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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Squareheads Down For The Big Bosche Eco Gangbang!

It seems that Global Warming is responsible for Hurricane Katrina, according to Germany's Environment Minister Juergen Trittin - a Greenie Bundist in Schroeder's Cabinet:

"The increasing frequency of these natural events can only be explained through global warming which is caused by people," Juergen Trittin told the ZDF television network. Trittin, a member of the Green Party in Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's ruling coalition, was also quoted by the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper as criticizing the Bush administration for doing little to fight climate change. Germany is a strong supporter of the Kyoto Protocol, a treaty that came into force last February. The pact requires industrialized nations to cut their emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other "greenhouse gases" blamed for climate change by specified amounts.

Well, well - the Germans are stating Golbal Warming as fact! I like the word blamed since its so convenient to use as opposed to PROVEN. And of course, Trittin has conveniently explained away that Germany in particular and East Eurpoe in general is a cesspool - less than 10% of the Rhine is not industrialized. And what advances have the Euros made in cleaning themselves up? All they need to do is point East - which they have done with so much success in the last 100 years - and look to the real oil barrel's of runaway pollution: Poland, China, Russia and all her former states. Poland is the least regualted nation in that hemisphere and it has the highest per capita rate of birth defects for any indistrialized nation. So to use the eco-wacko's own crap - go after the East if you want 'real global climate change.'

We got Katrina - You got the Nazis: Want To Trade, You Bosche Bastard?

Here's a link so you can read the rest of this bilge!


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Jesse Helms For President!


The Americna Spectator does a good review of Jesse's new book. Wow...what a book this is going to be. I have mine ordered. I have not seen it yet and I will stake a claim that this should be required reading for every person who calls him/herself a conservative - required reading for anyone who hates conservatives (by God there are tons of them!). I like Jesse - always have. (He's good friend with Bowden and my readers know how much I like Bobby Bowden!) No BS. No PC. Politics his way. The American Way. One time Helms said that America was founded by religious nuts with guns. He's old enough to have known them all, probably. This nation needs a little more Jesse - a lot more Jesse. Look at the left...abortion, NEA, gay marriage, gay everything, anti-Christs, cultural Cherynobyl, the list goes on and on. Anyone think that we don't need Jesse now or in the future? We need Jesse now more than ever. Amen.


Katrina Predictions


This was written in November 2004. Scarily right on the mark! Tragic and true...


WWL 4 CBS New Orleans Katrina Blog


WWL-TV 4 New Orleans. Heart-wrenchingly difficult to read. And it's only going to get worse!


WWL 4 New Orleans


Right now, WWL-TV 4 CBS New Orleans is streaming video from KHOU - Houston, TX. If anyone sees this, I am looking for a Parrish by Parrish update. In fact, I'm looking for information about Metairie from West Esplanade up to the lake between Transcontinnental and Clearview. I saw pictures on CNN of Clearview Shopping Center. The Target Building (Old Maison Blanche) had its sign blown off. I also saw the canal on Veterans is flooded. The 17st Canal is flooded (which floods in strong rain anyway) and the levee broke there and the 9th Ward is completely under water.

For all of this, what we don't know about are the people outside of the city. Has anyone heard about Boothville, Grand Isle, Port Sulfur, Dulac, Venice, Delacroix? I hear St. Bernard Parrish has over 50K homes under water. Has anyone heard about Palcquemines Parrish? As much as the news focuses on New Orleans, there are so many other areas that were affected. Has anyone heard from HAM Radio operators? What about CBers?

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those in MS who have been affected. The Red Cross is announcing that money is the best kind of support to give. Food and other survival 'stuff' is not necessary since it can't be transported.

More updates to follow.


Monday, August 29, 2005

Post Katrina

No one in the affected area can read this since there is no electricity. But it's hoped that the Red Cross and other relief agencies will pass on this information from the CDC: http://www.bt.cdc.gov/disasters/hurricanes/recoverysummary.asp.

For my home, New Orleans, it will be avoiding contact with any standing water. Don't walk in it unless you have boots. Once that water stands and mixes with sewage, chemicals, etc., it's bad news for anyone. Do not let your pets drink any standing water either. I've seen that happen. It's unavoidable since many pets get lost in storms (that's how we got a dog when I was little, we found it on our property with no tags after a hurricane). More Post Katrina posts to follow.


If the Law Is an Ass, the Law Professor Is a Donkey

I could not ass-oops-pass this up. I got this title and article from the New York Times Sunday edition. Take a look at the whole article - it's sickening: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/08/28/weekinreview/28liptak.html?adxnnl=1&adxnnlx=1125354215-N/wXLefrbaF0Q5h00V6lGA

"The study, to be published this fall in The Georgetown Law Journal, analyzes 11 years of records reflecting federal campaign contributions by professors at the top 21 law schools as ranked by U.S. News & World Report. Almost a third of these law professors contribute to campaigns, but of them, the study finds, 81 percent who contributed $200 or more gave wholly or mostly to Democrats; 15 percent gave wholly or mostly to Republicans... When the United States Supreme Court endorsed race-conscious admissions policies in 2003, it based its decision on the importance of ensuring the representation of diverse viewpoints in the classroom. Law schools that take race into account in admissions decisions, the study says, "open themselves to charges of intellectual inconsistency" if they do not also address the ideological imbalances on their faculties". The percentages of professors contributing to Democrats were even more lopsided at some of the most prestigious schools: 91 percent at Harvard, 92 at Yale, 94 at Stanford. At the University of Virginia, on the other hand, contributions were about evenly divided between the parties. The sample sizes at some schools may be too small to allow for comparisons, though it bears noting that by this measure the University of Chicago is slightly more liberal than Berkeley."

No wonder lawyers are the the first group to get rounded up in a Left or Right Wing Coup d'Etat


The Castro Show Continues

Here is a link to an Op Ed piece in the Miami Herald.


