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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Fatwa, Fatwa, Don't Cha Wanna Fatwa, Fatwa!

Just when you thought CBS could not be any more stupid, it proves to us all that everyone at CBS who ran the Fatwa story should be before Congress explaining why it continues to give aid and comfort to the enemy. Just like the recent unpleasantenss with the Bush 'NatGuard-Gate Memo's' which caused Dirty Dan and several others to check out of the net, this latest round is just as bad. Whomever was using the 'Go-Story' braincell at CBS certainly screwed the pooch by running the latest Fatwa issued by the Fiqh Council of North America. In it, the Fatwa denounces in the strongest possible language they can muster, that the terror attacks around the world, and London in particular, were horrible, by saying, "There is no justification in Islam for extremism or terrorism." "Targeting civilians' life and property through suicide bombings or any other method of attack is haram or forbidden." Camel Pucks! This is the group whose leaders put out a similar Fatwa stating this: "Jihad is the only way to liberate Palestine; that no person or authority may settle the Jews on the land of Palestine or cede to them any part thereof, or recognize any right therein for them." Muzamil Siddiqi, head of the Fiqh Council, is quoted in an interview regarding the latest as saying 'suicide bombing is forbidden in Islam. This is not the solution, it is not the right way of doing things. Occupation is wrong, of course, but at the same time this is not the way." But in a 1995 speech he praised suicide bombers. "Those who die on the part of justice are alive, and their place is with the Lord, and they receive the highest position, because this is the highest honor." Get this, Abdurahman Alamoudi, on the Fiqh Council NA' Leaders Council is in a Federal Big House for terrorist crimes.

Here's the kicker, and this is the reason everyone connected to this story and others like it should be in front of Congress defending its slant: a non partisan organization sponsored a forum on just how screwed up Islam is called 'The Radical-Islamist Threat to World Peace and National Security.' CBS radio refused to sell this group air time on its Infinity Radio Network; the official word from CBS being that, “Too many people might be emotionally affected by the subject matter…It’s too controversial to be aired at this time.” Are you fricking kidding me? CBS can refuse to fund a little group some air-time, which they could have made a few dollars from and try to get more people to watch its news, and instead roll the unsubstanitated, false, contrived, slanderous, treasonous Bush National Guard Memos story. Using CBS's own words..from the aftermath of the NatGuard-Gate Memos it's a fact that many people were emotionally affected by the subject matter and it was too controversial to be aired at the time (before a Presidential Election) DUH!

Congratulations CBS, you've done the terrorists another favor by giving them airtime directly from a page right out of the Al Queda Terror Training Primer. Idiots!


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

GEORGE'S GRATITUDE (submitted by email)

George W. was out jogging one morning along the parkway when he tripped, fell over the bridge railing and landed in the creek below.

Before the Secret Service guys could get to him, three kids, who were fishing, pulled him out of the water. He was so grateful he offered the kids whatever they wanted.

The first kid said, "I want to go to Disneyland." George said, "No problem. I'll take you there on AF-1".

The second kid said, "I want a new pair of Nike Air Jordan's." George said, "I'll get them for you and even have Michael sign them!"

The third kid said, "I want a motorized wheel chair with a built-in TV and stereo headset!!" Bush is a little perplexed by this and says, "But you don't look like you are handicapped." The kid says, "I will be after my dad finds out I saved your ass from drowning!"



Sunday, July 24, 2005

French Terror Alert Elevated

The AP and UPI report that the French Government announced that it has raised its terror alert level from RUN to HIDE.

The only two higher levels in France are SURRENDER and COLLABORATE.

The raise was precipitated by terrorist attacks in London and a recent fire which destroyed France's white flag factory, effectively disabling its military.

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: Always with the French!

(submitted from email)


Saturday, July 23, 2005

A Tribute to Fallen Brothers

A statue once in the 4th Inf Div HQ in Iraq - now in Ft Hood, TX. This picture is attached to an old chain letter that misrepresents the truth behind the statue's origin and its creator. Still, it's a wonderful tribute to our troops.



