer a unique insight into the goings on of this company, and I'm afraid if you scrape beneath the surface, it's not all its cracked up to be.

Did you know that several times a year, staff receive a company memo informing them that, for that particular month, one day's salary will be deducted and given to a Palestine "charity"!!! Staff are allowed to refuse by informing Human Resources Department, but no one ever did - knowing that this would lead to being over-looked for promotions and/or not having your contract renewed. I recall one poor Indian dock-side labourer on [a] $500-a-month [salary] complaining that he couldn't afford to make the payment as he had his wife and three children back in India to feed. He promptly was fired!

They have a reputation and a track record of not honouring staff contracts for expatriates, and I know of several employees who didn't receive their end contract bonuses or whose personal effects were not repatriated back to their home country. I mean, what can you do when the company is owned by the government of UAE and Shari'a law applies?

If this administration does not care to secure our borders, then for God's sake at least secure our ports.

Wow, even someone whose lips are still red from the Kool-Aid can acknowledge that the president is screwing up on this one. Surprising, but maybe there's hope for you right-wing freak shows after all.
Hey Brad, thanks for stopping by my site. Yes, we agree on the port thing. It's wrong, does not look right, and could/will cause security problems or worse.

So we can agree that this is one of many issues of which I disagree with this administration.

I am one of the 51% you mentioned on your site, but I certainly am no fan of most of what this admin has done on most issues. And if you've read a lot of my posts over the months, you will see that I take this admin to task on the borders, defense, the UN, the PLO, Iraq, Israel, etc. And I did the same thing when President Busy Pants was in office. Stupid is stupid - right or left - the majority of our elected officials are stuck on it!

Thanks for the visit!
I'll go with that... Hey, who's this other Brad? Dammit, there were already two of us! (me and the Brad Blog) Dammit, dammit, dammit!!!


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It's a Brad party! Wooo!

Thanks for the visit at Seaspook. And thanks for the promotion. I was just a lonely Chief, not a Master Chief.

I see we are of a mind regarding thi port deal. I just linked your story to my latest post on this subject.

I appreciate the patronage. And forgive me for the promotion. You're not a lowly Cheif. It's an exceptional accomplishment.

This story just gets more bizzare every day. From the ties to OBL, Hammas, etc...I just don't like it.
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