Castro does not like books or librarians - go figure! Librarians are on the state's Enemies List as evidenced by what the State's High Court did to an independent librarian in 2003. Read:

We were talking about Fidel Castro's recurring crackdowns on those remarkably courageous Cubans who keep working to bring democracy to that grim island where dissenters, including independent librarians, are locked in cages, often for 20 or more years. Bradbury knew about the crackdowns, but until I told him, was not aware of Castro's kangaroo courts often ordering the burning of the independent libraries they raid, as in 451.
For example, on April 5, 2003, after Julio Valdéseverera was sent away, the judge ruled: ''As to the disposition of the photographic negatives, the audio cassette, medicines, books, magazines, pamphlets and the rest of the documents, they are to be destroyed by means of incineration because they lack usefulness.'' Hearing about this, Bradbury authorized me to convey this message from him to Castro: ``I stand against any library or any librarian anywhere in the world being imprisoned or punished in any way for the books they circulate.

I wonder if the NEA would defend Independent Librarians in Cuba?


Lights, Camera, Grief!

Cry and say something bad about the President...you're on camera!
(thanks IROP for the inspiration)


Sunday, August 28, 2005


I am originally from New Orleans. I was born there. I went to school there when we could - my father was in the Army. During his three tours of Viet Nam, we lived in New Orleans with relatives. Visits there since I have gotten older have been more spread out, but I am in New Orleans at least once a year. What is unimaginable to me as I type, is that in less than twenty-four hours, New Orleans could be gone. Gone in a sense of measuring time. Hurrican time is measured in terms of when the last big one hit - Camille. For those who are from the area, more often than not we measure time in terms of Pre-Camille or Post Camille/Pre-Betsy, Post-Betsy. Now that I live in Florida, I've gotten a sense of using that thinking in talking about the construction of my house which is a Post-Andrew cinder block home. I think time will be measured for generations in South Louisiana as Pre-Katrina and Post-Katrina. I told my wife that a lot of my spare time over the next several weeks and months will probably be spent in New Orleans helping my parents, cousins and grandparent rebuild. It's not much of a jump to New Orleans from Orlando - 1.5 hours. But if this storm is going to do what they say it will do, traveling to New Orleans will not be a matter of miles, it will be a move backwards in time - The Post Kartina Era is about to begin!

Please pray for all the victims in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama


Friday, August 26, 2005

Trent Lott's Hair Can Stop A Cat 4 Hurricane

FEMA has just announced that it will stand Trent Lott in front of Hurricane Katrina so it can deflect off of his hair and save Mississippi from a Category 4 Hurricane.

Pray For Everyone


Look Who Wanted Saddam Dead

Looks like Robertson has some company in the Nut Department!


My God It's Already Started!


I hope this is not real. But, it looks like attacks on Israel have already begun!
Days after the expulsion of Jews from Gaza, and while the destruction of the communities there continues, rockets have already been fired upon towns both in the Negev and northern Israel.

Shas party MK Eli Yishai said that the rockets fired at Sderot were just an “appetizer” compared to what is to come. “Even before we have turned off the engines of uprooting and expulsion, our fears have proven true. The dream of an end to the season of Kassams has been shattered.”

The bulldozers are not finsihed leveling buildings yet!

The IDF has yet to respond to the attack, though PM Sharon has repeatedly promised to deal harshly with post-withdrawal terrorism emanating from Gaza. Other proponents of the withdrawal, as well, have promised that after such a withdrawal, Israel will be able to respond harshly to attacks over her borders.

My God!


You Lied To Us!

Some stations are running the Anti-War ad where Cindy Sheehan begs and pleads with the President for a meeting and accuses him of lying to the American people about Iraq’s development of weapons of mass destruction and its connection to al-Qaida.
Sheehan: “I love my country. But how many more of our loved ones need to die in this senseless war?”

And your Son did not love this country? You Son who gave his life because he loved this country so much that he thought the policies of this administration are senseless?

Are you saying that the 54 million Iraqis who are free would like to continue living in a country where rape rooms exist, ethnic minorities are slaughtered, women and girls are raped in front of their husbands?

Are you saying that a policy to establish a free and democratic country in a region where democracy has never existed is a bad thing?

Sheehan: “I know you can’t bring Casey back. But it’s time to admit mistakes and bring our troops home now.”

Ms Sheehan, where would the US be if the North pulled its troops back across the Potomac after the South destroyed McClellan's Army.

Ms Sheehan, where would the US be if we pulled out of the Pacific after Pearl Harbor, Midway, Leyte Gulf, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, Tarawa, Okinawa? Where would the US be if we pulled off the beaches of Normandy?

Ms Sheehan, where would the US be if we pulled our troops out of Europe after WWII?

Sheehan: 'You don't know how much this hurts?'

Yes he does, Ms Sheehan. He has met with you. He felt your pain. He has felt the pain of all the mothers and fathers of fallen heroes with who he has met. He has felt the pain of all the wounded soldiers he has visited. He has felt the pain with the letters he has personally written to victims of the War On Terror

Sheehan: 'This is not a Noble Cause'

What cause is noble in your eyes? Allowing a regime who snubbed its nose at the UN and the US for years while it invaded another country, murdered its own people with Weapons of Mass Destruction?
There are many stations across the country that will not allow this ad to be run. This is wrong! Stations claim that this spot may be ‘offensive.’ In a statement Saturday evening explaining its decision, KTVX in Utah said that after viewing the ad, local managers found the content “could very well be offensive to our community in Utah, which has contributed more than its fair share of fighting soldiers and suffered significant loss of life in the this Iraq war.”
Station General Manager David D’Antuono said the decision was not influenced by the station’s owner, Clear Channel Communications Inc.

Contrary to what many of you would think if you've read what I have written in the past, this ad should be on television. This group has the right to be heard. Right or wrong, speech should never be censored - only countered.

Mark Wiest, vice president of sales for NBC-affiliated KSL television, said that in the interest of freedom of speech, his station didn’t hesitate to run the ad. KSL is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “The bigger picture is, by suppressing the message are we doing what is right under the First Amendment and in an open democratic society?” Wiest said.
Bush received nearly 70 percent of the vote last fall in Utah, one of the most conservative states north of the Bible Belt. Bravo.

This ad needs to be aired. It needs to be aired to show the country that a grieving mother is mourning the loss of her Son. What also needs to be shown is what Sheehan has said about the President after she garnered fame from the sycophant leftist organizations who have a much better face to put on their vitriol for the President than Michal Moore and the rest of his ilk. What needs to be shown is the tirade Ms Sheehan carried out in a classroom where her speech was fueled with expletives where she called the President a 'terrorist' and dropped the 'F-Bomb' like B-52 raids on North Viet Nam. If Ms Sheehan is that impassioned, then let's see her use those words and that language to show us all how she really feels in her next ad.