Does anyone know if the Brits show the American series COPS? If not, it should be. Or maybe the Brits have their own version. If anyone can help with this answer, please post.

What’s the point? The tragedy of the train rider who took a few in the head and chest is boiled down to three facts:

A) Don’t look like a suspect (dress like you’re not carrying a bomb in a train!)
B) Don’t run from the police
C) Don’t hang-out at a house where bad guys live

COPS is nothing but lessons about not running from the Police and acting stupid. But, wait and see. There will be more press coverage over the fella who got shot than there is about the actual bombing(s). Watch, it will happen.

This man who was shot may be innocent, but that does not mean he should not have been treated as a suspect. And that is exactly what Scotland Yard did, and rightfully so. This guy was tagged as a probable baddie since he was in the same house as other known bad guys. And in these days of heightened tensions, this guy could have been the Pope and still should have been ‘Hooked and Booked’ if he ran from the Bobbies or came waltzing out of a known safe house for terrorists!

Oh Well – Terrorist 52 / Good Guys 1


Real Heroes

Who has given us Freedom Of The Press? The Veteran, not the Poet!


Friday, July 22, 2005

G W Westmoreland - RIP

A link to an article about GW Westmoreland that many of you might not have seen.



Wednesday, July 20, 2005

An Eye For A Ride

OK – The Gvt has done something right!

If any of you are frequent travelers, you probably have to endure long lines at the airport to get through security. I know I do every week. Fortunately, I fly enough to get in the 1st Class or Business Cls line. But there are many airports the still do not have frequent traveler lines or queues for those who have a frequent flier status with an airline.

The Gvt has a program for frequent travelers so you can skip waiting in line with the great unwashed and glide through the insidious inspection of your luggage and personal affects. All you need to do is cough-up eighty dollars and subject yourself to a background check, retina image and finger printing of your left or right hand. It’s pretty simple and it works wonders. The first time you get through the security line in a few minutes that eighty dollars is well spent.

Now critics of this program bemoan that it’s an invasion of privacy, another money-maker for the Gvt, its Big Brother, violates civil rights, and is the nose in the tent for the Gvt to get into your personal life, yadda, yadda, yadda. Well, good! If that is what it takes to avoid standing in lines with people who have never sat on chairs before, fine.

I still think that traveling is not as safe as it needs to be. But how would our economy suffer if we had to endure the kind of security the Israeli’s have to go through when they travel in and out of that country…several hours before the flight you have to arrive, show multiple forms of identity, and undergo the kind of questions that US Census takers don’t ask. (I think that is necessary in any terror hot-spot, but here in the US, that kind of scrutiny is not needed and I hope we never get to that point).

Bravo, TSA, look into my eye and let me through!


Thursday, July 14, 2005


Here are the minutes of the Politburo of the National Education Association (NEA) Central Committee Annual Party Congress held this month. Here you will find the list of some of their New Business Items on the agenda. Take a look at some of these gems. My comments are inserted after the decision of each item :

New Business Item 91
In the interest of member health and safety at NEA sponsored events; NEA will explore alternatives to using LATEX (natural rubber) products (such as latex balloons and gloves) during NEA sponsored events.
ADOPTED are you kidding me?

New Business Item 82
NEA will develop a comprehensive strategy to deal with the new and more sophisticated attacks on curricula, policies, and practices that support GLBT students, families, and staff members in public schools.
ADOPTED - GLBT - Gay and Lesbian Bi-Sexual Transgender. I wonder why GLBT is being attacked with sophistication? Maybe parents don't want their children exposed to the wonders of homosexual lifestyles. The operative word of this plank is curricula. How is this going to help your 3rd Grader read? How is learning about same-sex couples, sex, alternate lifestyles help your 10th Grader with preparing for the PSAT? If parents want to challenge what children are exposed to, be prepared for a fight, according to this, there is already a defense setup – sickening!

