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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Has It Come To This?


(AgapePress) - A federal court has been asked to order a Knoxville, Tennessee, elementary school to stop prohibiting a ten-year-old student from reading his Bible during recess.
Luke Whitson and his parents have filed a motion for preliminary injunction against Knox County School officials, who allegedly threatened to punish the boy for reading his Bible during recess at Karns Elementary School. The district claims the Bible reading jeopardizes student safety and that, because recess is not "free time," they can prohibit Bible reading during that time.
But Whitson's attorney, Nate Kellum with the Alliance Defense Fund, says school officials are wrong to claim reading the Bible on a school playground violates the so-called "separation of church and state." Read The Rest Of The Story Here

If this child was reading Marx or Engles, copies would be made and distributed to all the kids on the playground!


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Delay Makes Gingrich Look Like Mother Theresa

I might be the only rightie who says this, but I'm not all that bent out of shape that Delay is out of the House. Why? Besides W, who is the next biggest spender in Congress? Delay has been feeding the nation pork like the infield of the Diamond Hill Plywood 200 at Darlington Raceway.

The last time there was a coup in the House like this was when Newt was neutered by his own party since he was thought to be a liability to the GOP. If the right did that then, then no one, and I mean no one, better stand up for Delay. Here's why. First, the spending. And this is why I hate the left so much...the House has spent more money on gvt goodies than the Clintons did and the left has buried us for doing so. I have no idea what the hell Delay and Frist were thinking about the last five years. Did they think that they could spend the party into favor with the left? Why has this lesson been lost on this administration? You can't buy favor with the left, even when you out-spend those dolts on all the crap they love. Second, besides the spending, and this is linked to spending, the highway bill pork and the medicare cards did it for me. How in Christ's name could medicare cards be paid for let alone reform the very issue it's trying to target. Medicare cards will be the biggest entitlement since LBJ's Great Society. Third, leadership. Delay is a poster boy for what the leaderless right has become - go along to get along, spend to win favor, and do nothing to win the hearts and minds of the nation who gave the right the privilege to sit in majority for six years.

Now how does the right make this situation better? First, get rid of Delay, permanently. Second, and this will be the toughest for the right to do, someone needs to be in the Chair with more fiscal restraint and leadership than Delay. I don't see anyone on the right side of the aisle that will do either of these things.

While I think this is a witch-hunt, and it is, Earl is a pimp hell bent on nailing anyone and any company who uses the same rules the Democrats use to fund campaigns - there is an undeniable attempt by this man in going after the right for any alledged impropriety at any level. Still, Delay needs to do the honorable thing and step down permanently, not only for the reasons of the gerrymandering indictment, but for the very fact that he is bad for the GOP. He is a shade better than Frist. But put together, they are less than half the leader Gingrich ever was. The GOP owes a huge apology to Newt.

Sorry, Newt. Can you come back and help us - there is an empty seat in the House.


Monday, September 26, 2005

Tribute To Our Men And Women In Uniform

Clermont Yellow

Click on this link and turn the volume up on your pc or desktop. It might take a bit to load. But, it's worth it. (let me know if you are unable to view this magnificent piece)

It's absolutely amazing. If you do not feel proud of the sacrifice our men and women of our Armed Services provide to make us free, nothing will move you. And in the wake of the recent protests in Washington, DC, this piece is especially stirring.

Bravo. God Bless America!


Al Neuharth and Terror At 35K Feet

I almost fell out of my 1st Class seat this past Friday. Al Neuharth said in his Op Ed piece in his USA Today W 'deserves better than those low ratings.' Read that again...Al Neuharth who has not been a friend of Bush and neither are most of the op ed pieces I've seen over the last several months. But here he goes with three points he feels W needs to be given credit for some decisions he has made over the last several weeks:
A) John Roberts - Naming John Roberts to the Supreme Court 'was such a smart move, even some partisan Democrats grudgingly approve.'
B) Taking Blame - 'His accepting blame for some of the Hurricane Mess and dumping his political crony Michael Brown as the head of FEMA was belated but brave.'
C) Mission To Mars - 'His approval of the plan by his new head of NASA, Michael Griffin for an ambitious nut affordable return to space, going back to the moon and then on to Mars, is futuristic and commendable.'