I am prepared to get hate mail for this post. I don't care. On this one issue, I am unyielding, just as those who support the President and the policies of this administration will never cave.


Casualties In War And Peace

In case you have not seen this, this is a must read. Why is it that web logs, some journalists, and discerning everyday citizens seek the truth in the coverage of the War On Terror (WOT)? As the writer in http://powerlineblog.com/archives/011443.php so aptly put, the press commits the egregious 'sins of omission.' This is a great piece about the persepctive that should be applied to reporting on the WOT. Unfortunately, the press will continue to itemize casualty figures in absence of objectivity, which is the supposed praxis of journalism. Click on this link. This is a cracking good read.


Stolen Election?

As Parrot Check so adroitly said, 'Every time I see this map, it reminds me how much 'W' stole the election.'

Then I got comments from readers that said W's 2004 wash of the US was not a Mandate. Look at 1984! What about this map? Does this qualify as mandate? PBS did a speacial about the 1984 Election called, 'Minnesota: The Lonliest State'

Thanks Parrot Check for the inspiration


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Police Need Your Help In Capturing Beating Suspects


Click this link. This seems real. If it is....I'm speechless! I hope this is urban legend, sorry for the reference. If this is real, these guy will wish the police catch them before other 'things' might happen. These guys better watch their six - shouldn't be too hard - looks like they don't know how to count! What chaps my ass about this is that this happened over three weeks ago and these tapes were held by the police and just released to the media. JC! Rodney King was still bleeding when those tapes went public! GD - I can't believe I live in the US sometimes! It figures this is on the left coast...I read a post where soldiers were refused service after they showed their IDs and WAS Drivers Licenses to local pub. They were told 'their kind' was not welcomed. Anyone have the coordinates for Seattle? Looks like its time for a little 'collateral damage.'


The Human Cost of Freedom


Interesting perspective on the ratio of lives lost in combat relative to the number of people liberated. Scroll down and look at the table CY has created. You will see that the model is not exact, (humanitarian aid, etc., I immediately thought about Germany - Berlin Blockade and Post Wall - we had a part in that, too) but it's a metaphor for what we do as Americans. It's amazing that the left never talks about the number of people we liberate in the name of freedom, ever!


In Rush We Trust

RUSH: Santa Rosa, California. Joe, I'm glad you waited. Welcome to the program, sir.
CALLER: Good morning, Rush. Good morning, America. Hubba hubba from an old sergeant in his 21st year of service in the 101st Airborne, home on leave.
RUSH: Thank you, sir.
CALLER: My pleasure. A perspective in regards to the anti-war activists -- and Mrs. Sheehan, and she's in my prayers -- is we fight for the freedom of speech and whatnot, and the morale amongst our troops is extremely high. In Afghanistan, we've been there for four years and it's gone so well. It's not in the media much. It's kind of like one of the forgotten battles, but the morale amongst us is very high -- and, like, I put things in perspective, in regards to the caller, Jared, as far as troops lost in the last four years, on 9/11 in 15 minutes we lost 3,000 innocent Americans and a little under 400 firefighters. So relatively speaking, in five years of frontline combat, we've sent a lot more terrorists to Allah and 72 virgins.
RUSH: You know, we never hear about that. We never get enemy casualty numbers, and that is a fabulous point. Joe, God bless you, and American people listening to this program love hearing you say what you said. Thank you so much for waiting and appearing on the program today.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pat The Nut!


Pat Robertson is absolutley out of his mind! This link spells out his latest lunatic rant, but also lists other howlings of nuttiness. Take a look. However, Pat's comments on feminists being devil-worshiping, baby eaters may not be off the mark if you look at the faces Susan Estrich makes when O'Reilly asks her questions on The Factor! But for Patty R. to advocate the assisination of Hugo Chavez is really off the 'real' mark. Don't we all have a list of people we'd like to see our Special Ops guys go after? I do. And if you've been reading this blog for a while usted sabe quién es el número uno en mi lista? Castro! Why can't Pat advocate knocking off El Presidente? Cuba is ripe for change. Castro has been abusing this Island for more years than Chavez has been in power. It's time for 'The Beard' to go to that great plantation in the sky! A little revolution now and again is a good thing.


Monday, August 22, 2005

Operation Whoop Ass!


Marines and Afghan forces killed more than 40 suspected militants in an operation against insurgents who had inflicted the deadliest blow to American forces since the Taliban’s ouster, a military spokesman said Monday.
“It was successful,” Lt. Col. Jerry O’Hara told The Associated Press. “We had over 29 separate engagements with enemy forces that resulted in more than 40 enemy killed in action and many others wounded.”
O’Hara also announced that a separate three-day battle from Aug. 7-10 in southern Zabul province’s Daychopan district left a total of 65 suspected militants dead. The military had previously reported that 16 rebels had been killed.

I bet FOXNEWS will be the only ones to cover the retake of that valley in Afghanistan where the Navy Seals were killed. Now keep pushing into Pakistan and get this over with!


Send McCain to the UN!

If John McCain is so concerned about Global Warming (GW), then why can’t we switch him out for Bolton at the UN? According to NewsMax.com, McCain recently said while touring Barrow, AK, ‘Anyone doubting the effects of human activity on global climate change should talk to the people of Alaska and the Yukon’ ‘We are convinced that the overwhelming scientific evidence indicated that climate change is taking place and human activities play a very large role,' he added. http://www.newsmax.com/archives/ic/2005/8/18/170307.shtml