New Business Item 81
The NEA shall research the possibility of offering, as part of the existing training program, either regional or national levels of training that would support the significant history of labor unions. The training will have a focus that emphasizes delivery of age appropriate curriculum to students.
ADOPTEDSome idiot commented that right wing propaganda comes out of FOX NEWS. Well, lookie here, Comrades. This is plain old-fashioned Bolshevism aimed at your kid in every grade in public school – political indoctrination and a real world working definition of propaganda. This one makes me want to throw-up!

New Business Item 78
NEA will urge its members that they "do not shop" at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club due to Wal-Mart's anti-union, low-wage, low-benefit policies that have left its employees in need of hundreds of million of dollars in public aid for various health care and social safety net programs.
REFERRED TO THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEEI almost had a heart attack when I read this. If you go by that reasoning, where do these idiots shop? They can’t shop at Best Buy, Target, K-Mart, Sears, Penny’s, Federated Dept Stores, Dollar General. Has anyone ever been forced to shop at Wal Mart, let alone work there. If the NEA is so concerend about low wages, why not lobby Congress to up the pay of all Enlisted Personnel in the military. I guess the NEA folks all shop at Costco. No wonder they look like hags. Costco sucks!(Thanks Rainman for the inspiration)

New Business Item 75
The NEA will declare a designated area of the NEA/RA and related meetings and activities a fragrance free zone.
REFERRED TO THE ANNUAL MEETING REVIEW COMMITTEE AS MODIFIED – Another coronary! You can’t even bathe around these Edu-Wickans. Unbelievable!

New Business Item 73
NEA will work to form coalitions with university deans of education, parent-teacher, business, student (education student) organizations and NCATE to consult on changing curricula at America's universities, and how teachers teach teachers to reflect our changed student populations.

New Business Item 67
To the greatest extent possible, NEA will commit itself and strongly encourage its affiliates to purchasing promotional products that are manufactured in the United States.
ADOPTED AS MODIFIEDThis one I agree with. Buy American. Just don’t buy from any of the approved NEA Vendors.

New Business Item 63
The NEA, thru NEA Today and other means of communications, shall educate members about the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) and its serious negative consequences for education. Moreover, the NEA shall actively participate in coalitional efforts to defeat this regressive trade agreement in line with the oppositional position taken by Education International on CAFTA due to commercialization of education and privatization of public services.
ADOPTEDI spent several years in public schools. And I can guarantee that the majority of the dopes who teach can’t spell CAFTA let alone know what it means and its serious negative consquences for education. And what business do teachers have in spending time talking about this? It’s another Bolshevist attempt to squash market competition.

New Business Item 62
NEA will provide information and encourage participation in Operation Iraqi Children. This program helps provide school supplies to Iraqi school children. This process can be accomplished through means of communication including the NEA Today, the NEA website, and other means to activate local affiliates to support this humanitarian outreach.
ADOPTEDI agree with this one as well. As long as what is sent to Iraqi schools are only supplies (no NEA approved books - I don't think 'Heather Has Two Mommies' and 'Daddy's New Roommate' would translate well in Arabic!) this is a fine initiative.

New Business Item 61
The NEA calls on President Bush and Congress to:
support our troops by creating an exit strategy to end the U.S. Military occupation of Iraq and bring our troops home.
provide adequate veterans benefits and meet the needs of our veterans for adequate jobs, education, and healthcare.
The NEA will:
support NEA members and their families called upon to serve in Iraq by identifying and providing information about resources and services to help meet their special needs, by advocating for their interests and by protecting their jobs, seniority, and benefits.
advocate the reordering of national priorities toward peace and the human needs of our people.
ADOPTED AS MODIFIEDCoronary #3 You’re GD Teachers! You’re not Benjamin Disraeli or Golda Meir. You teach finger painting and open milk cartons!

New Business Item 59
The NEA through the Health Information Network will promote research and resources on women and heart disease.
ADOPTEDWell, I hope my 10th grade math teacher does not have a heart attack, because according to this, he's SOL.