Of the three, I am partial to the C since I live in FL and the Space Coast depends heavily on NASA to have a purpose - not to mention all the benefits to the private sector space exploration has given the US. Bravo, Al! I hope to read more flattering editorials with equal pleasure as W steers the last years of his Presidency to even more successes.

Next - Voter ID Cards - Julianne Malveaux (I wonder if she is from LA since she ends her name with an X as so many Cajun decedents do to separate themselves from their French neighbors to the North) put out an Op Ed piece that decries the uselessness of Voter ID Cards the current administration wants to implement. She laments, 'I haven't gotten over the 2000 Presidential Election (which she did not capitalize) what happened in FL and elsewhere can only be described ass a 'fiasco.' The nation's fix-it attempt, with the 2002 Help America Vote Act failed to prevent more meltdowns in the 2004 election, including long lines and implications of fraud in Ohio.' Oh really, Ms Malveaux. Maybe it's because you lost both elections, the second worst than the first. Maybe that is why you think it was a fiasco, 'implications' (not fact) and all. Loser!

Well, Ms Malveaux then takes a swipe (no pun) at the recommendations from the National Committee of Federal Election Reform, headed by one of her heroes, Jimmy Carter, that recco's the following: A voter database, administration of elections by non-partisan groups, and a paper receipt from electronic systems. Now her main criticism falls on Voter ID Cards. She cites the analysis of George Washington University law proff Spence Overton who opines, 'Voter IDs would burden 19 Million eligible voters. Many people would be required to provide documentation of citizenship before a real voter id would be issued.' What's wrong with that? He claims doing so would 'fall heaviest on people of color, low income earners and the elderly...Georgia's AARP chapter noted that 36% of its residents do not have a driver's license. In WIS, he added that '23% of those 65 and older do not have licenses or photo ids.' Malveaux then states, 'For many people, especially blacks, it makes voting expensive - a certified copy of a birth certificate costs as much as $45.' She concludes, 'Implementing the Real ID proposal is likely to leave out many eligible voters further undermining confidence in the nation's electoral process.'

First she only said that voter id cards are expensive. She never said they are a bad idea. So in essence she has not claimed that such a reform is bad thing. It's only a bad thing since it might cost money to those that allegedly can't prove citizenship. She has economically excused the multifarious ways to prove citizenship, but that is not important since it seems her only intent is to further the disenfranchisement of a single group. The proposal states that for those that do not have a driver's license, voter id cards would be free!

Lastly - New Rules May Restrict Gay Men From Catholic Seminaries - Great! There should be no homosexuals in the Catholic clergy, period! If gay men want to be men of God, there are other religions that will welcome them. Go there, not the Catholic Church, please. Here's the rub (sorry) , there is a proclamation that has been in the works since 1994 which would bar gays from Catholic service with a catch. The problem with this 'Don't Rub, Don't Tell' rule allows regional Bishops to decide if regional seminaries would allow those with homosexual inclinations to be admitted into seminaries. WRONG! The rule needs to be uniform and sweeping to disallow any man who has such tendencies or outright inclinations, period! If the proposed rule is enacted, then what you will have will be regions where such unholy behavior is sanctioned. Personally, I want to know what seminaries allow such acceptance and what priests in my parish came from one of those trollop factories. No thanks, Pope - Don't Rub Don't Tell will not work. Exclude them all and let them go where they are welcomed.

All of the above came from the first section of Friday's Sept 23 USA Today. And I only used to read USA for the Sports Section.


Friday, September 23, 2005

The Most Important Post On This Blog - Ever!