I thought McCain was from Arizona. It’s hot there all the time. So what’s a few degrees more if GW exists? Wait a minute. GW does not exist. There is absolutely no scientific data to support GW. Last time I posted about GW there was no conclusive evidence for global warming because there was no conclusive evidence. Did McCain and Hillary conjure up a séance with Carl Sagan after some peyote and whale blubber in AK to arrive at this astonishing finding that GW is now fact? Now, to my pedestrian knowledge about GW, when most of the assertions about GW were made, there have been no reliable records taken over time in such places other than mostly populated areas. How many weather stations are in the Soviet Union? How about the Falklands? The earth is massive and instruments can’t be made to cover every bit in order to record accurate and discernable data. From what I have read, the only way to get data about the temperature of the earth is from satellites, right? And what has been the conclusion or data generated to support the premise of GW from satellites? Nothing. Now this is the argument that really irritates the GW loonies - You have to have a baseline in order to measure against it, right? Since when has that baseline of the earth’s temperature been established? With what data? What conclusions? What corroborations? So if you have no baseline, how can you measure a deviation from that baseline to claim GW exists? And how did McCain and Hillary get so smart about GW? Is it because, as this article says, that McCain is sponsoring a bill about greenhouse gas emissions? Seems like a great post hoc fallacy – if I see an iceberg break, that must mean that there are too many SUVs and Soccer Moms in the US! I remember what Rush said about the animal rights wackos back in the 80s. He said that people tend to think about the existence and extinction of animals in human terms, in terms of the lifespan of humans and not how long the earth has existed. Same thing applies to GW. Has the temperature that we have today always been around? I don’t know. And neither do scientists since no one was around to take readings when dinosaurs walked among us (or when Adam and Eve were in Eden for all my Creationist readers). All I know is that as much as I respect McCain for spending five years in hell in Hanoi, I can’t abide his ‘say anything’ to get noticed for crappy legislation that will hurt the US economy if anymore restrictions are put on US business’ ability to operate at a profit in the global marketplace. Can we please send McCain to the UN? They love this GW crap there!


Mickey Mouse Terrorists

ABC is the latest in the race for peace for firing Michael Graham for saying Islam is a terrorist organization! Firing Graham is not a 1st Amendment issue since ABC is a private organization. Still, this issue stinks on ice since the group that put pressure on ABC - the Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR) is a front for terror sympathy and money to Hamas. Click and read: http://jewishworldreview.com/0805/graham_booted2.php3 I used to work for ABC Capcities. I left because of crap like this. Is it any wonder why ABC is the bottom of the bottom. It's stock price is as likely to move as a Frenchman who lives next to a brothel, it's movies lately are terrible. Maybe FOX should buy WMAL AM 630 in DC!


Build It And They Will Vote

Directly from Blogs for Bush:

The residents of Fallujah are asking the authorities to increase the
number of voters' registration offices in the city as the existing ones are not
enough to finish the registration process of all eligible voters before the day
of the referendum planned for October 15...

That is Fallujah, boys and girls. Fallujah! If Fallujah can go from hotbed
of terrorists to place complaining they don't have enough voter registration
offices, then anything is possible in Iraq...including, you know, implantation
of democratic self-government.

Now we just need to get them to stop exploding themselves and us.


Friday, August 19, 2005

It's Your Fault (Mine too)

Every person in this country is responsible for the high price of oil. Why? Because over the last thirty years, we have sent idiots to Congress session after session who pass restrictive and stifling legislation that won’t allow us to drill and refine oil in our own GD country! Second, Congress has not passed a comprehensive energy bill that allows us to create more refineries in the US, advance our nuclear power capabilities, nor allow us to develop and move to market alternate oil energy sources. It’s that simple (even though 60% of our energy production is nuclear in this country) And everyone reading this, and those that ought to be reading this, should be ashamed.
According to all the conspiracy wackos, if this administration really controlled the price of oil, (which is so stupid on its face I have trouble typing an answer) why would it make it so cost prohibitive to drive demand down? Why would W wish to inject so much instability into an economic period of solid growth and economic performance? The answer is, this administration has nothing to do with the price of oil, morons! Our Congress is only responsible for placing a check and balance on oil production so as to avoid the exact situation we are in. To get the price of oil down immediately, Congress needs to do is the following:

- Eliminate taxes on oil processing for six months
- Eliminate the tax on gas for six months
- Tax incent US oil companies to keep their prices down
- Open up the strategic oil reserve
- Build more refineries in the US
- Build more Nuclear Power plants
- Invest and bring to market alternate sources of power
- Drill in Alaska
- Drill in FL

If you eliminate the dependence on foreign sources of oil, children, you render the control others have on the price of oil meaningless. Why is this so difficult for you lefty-chuckleheads to understand? Simple. Because bashing this administration for the price of oil is politically expedient since Republicans control both houses and 1600 Penn Ave. Ah, but hold on, we can’t forget the premise of this post: Congress is the issue, not the Saudis. Voters have allowed Congress to pass legislation that has put a stranglehold on our ability to take care of our own energy needs. Democrats, Republicans, and Presidents are all to blame. (I live in FL - I hold Jeb responsible too since he caved to the eco-wackos about drilling in the gulf) Yes, I said it. Republicans are to blame too. You read that right. In fact, everyone in the US is to blame since we continue to send morons to Congress year after year who have placed us in the exact situation we are in! Feel kind of stupid? We all should!

I had the misfortune of sitting behind two ‘Fellow Travelers’ on an airplane today. This is what I heard: ‘The war in Iraq is about oil. Our soldiers are dying so that Bush and all his oil buddies can get rich. Why do you think oil prices are so high, so that Bush and all his oil companies can continue to get rich.’ And of course the sycophant sitting next to him agreed. How do you confront such idiocy at 35K feet? If only they could have choked on the peanuts.

If and only if this war on terror is about oil, then why didn’t we:
· invade Saudi Arabia instead of Iraq
· steal all the oil in Iraq and ship it directly to the US
· attack and occupy every oil rig in the Mid East
The war on terror is not about oil, you buttheads, it’s about fighting terror. If this war was about oil, Saudi Arabia would be New Texas. Pass the peanuts, some of you fellas are low!


So Bush Lied?

Take a look at this post from a Vet in Kuwiat during the Clinton Admin:

This is more of a testimonial than an article. It is a reminder to the American public, which has forgotten the events I shall describe, but it is very important to remember.