New Business Item 56
Support for Education for Prisoners and Former Prisoners. The NEA will support the education of current and former prisoners. The NEA will seek out and build alliances with labor unions representing teachers and education support professionals inside jails, prisons and youth guidance centers to advocate for increased support for education of prisoners and people coming home from prison. The NEA will also advocate for ending discrimination that former prisoners face when trying to pursue educational opportunities. The NEA will print an article in the NEA Today on these issues.
ADOPTEDHalf of this is fine – a better educated citizenry can help everyone. Then, they had to screw it up with the discrimination crap ex-cons get when getting a job. How the hell are you going to do it? What the hell does the NEA have to do with criminals? If one NEA person is connected to this, than that is one more teacher not teaching!

New Business Item 47
The NEA will inform members about reasons for the boycott of Gallo wines called by the United Farm Workers, AFL-CIO.The NEA will ensure that Gallo wines are not served at any function of the Association.
REFFERED TO THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEEI thought all commies like farmers. Isn’t agrarian or agro-urban utopian communism the goal of the NEA? I thought it was. It’s certainly spelled out in this list of business items. Oh, I see, the Gallo folks hire workers who are not unionized. So, you only love your fellow man as long as he carries a union card. Morons!

New Business Item 33
The NEA will develop a strategic program to help NEA Republican members advance a pro-public education agenda within the Republican Party.
ADOPTEDHoly Crap! This is as bad as registering a gun! What if you don’t want to tell anyone how you vote? To even have this plank, you have to ask what party affiliation each and every member has - seems like a violation of privacy. So not only do you have to ‘fess up' that you’re a Republican, now you have to be told what to do at the Republican rallies. And this plank assumes that Republicans do not have a Pro-Education agenda. Ever heard of NCLB! I can’t believe I live in the US!

New Business Item 19
In accord with the NEA Legislative Program, NEA shall develop and implement a communications plan to inform members of the adverse consequences associated with any effort to either directly or indirectly divert Social Security Trust Fund surplus amounts to private accounts within Social Security.
SUBSTITUTE ADOPTEDSo the NEA will manage the protfolio of its members during and after retirement? ...adverse consequeces of what? Making a better return in the marketplace than flacid retirement accounts?

Get out of politics and get back in the classroom.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Here is how it works:

- Create a new Cabinet Position - Department of Adoptive Children and Parenting
- New Supreme Court Justices tilt court balance and overturn Roe V Wade
- Modify law so that taking a child to term is encouraged – stipends, classes, medical bills, etc.
- All children must be given up for adoption – penalties, fines, jail-time if they are not
- DACAP is administering authority for tracking adoptive children
- Current adoption laws eased/re-written to speed-up baby-to-home timeline to clear-out current wait list
- Abolish foreign adoption
- Babies will be given to Gay and Lesbian adoptive parents in alternating fashion with Straight couples (Straight > Gay > Straight > Gay)

What a great idea! This is a win-win for everyone!

Criticism #1 – You’re encouraging alternate lifestyles - No, I am encouraging life! With the abolition of abortion, 1.5 million babies each year would still be alive. And isn’t any loving, caring couple better then no life at all?

Criticsm #2 – You’re encouraging Gay Marriage - No, I am encouraging life! I’ve never advocated gay marriage. A case could be made that allowing adoption by single-sex couples is a de facto family model of the majority of Americans and therefore they should be allowed to be married. Nope. You still can’t marry with this scheme, but all state recognition still applies. And since the Gvt is granting the ability to swiftly adopt children, does marriage really matter? I predict that the cry for gay marriage will ease since they can now adopt children faster.

Criticism #3 – The pace of parents eligible to adopt will be exceeded by the number of available children – Nope – with the alternating schedule of straight > gay and the ease of adoption rules, this scheme will encourage more people willing to adopt – There number of couples willing to adopt is well over the number of babies murdered each year. You can add whatever the new number of gay and lesbians to the mix, so there should be more couples available than children.

Criticism #4 – You’re engendering alternate lifestyles to the next generation of future parents – No, there is no study that proves that children who are raised by single sex couples chose that lifestyle as adults.