I got this from Love America First:

In reaction to Hurricane Katrina and the destruction in its wake, a high-ranking Kuwaiti official, Muhammad Yousef Al-Mlaifi, who is director of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Endowment's research center, published an article titled "The Terrorist Katrina is One of the Soldiers of Allah, The article appeared August 31, 2005 in the Kuwaiti daily Al-Siyassa. The following are excerpts from his article:

"…As I watched the horrible sights of this wondrous storm, I was reminded of the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah [in the compilations] of Al-Bukhari and Abu Daoud. The Hadith says: 'The wind is of the wind of Allah, it comes from mercy or for the sake of torment. When you see it, do not curse it, [but rather] ask Allah for the good that is in it, and ask Allah for shelter from its evil.' Afterwards, I was [also] reminded of the words of the Prophet Muhammad: 'Do not curse the wind, as it is the fruit of Allah's planning. He who curses something that should not be cursed – the curse will come back to him.'

"When the satellite channels reported on the scope of the terrifying destruction in America [caused by] this wind, I was reminded of the words of [Prophet Muhammad]: 'The wind sends torment to one group of people, and sends mercy to others.' I do not think – and only Allah [really] knows – that this wind, which completely wiped out American cities in these days, is a wind of mercy and blessing. It is almost certain that this is a wind of torment and evil that Allah has sent to this American empire. Out of my absolute belief in the truth of the words of the Prophet Muhammad, this wind is the fruit of the planning [of Allah], as is stated in the text of the Hadith of the Prophet.

"But before I went to sleep, I opened the Koran and began to read in Surat Al-R'ad ['The Thunder' chapter], and stopped at these words [of Allah]: 'The disaster will keep striking the unbelievers for what they have done, or it will strike areas close to their territory, until the promise of Allah comes to pass, for, verily, Allah will not fail in His promise. ' [Koran 13:31]."

This is the most important post on my blog - ever! Why? This encapsulates the differences between us and them. The mindset that believes nature is created by a God to punish unbelievers is the most illuminating insight into the minds of this Muslim hack and anyone who believes him. Further, it is from this mindset that our fight against such illogical tyranny is the struggle the West has with Islam.

The radical ideology of the few like this Kuwait Official (he probably has an endowment from Bezerkley or another Islamic pimp loving US University) is the hardest thing to fight. Bullets penetrate walls, but how do you penetrate the minds of people who think this way? The best way is to make them free - free to think, free to live, and free to exist with the hope that an individual can lead his/her life unchained from the oppression of a belief system like radical Islam.

What is more disturbing about this post is that these words come from a person whom the US and other allied nations helped liberate from SH and the Baathists in Iraq. If this is the prevailing opinion of the Kuwaiti Gvt, then let us have them remain under the Islamo-Fascist Jackboot of Iraq. Let the Kuwaitis live under the glory of the Mullahs of Iran and then let us see if this person feels the same way after his country is re-looted, its women raped en mass, its children tortured and sent to other countries for reeducation, its resources stripped to nothing, and its version of Islam trampled in the name of radical Islamic oppression.

This post and the words of this Kuwaiti needs to be shown to the world and every person in the US as the reason why we must fight the insanity of hate, the ideas of people who wish to do this nation and all freedom loving nations harm. I am not surprised no one commented on this post in the blog where I found it. It forces you to think about the salient differences in us vs them. The majority of the dopes who have their own blogs and those that survey blogs won't take this post any further than a cursory glance as witnessed already by the fact that no one has commented where it was originally placed.

My thanks to America First for the license to have this seminal piece placed here.


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Gunny Ermey Dolls - UH RAH!

This is the doll you all have heard about. They are going out of circulation so you better get them while you can. For those with children, do not get the Xtra Salty version - it's really salty.

Here is the link to Sgt R Lee Ermey's site.

Order While They Last!



So You're Having A Bad Day?

If any of our Air Force friends know the story behind this, please post comments!


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

One Step Closer

Great Post from Live in Iraq regarding the readiness of the Iraqi Army to take control of its own ops in Iraq.

“The Iraqi Army has come a long way since last year, when Marines were clearing the insurgents out of Fallujah,” said 1st Lt. Nathan P. Dmochowski, the executive officer for Company E. “They take over more responsibilities as the weeks go by.”