The 3rd Infantry Division was the spearhead of the US liberation of Iraq. The "Rock of the Marne" had been the 24th Infantry Division in Georgia, Ft Stewart and Ft Benning.The 24th ID, later the 3rd ID, was the heavy firepower division of XVIII Airborne Corps, backing up the Airborne, Light Infantry and Marine Divisions made up mainly of grunts.
In the Armor Heavy Middle East, the Rock of the Marne was always first team. We all watched in 2003 as the 3rd led the way into Iraq and the cameras rolled.I served from 1996 until 1999 in the 3rd Brigade/3rd ID on Kelley Hill, Ft Benning. I was a dismount Infantryman in a Mechanized Rifle Platoon in Charlie Company 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry.And in February of 1998 we got the call. Then President Clinton was on closed-circuit tv with Lt. Colonel Davis, 1/15's Commander.
We had just come in from grueling maneuvers (I still remember them) in the field.Clinton was ordering our battalion to Kuwait. In the 1990s, there was always at least one Armored or Mechanized Infantry Battalion in Kuwait. The other two battalions of the Armor or Mech Brigade would be ready at a moment's notice to come and join them. Our sister unit, Task Force 1/30th Infantry, was over in Kuwait. We and 2/69 Armor, the other battalion, were going to complete the brigade. Then the rest of 3rd ID was to follow.You see, Saddam was flouting one of the many UN Resolutions against him, and Clinton was deeply concerned about Hussein's WMD program. Except from the extreme Left, there were none of the asinine ramblings about "no blood for oil." Nobody claiming Clinton lied.Well, we loaded up our gear, our wall lockers were about to be sealed and we were going to go to the planes any day. Kofi Annan stepped in at that point. In retrospect, it was, no doubt, to protect his investments in the Oil for Palaces program. He said that Saddam would be given "one last chance" to make it right. Clinton, of course, gave in.
The point of this is, we came within weeks of launching the exact same invasion of Iraq in 1998 that we did in 2003. What stalled it? Kofi Annan's worthless word that it would be Saddam's last chance and that we'd all be behind an attack next time. Where were all the "Bush lied" types back then? Not a peep from them. Our strategy was the exact same then that it has been under Bush. The truth is, most Liberals are liars or don't have a clue what they are talking about. The former are the politcal leaders who'll say and do anything to undermine America and the latter are fools who are led around by the nose by the former.

Thanks to The Republic of Utica Blog for this eye opening insight!


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Frog Humor

What do you call a Frenchman with an I.Q. of 120?

A Village!


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

UN = Anti Israeli


Link to an srticle about the UN funding Anti-Israeli/Get Out Of Gaza Propaganda. 'Asked by a Fox News correspondent about one of the banners bearing the words implying an impending Palestinian Arab takeover of the disputed areas, Mr. Rothermel, said, "That particular poster was prepared by the disengagement office with financial support from the United Nations Development Program."'


Hope You Like Chinese Food!

A couple of days ago, I posted comments about China – The Sleeping Yellow Horde. And now we have this report coming from the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission (http://www.uscc.gov/) posted August 15. It’s frightening! Rich D’Amato opened the proceeding with this: The vast majority of Chinese enterprises listed on international capital markets are owned and operated by the Chinese state. Questionable corporate governance, accounting practices, and minority shareholder rights make this a subject of particular concern to the Congress. As Chinese financial institutions prepare for an estimated combined $15 billion in listings, questions need to be raised regarding the loan portfolios of these institutions…the possible links between listed state-run firms and banks and China’s military industrial complex has here-to-for lacked comprehensive examination.
Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. - President and C.E.O. - Center for Security Policy stated in testimony: We should be under no illusions, though. As long as China’s Communist Party continues to exercise dictatorial control over the country and its resources – not least, the immense wealth being accumulated as a result of America’s record trade deficits – the PRC will be pursuing various means of advancing its strategy at our expense. Those will include, among other initiatives, the following:
We better wake up to the fact that China is a superpower, it’s organized, motivated, looking to expand its borders, posturing its military strength against Taiwan as a precursor to other moves in the region, economically flooding the west with crap, and American investors are ‘buying the rope' of Chinese companies that we will one day hang ourselves with. Of all the wake-up calls the West needs, the alarm needs to be set for China.


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Soldier's Salute To The Media

US Army soldiers take rest during patrol in Baghdad suburb, Monday Nov. 17, 2003. U.S. forces have reacted to the increasing attacks in which dozens of Americans and their allies have died by mounting a massive show of force in central and northern Iraq. (AP Photo/Hadi Mizban)
Ah, a paratrooper rendering the proper salute to the press. It brings tears to my eyes...

Airborne! All the Way! Thanks http://www.blackfive.net/main/ for the picture! To be fair, the other side needs to be represented. There was a comment made that if this soldier was in, ' my platoon, I would have stommped his *&^%&*& guts. You don't do that to civilians. They pay your salary, even if you don't agree with who they are and what they do.' Still, maybe he was just adjusting his helmet!


Adopt a Marine - 3BN 25th Regiment

You all have heard about the unit in Iraq that lost over thirty men in the last several months? Everyone can now adopt a Marine: You can send all sorts of stuff like books, magazines, dvds, candy, food, etc., in a simple US Postal service flat rate box for less than 8 bucks. Most importantly you can also send a note or card for 37 cents and let a few American patriots know how much they mean to us. The address for 3/25 is:

Adopt a Marine c/o Capt Kasparian
3/25 H&S Co
Unit 72110
FPO, AE 09509-2110

The deadline to send this unit your support might have passed - still checking. There are all kinds of ways to show your support for other units, not just Marines. Please post some examples of what you have done to support our troops. THE LAST TIME TO SEND ANYTHING IS THIS WEEK - THIS UNIT RETURNS HOME IN OCTOBER - IF YOU MAIL ANYTHING, MAKE SURE IT'S INSURED!


Post Pulls 9/11 Event Support


Have you seen this? The Wasingotn Pravda is pulling advertising and organization for a Pentagon Event to commemorate the 9/11 crash into that building claiming 'Journalistic Integrity would be compromised' since this is a rally with a 'pro-war' slant. How about eulogizing the victims of a terrorist attack? The Post is going to give money instead to the Pentagon Memorial Fund. Question: If this standard has been in place for a while, why say yes, then back out? Idiots! I guess besides the point of the rally, Clint Black is just much for all the tree huggers at the Pravda to handle! If the Post can support the Marine Corps Marathon, then why not this event? I guarantee you that many of those who run in that Marathon would be at this event for the Pentagon. Unbelievable!