Criticism #5 – You’re encouraging baby machines for Gvt money. No, I am encouraging life! And with declining birth rates in this nation and all western countries, isn’t having more babies a good thing?

Will any of this happen? No. Is it an interesting way to look at the crisis of abortion and RVW? Yes. Who knows. Everyone wins, even the babies!


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Debunking 8 Anti-War Myths About The Conflict In Iraq

Here is a link to an article about debunking eight myths about 9/11 and the war for Iraq. It's a cracking good read.



Viva Fox!

I can’t pass this up. I posted a silly quip about disinformation and tied it to Hurricane Dennis and Cuba. Pretty funny, actually, and not far from the kind of stuff that comes out of Cuba. Most people thought it was funny. One person said send it Leno. But there were some who still can’t laugh at anything funny, especially if it’s directed at someone as forthright as Fidel.

Here’s the kicker. The first response was trying to draw a parallel that a state run information machine like Cuba is in some way the same as our Gvt. There is not enough space on my Blog to dignify that. But it gets better from there. Once mugged with the truth that the US is not Cuba as it relates to Gvt disinformation, my post was greeted with, ‘We (the US) are on our way!’ ‘Fox is the closet ‘thing we have to Cuban styled news’

Laughable on its face since this person has probably never watched FOX and probably never listens to NPR or PBS, which both take my tax money and use it to report news that is leftist and rarely has an alternate opinion. I dare anyone reading this to tell me of more than five people in the management ranks on both NPR and PBS who are either registered Republican or voted Republican in the last election. It’s a hunch, but I bet none of them did. (All public funding for PBS should be pulled. Let our markets work and let PBS survive in the marketplace of ideas and compete with all other media outlets. We’ll see how long it lasts without Uncle Sugar’s big wallet propping it up year after year. Sorry Big Bird!)

Now, on to the bad people at FOX. This person is probably referring to Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Brit Hume and John Gibson. Bill O’Reilly routinely invites lefties on his show, but amazingly, most don’t have the guts to show-up. Hannity and Colmes routinely have lefties on the show and they banter back and forth for a few minutes and move to a new topic. (CNN has the same format as well and its quite entertaining. Chirs Matthews show does the same thing and I like watching it). Gibson is a rightie who rarely has anyone on his hour long show. The less said about Gretta Van S. the better. She, unfortunately, has not been a journalist since she left CNN; all she does is chase the latest juicy People story and tries to pass it off as news. (If I don’t see another story about that 18 year old girl whose idiot parents let her vacation to a foreign country unsupervised, it will be a billion years too soon). The morning show on FOX is talk format and pretty one sided, I have to grant that – and it blows the doors off of anything else in ratings. It’s great.

What do we have, 6 hours out of each day that right of center opinion is broadcasted. And even in that time, alternate opinions are aired. The rest of the time is spent with cat up a tree stuff that gets people hooked to watch the real segments that garner all the ratings. And, let’s face facts, folks: it’s all about ratings. If it wasn’t, all stations left and right would either be off the air or begging for federal funds like PBS and NPR if ratings did not matter.

The bottom line is, the left can’t handle the fact that there is an alternate source of opinion, and it drives you guys nuts. I love it. I absolutely love it. I love to watch the hate spewed at FOX, Limbaugh, Boortz, and talk radio. Hey, do you lefties remember the ‘Hush Rush’ bills in Congress in the early 90s? You all hated the right’s rise in prominence of public opinion so much you tired to legislate ‘fairness.’ I’m laughing as I type this since its so bloody absurd. You guys can’t swallow the fact that the Big 3 have lost viewers to FOX. You guys can’t take the fact that readership in major paper markets is way down. Why? Because the monopoly you have on the press is being eroded by differing opinion. You all LOVE the 1st Amendment when it suits a liberal tilt. But when someone has the guts to call a liberal a liberal, then you guys go crazy and try to squash free speech.