Monday, August 15, 2005

Red States and Hillary In '08

OK - I really want to know how Hillary is going to win in 2008. Sure, she will have the all the media on her side, save FOX - the NEA, AFL-CIO, NOW, NAMBLA, Academics, disassociated radical lefties; basically, all the same groups that supported Kerry in '04. So here's the question: What states will Hillary win that Kerry could not win in '04? What is she going to do to win the South, The Mid-West, and Interior Western States? She will do the same things Kerry did. She will run the same campaign - 'Us not Them, New Beginning, W is a Warmonger, Worst Economy in 50 years, Healthcare for Everyone, Europe does not like us -boo, hoo, hoo.' But how is she going to win the states that Kerry lost? The simple answer is nothing. The same right thinking people who put Kerry back in the Senate will send Hillary back to NY? I just don't see it happening. Now, I said that to say this. Defeating Hillary is not automatic...

Currently, the Republicans have no one to put up. I've read a lot of blogs that say Jeb Bush might do it. My thought? - In the immortal words of Gene Autry, 'Nope!' Jeb is a fine person, but charisma wise, he ain't no 'W'. As much as I'd like to see Condi run, she really wants to be the next Commissioner of the NFL. McCain? God Help Us? Ahnold? Only if we change the Constitution. Guliani? Maybe. He certainly has the character, charisma, and support of Reagan Democrats and most conservatives. His personal issues pale in comparison to ex-President Busy Pants who set the bar of fellonious indecency so high it would take Evel Knievel's Rocket Plane to clear. So the real question remains, how is Hillary going to win in the states that Kerry lost? No answers from me, or them! Let's Hope!


Saturday, August 13, 2005


Thanks Pave France for the inspiration!


Hey Sheehan - Shut Up And Go Home

Fantastic article about what a nit wit this Sheehan lady has become. Of all the stuff the media tells you, it won't tell you this: Ms Sheehan formed a group called Gold Star Families For Peace which, nicely put, wants W to leave office now! The left love this lady. Her mind is pliable, she adopts anti-war persona like a costume change in a Vegas show, and she has spouts off anti-war rehtoric like it was being fed to her by Michaal Moore - oops, it is being fed to her my Mr. Moore. The other reason the left love this lady is that she is a Mom. She is not the run of the mill, anti-war, dope smoking, tree-hugging, peace wonk that Young Pioneer Factories like Bezerkley churn out year after year. Enjoy the link. Great Article. http://www.spectator.org/dsp_article.asp?art_id=8581


Friday, August 12, 2005

Brothers In Arms in Iraq



And That's The Way It Isn't

Why is no one watching CBS news anymore? Because it continues to run opinion masked as objective interpretation of fact. Today I saw a bit, which I assume is a regular set piece, called 'Tribute to Fallen Heroes.' Today's piece was one minute about a US Army soldier who died in the line of duty in Iraq. Now those words, line of duty, were not used. What Bob Schieffer did say, in an affected and overly melodramatic and lugubrious tone, was that another soldier had died in an ambush and that he was too young to die. How is anyone supposed to believe that this kind of over-sentimentalized drivel is genuine? First, and foremost, this man volunteered, volunteered for the military. He was not press ganged into service. He did not have his family held hostage as he serviced the state aganst his will (which is just one of the ideals we are fighting against in Iraq). There was no mention of what his unfortunate death entailed, no metion of the operation involved. Perhaps he died while trying to save a fellow soldier in a fire fight. Or maybe this was not an ambush, but a tactical operation where a casualty took place in spite of the report where, according to what was broadcast, is another example of the slant that continues to come from the Big 3 that implies our soldiers are unprepared for operations in the unsecured and lawless landscape of Iraq. After Bob broke to commercial and the picture of this soldier faded with no music, I immediately switched to MSNBC. In the same sixty second period, it ran through three news items with no spin, no opinion or extraneous commentary with room for interpretation - just facts. While it's a fact this soldier died in the line of duty, is it the business of the media to foist its opinion in such a disengenuious and unobjective manner? This is the first time in a long while I have been able to catch CBS's Evening News. After wintessing what I saw, it's no wonder no one watches it anymore? Thank God!


Thursday, August 11, 2005

NeoCon vs PaleoCon – Does It Matter?

The simple answer is, no. Forty years ago and before, it mattered. It mattered then since the GOP and Conservatives actually held ideals that many on the other side of the isle held true as well: hawkish defense, minimizing the Soviet threat, etc,. But since that time, the left’s pervasiveness has manifested itself into the pantheon of everyday existence. That party has been taken over by a fringe element of sixty’s radicalism that in no way represents the very people it’ supposed to support.

We are faced with the threat of cultural and political domination outside the halls of Congress which makes the lines that used to separate PaleoCons and NeoCons irrelevant. Like Horatio at the Bridge, conservatives fight an army hell bent on our destruction; an army that is set to destroy ideals that have made us the cultural and economic envy of the world and substitute it with moral and cultural relativism. We must stand up to the ideological tyranny that confronts us in our schools and colleges, libraries, books, movies, courts, media and even the secular humanism pervasive in mainstream religion.

So why fight amongst ourselves, why divide our own isle of Congress when there is an enemy who outnumbers us and continues to cross the ideological bridge of limited government, self reliance, and liberty.

Yes, the landslide victory of this past election at all levels of government is hopeful. But those gains will diminish if we allow those who lead us on the right to site idle in the face of such an invasive and permissive attack on the morals that separate us from them as much as we are separated from lower forms God’s creation.

The enemy is before us. Let us win this battle of ideas with a united front. Unite NeoCons and PaleoCons. Stand fast at the bridge!


The Sleeping Yellow Horde

I believe it was Napoleon Bonaparte who called China at one time the Sleeping Yellow Horde. How prescient was this observation made over two hundred years ago? The West is in big trouble. China has built up its military at an alarming rate. They have bought SU-30 type planes from the Soviet Union. China has built and deployed its own MBT. China's navy is organized and growing faster than our intelligence had projected. STA, STS missles exist in greater quantities and capabilities that, if put on the right platform, could strike the United States. China has stolen or has been sold weapons secrets that we are now just beginning to realize.

From a pure power projection standpoint, experts think China can be ready to hit Taiwan in no less than three eyars. Attcking Taiwan while politically expedient, is not strategic. China is out of land and out of power. It needs space and oil for it ever grwoing population. Attacking Taiwan is not going to solve the fact that there is no more space. So where is China going to project its power? Land-wise, over-running all its southern neighbors is the easiest way to increase its land assests. Doing this also gives China more access to vital shipping lanes. Korea is in the same predicament. Geographically, its attachment to MLC (Main Land China) means it's just a matter of time before both Koreas are consumed with the weight of China's land based army. To China's extreme west is Kazahkstan - the openining the the west and north for land China needs.

All eyes are on the Middle East and the WOT. But we better remember what Napoleon said and preapre for the awakening of the Sleeping Yellow Horde.


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Saintly Giving

I never liked that term the pc crowd uses 'giving back.' It smacks of condescension like those who are giving took something from someone else in the first place. Why can't giving something mean just that: giving? Let's strike the phrase giving back from the pedestrian lexicon of nay sayers and bleeding heart sycophants.

Here is a story of 'giving' that comes from a strange place, the NFL:

The New Orleans Saints paid for the funeral services of 19-year-old football player Demond Jessie this past weekend. Jessie was a New Orleans native who played high school football in the Oakland, Calif., area. He died in his sleep last month at Laney College in Oakland. The team also paid to have his body transported to New Orleans after being contacted by his mother, Vertis Mays.

They may not be military personnel, fireman, policeman, or unpaid volunteers in charitable organizations, but it's refreshing to think that this kind of charity comes from a group that is often maligned as being out of touch with regular people. Good show giving!


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Southern Sieve

You know times are rough when you have to agree with Pat Buchanan on something and go public with it. Pat B had it right about fifteen years ago when he called into question the problems with our southern flank as it relates to immigration in a speech I heard him give to a group of college republicans. And then he put those words into text after 9/11 in the Death of the West which is a cracking good read. I thought this is the time, the planets are all aligned, and the country could allow its revulsion of those attacks by 'those people' (and yes I believe in profiling...everyone, all the time!) to help seal off our southern border, run the National Guard out there. But it was not to be. We let a golden opportunity slip through the sieve. Pat B says:

While the awful events of September 11 created a national unity unseen since Pearl Harbor--behind President Bush and his resolve to punish the perpetrators of the massacres of 5,000 Americans--they also exposed a new divide. This chasm in our country is not one of income, ideology, or faith, but of ethnicity and loyalty. Suddenly, we awoke to the realization that among our millions of foreign-born, a third are here illegally, tens of thousands are loyal to regimes with which we could be at war, and some are trained terrorists sent here to murder Americans. For the first time since Andrew Jackson drove the British out of Louisiana in 1815, a foreign enemy is inside the gates, and the American people are at risk in their own country. In those days after September 11, many suddenly saw how the face of America had changed in their own lifetimes.

He adds:

When Richard Nixon took his oath of office in 1969, there were 9 million foreign-born in the United States. When President Bush raised his hand, the number was nearing 30 million. Almost a million immigrants enter every year; half a million illegal aliens come in with them. The adjusted census of 2000 puts the number of illegal in the United States at 9 million. Northeastern University estimates 11 million, as many illegal aliens as there are people in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. There are more foreign-born in California--8.4 million-- than people in New Jersey, more foreign-born in New York State than people in South Carolina. Even the Great Wave of immigration from 1890 to 1920 was nothing like this.

This is not a left and right issue. This is an issue of national security. Every liberal and conservative should be screaming at the President to do something about this. It's time to close the border. It's time to say enough, for now. If you want in, do it legally. We don't need anymore. Call your congressman and ask what is he or she is doing to stop illegals. I did. There was not reply.


The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

From Bill O'Reilly's page on FOXNEWS.COM

"Just a heads up about some recent newspaper articles concerning ratings for “The Factor”. We continue to be the highest rated program in the cable news universe. But during July and August, I do take some time off. You may have noticed. You may not. Summer vacation is a great thing, but some dishonest and/or ill informed writers have used that time off to say our ratings are declining. Isn't that sneaky? It's also false. Despite the days we're off, our numbers are up across the board thanks to you. We've been on the air almost nine years here, and I have rarely read anything honest concerning this program, which is ridiculous. It makes me angry but there's nothing I can do about it except let you know when this ridiculous stuff happens."

Take that CNN I, CNN II, MSNBC, CNBC, and the Big 3 (or the big 1 and the little 2)


Saturday, August 06, 2005

Seminole Up...Downsizing

I hate Florida State Univeristy. I hate its colors, its location, its fans, and most of all I hate its Football Team. Its football program is a thug filled, gangster, dirty playing, farm team for the NFL. Whew! That felt good to get that out! Still, FSU has every right to have an Indian as a mascot. And what a great mascot FSU has- Chief Osceola. The burning spear thrown to the ground at mid-field is really impressive. And that Tomahawk chop/chant thing can get into your head as many visiting teams have documented. Well, all you friends of the feathered can leave your war paint at home if FSU or several other colleges (18 in total) get into the post season in any sport except football. Why? The NCAA has just ruled that FSU and other schools with similar mascots will not be able to use 'hostile and abusive' Native American names and mascots in any post season competition, except football. It's difficult to type as how insidiously stupid this is.

This ruling means that if FSU and other schools get into any post season play, they will have to have new uniforms for each team, the band, player personnel and cheerleaders. The Executive Committee of the NCAA said that 'hostile and abusive nicknames are troubling to us and it can't continue.' Hum. Hostile to what and abusive to whom? The NCAA Execs? Because if you ask the leaders of the Seminole Nation, it has no problem with the great Chief Osceola being used in any way shape or form.