One of my responders called FOX ‘Partisan Hackery’ and ‘Propaganda.’ I dared the person who posted that to name a source from the current administration who forced anyone on FOX to air a biased story in favor of W. That challenge, like most challenges to the left was met with, well, nothing. (I will have another post about Propaganda soon)

I have conceded that FOX is right of center and I’ll continue to do so as long as you lefties admit that the BIG 3, and CNN, NPR and PBS are liberal and are run by liberals. Once you can admit to that, you can stop the name calling and try to gain back the ratings you once enjoyed before FOX came onto the scene.

One more thing. Even if I agree that FOX is right of center (and it is, and I do - and I don't agree with everything that FOX puts out on the air) you lefties are doing the American Public a huge disservice. Do you really think the American public needs to be shielded from FOX news? Do you think that the public is that stupid that it can’t make up its own mind when it comes to consumption of news stories? When did the most powerful weapon in a free society, choice, stop? If you don’t like the message, your basic cable has over seventy-five stations of choice. If you don’t like it, change the flipping station. FOX NEWS, one little station in a sea of over-information, is outnumbered in spades compared to the Gvt run PBS, NPR, and privately funded CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and most newspapers in the US. Change the bloody station. Or better yet, try to counter FOX with better news alternatives. If you look at the current ratings FOX has, it’s pretty obvious what the American Public wants.

Here's a link to the substantive research in the bias of the media.


And That’s The Way It Is!


Saturday, July 09, 2005

Fair and Balanced News In Cuba

The Cuban Ministry of Information has issued a statement saying that Hurricane Dennis did not affect Cuba. Cuban Government Spokesman, Antonio Cabrerra Vargas, stated today, 'No one has died, and in fact, it's snowing.'


Thursday, July 07, 2005

Soccer Hooligans In Iraq Now!

I’m starting to get tired of how we are handling the war on terror. Let me explain in the context of the latest attacks against the Brits. I lived in England when the IRA were blowing up innocents in Ireland and England. What I remember most from that time is that Scotland Yard, MI5, MI6 had no compunction in pulling IRA murderers out of buildings knowing where they were, and putting them in jail, or killing them outright. Back then, the Brits took an eye for an eye, literally. With time, money and resources on the Queen’s side, eventually, the IRA went away. I am explaining away most of the other socio-economic factors that helped end the IRA’s grip on terror – industrialization, mass consumerism, etc., But in the end, the IRA ran out of bullets along with its popularity, not to mention that most of its apparatus was in jail, dead and it’s sympathizers here in the US and around the world gave up giving them money and favorable press.

Tomorrow, Blair needs to start taking London apart, building by building. Go into the Muslim ghettos and start pulling these murderers out of their mosques and send them back to the Middle East. That way, these pieces of camel dung can be killed by coalition forces once and for all.

I have a solution. Soccer Hooligans! The best weapon the Brits have besides their outstanding Special Ops units in their Marines or Army.

Now to make this work, you can’t get any fans from the Premiership Teams. Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool fans are not Hooligans, they are just too tame. Man U might come close, but their fans are still too pissed about the owner of the Bucs buying their team.

Blair is going to have to dig deep into the other Divisions. Millwall, Luton, Burnley, are the first teams to come to mind. How about this…Let’s get Celtic and Rangers’ fans together in Glasgow and broadcast over the loud speaker that Kenny Daglish was just murdered by Al Zarqauwi. Iraq would be cleaned up before the beginning of the second half! (I just thought of this – English Hooligans have more travel restrictions on them then Muslims coming in and out of England!)

On a more serious note, its time for Blair and Dubbya to do the following (sanitzed List):

- End immigration now
- Close the borders (US) with the National Guard on orders to hunt – no bag limit!
- Deport all Middle East and Muslim Far East college students
- Suspend all Work Visas immediately for anyone from the Mid-East
- Revoke the IRS exempt tax status on all Muslim organizations
- Any Professor of Mid-East origin who is not a US Citizen is immediately deported

How’s that for a start? Better yet, send in the Millwall Hooligans before the new season starts in August!


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