Several questions have to be asked. What are you going to do about the fans if they decide to wear war paint, offensive clothing and chant during the baseball regionals that FSU has hosted for over 20 years? Who is going to pay for all of this? Is the NCAA going to fine the offending school for student and fan celebrations? Next, if the NCAA is gong after Indians, what mascot is next? Ole Miss, probably! What about Notre Dame. You have a double whammy here - A Beer Drinking Irish Catholic with his fists poised to knock out his opponent. How about the service academies? How about schools that use animals? 120 miles from Tallahasse in Gainesville, FL where God's School uses an endangered species as its mascot. (Sorry, God now coaches in Columbia, SC) Bulldogs, Tigers, Eagles, Oh My! Here is a short list of possible mascot targets the NCAA might go after next:
- Bismarck State Mystics (New Age devil worshipers)
- CA Maritime Keelhaulers (Torture at sea - unbelievable)
- Centre Praying Colonels (Religion mixed with Ante Bellum Slave Owners)
- CO Mines Orediggers (Mother Earth rapers and capitalist exploiters)
- CO State-Pueblo Thunder Wolves (Offensive, but what a cool mascot)
- Cornell Big Red (Has to be on the NCAA list)
- Earlman Hustling Quakers (Barn Raising Puritan Prostitution)
- Henderson State Reddies (Red Men - has to be on the NCAA list)
- Gray's Harbor Chokers (Logging land rapers)
- Heidleberg Student Princes (Bosche Roylaty-offensive to all WW Vets)
- Hostos Caiman (More Endangered Species - alligators)
- Idaho Vandals (Vikings)
- Illini Swallows (This is just sick - it's just a bus line I think)
- Illinois Blueboys (Offensive to Southerners)
- Indiana Hoosiers (Land raping canal builders)
- Indiana Southeast Grenadiers (Grenade Throwers - outrageous)
- Iowa Western Reivers (Fanatical, lawless men in plaid skirts)
- Johsnon Bible Preachers (Bible thumping puritans - can't have that)
- Lemoyne Owen Magicians (Wickans, Prestadigitaters)
- LA Lafayette 'Rajun Cajuns' (Ethnic slur to Coon-Asses!)
- Mary Baldwin Squirrels (This is just funny!)
- Marshall Thundering Herd (More animal rights abusers)
- MA Dartmouth Corsairs (Pirates, pillagers, plunderers)
- U New Orleans Privateers (See above)
- NM Lobos (Another endangered species)
- NC Tarheels (Probably already on the NCAA list)
- NC School of the Arts Fighting Pickles (Pickleism - can you believe that?)
- OK Sooners (Land grabbing speculators and violators of Indian Rights)
- RI School of Design Nads (Go Nads! - sick)
- Rollins Tars (Hi, Sailor!)
- Oregon State (Nice Beaver!)
- St Bonaventure Bonnies ('Where did all these f'in Indians come from?' G.A. Custer)
- SC Gamecocks (No one licks our cocks! - that's an actual slogan!)
- San Diego Toreros (Ethnic slur and Animal Cruelty)
- Science and Arts of OK Drovers (More animal rights abusers)
- SD Tech Hardrockers (Land rapers)
- Spokane Sasquatch (Not a refernce to their cheerleaders, but this offends conspiracy nuts)
- Sweet Briar Vixens (Sexist, sexist, sexist)
- Tufts Jumbos (An obvious offense to People of Size!)
- Vassar Brewers (Drunks)
- Wabash Little Giants (There is so much wrong with this)
- Wake Forest Demon Deacons (Devil Worship/Clergy all in one)
- Washinton and Jefferson Presidents (White Slave Owners)
- Webster Groloks (A Buffalo Dog that eats its opponents)
- Yeshiva Maccabees (Jewish Patriots slaughtered Syrians in 175 BC)

High Schools are next!


Friday, August 05, 2005

Big Girl On Campus, Again?

I just finsihed reading 'The Truth About Hillary Clinton'. Amazing. I knew the depravity of her husband has been well documented for over thirty years. But what I did not realize was how the Big Girl's role as a 'de facto VP' permeated the White House as detailed in this book by Ed Klein. What was striking about this book was the physhological profile Klein painted of the ex First Lady, how she began her political leanings as Goldwater Republican and how the sixites radicalization of the Methodist Chruch and her time at the Young Pioneers Factory in MA turned her into a die hard leftist and radical feminists. Klein states that compared to her husband in their twisted symbiotic relationship of power, greed, and ambition, Bill learned from his mistakes, Hillary never made one. Also noteworthy was the comparisons to Nixon's paranoia of others and the similar way each created and kept 'enemy lists.' The power of Hillary's ability to remain laser like focused on her goal of putting Bill into the White House while advancing her own position politically while he could not walk more than ten feet without tripping over and shagging anything that moved is absolutely amazing. What's more important for the right to remember is that if Hillary gets the Dem nod in 2008 and evens wins, then the same people who brought the nation Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, Pardongate, Monicagate, Flowersgate, Bimbo Eruptions, HealthCzarina, Jonesgate, etc., ad nausea, will once again be at the helm of this nation steering us in the most turbulent waters of domestic security and foreign policy since WWII. Jesus Help us! Although a major criticsm of Klein is that he used anonymous sources, (even though over 100 people were interviewed) this book is well written, exhaustively reserached and it's an easy read about one of the most corrupt and embarrasing tenures in the office of the President this nation has ever had. Hillary Redux...it could happen!


Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Retreat From Gaza or Advance on Tel Aviv?

Ever remember seeing documentaries about WWII and the use of animated maps to show the expansion and contraction of the front lines in Europe or when islands in the Pacific were taken and re-taken from Japs? I always liked seeing those because you can apply that concept to any major event in history: economic, geological, dinosaurs, human migration, etc. I’d like to see the same animation of Israel in the time span that Israel has been a country. If the animation were cycled and ended today, then greater Israel would be smaller than it was when it became a nation.

What’s going to happen when the last Israeli pulls out of Gaza?
Occupation: Israeli’s are supplanted with terrorist camps, bunkers, weapons caches
Strengthening: The influx of materiel and terrorists continues unabated
Operational: Terror groups organize into into one or several super terror orgs
Tactical: First ops against Israel are launched
Expansion: Spider Web of Terror Ops to all parts of Gaza and nearby Mid East countries
Sustaining Terror: In the face of what ever response Israel gives, Gaza still remains occupied and strong
What will the West do? No one from Europe will help. Will the US provide support? We better.

Israel's Munich Pact with the PLO is so wrong on so many levels. Appeasement does not work. It never has and it never will. Why don’t the Israeli’s get it? The Arab world has not softened its stand against Israel. Their papers and TV are filled with hate. Their Mosques are filled with ranting clerics. The PLO continues to explode in the streets of Tel Aviv. Giving land to the terrorists is only going to cause more bloodshed for the Israeli’s because now, the terrorists don't have that far to go to blow themselves up. Roll that animated map I talked about in 50 years and see if Israel gets any bigger. It won't. It will look like Allied forces at Dunkirk – one little bubble of blue in a sea of terrorist red. Eventually all of Israel will be pushed into the Med and that push begins with the expulsion of Jews from Gaza. How much of an outrage is this to Jews living on the West Bank and Gaza? Click on this link below.
A link to an interview with Ben Netanyahu about why this pullout will hurt Israel


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