“The group of Iraqi Army we are working with at Camp India are learning very quickly and have no problems taking the lead when we search houses on daily patrols,” Dmochowski stated.Since the Iraqis of 1-4-1 learned most of the basics from the Marines of 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines, tactical integration with the 2nd Marines and II MHG was easier.

With determination on their faces, together the Marines and the Iraqi Army of the 1-4-1 will push forward to stop the insurgents at every turn to create a free Iraq and defeat terrorism.

Take That Sheehan - UH RAH!


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Anan Calls For Israel To Withdraw From West Bank

JHC on a popsicle stick! Where the **** is Bolton? Why isn't he stomping all over K Anan for this latest outrageous statement that Israel must withdraw from the West Bank of the Jordan. Anan - "What happens in the West Bank is very much on our mind," "For us, the quartet (US, UN, Russia and the EU), it is Gaza first and then the next stage will be the West Bank. Not Gaza first and Gaza last," he said. The reason this is bollocks is that the first phase of the plan has not been realized. There are two major pieces missing: End to Palestinian violence; Palestinian political reform. Kicking Israel out of Gaza was easy. Israel has done its bit.

Then, and get this, the quartet thanked the Palestinian Authority for "responsible behavior" in containing violence during the withdrawal. And the final outrage of the day besides the picture to the left, the road map to peace calls for a freeze on Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria, and the dismantlement of more than 100 unauthorized settlement outposts there. European diplomats and others are eager to push Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to move quickly in the "West Bank" At least W did not echo any of this, yet and I hope to Christ he doesn't!

What's wrong with the picture above?


Simon Wiesenthal - RIP

The Chicago Tribune does 12 pages on the passing of Simon Wiesenthal. It's a riveting read. Please, if there is anything that you do today, you must read this account of the life of this extraordinary human being.


They Don't Hate The Math - They Hate The Policy

Democrats will veto any Federal proposal for Katrina Aid in the coming months. Watch it will happen. Here's why:

A) Unemployment Benefits Revamped - no longer can you languish on the gvt's dime. A la Tommy Thompson, W is throwing in some accountability into getting UI. You can get all the jack you want form W, but only if you spend it the way he wants you to: job search, day care accounts for working families, and the best incentive devised - you get 5K if you get and keep a job within 13 weeks. Brilliant!
B) Vouchers - Children will have the opportunity to get the hell out of the hell of public schools in Orleans Parish. Another brilliant idea. Better education = better citizens. Nice.

Will any of this work? I hope to God it will because W has promised money to aid this region like a sailor handing out dollar bills on Shore Leave in Bangkok. The way this can work is to model all the aid to progressive incentivism and have someone drive the accountability of compliance through monitoring federal, not state/city level auditing which has worked oh so well over the last thirty years.

The other bigger problem is that once you promise the world, you have to ante-up. And now there is Rita coming to TX. Pray for Texas!


Louis Farrakhan - Where's The Outrage?

Louis Farrakhan is at it again and no one on the left or the MSM will demand an apology.

Yesterday, Calypso Louis said that the 17th Street Levee that broke in New Orleans and flooded the city was blown up by Whites in an attempt to hurt the Black people of my city. To paraphrase what was said, Mr. F said that the break in the levee was so wide it had to be a bomb and that Mayor Nagin has evidence to the same.

Where to start? First and foremost, that particular break in the levee at that particular part of New Orleans is in a predominantly White section of town. It's about two to three blocks from Lake Ponchatrain. That area has some of the most expensive homes in Orleans Parish. There are expensive condos close to marinas which serve the lake called West End. In fact, my first cousin has a house about 600 yards from the break which was totally under water. I have life long friends that live in a one square mile section near that break.

Besides the fact that those statements are so patently stupid, there are many, and God only knows why, who actually believe this man. Where is the outrage from the left and the MSM? Will anyone demand an apology? Will the Congressional Black Caucus and other Black Leaders condemn this man for stirring up emotions in a time of national crisis? Will Mayor Nagin or Gov Blanco demand a retraction? It won't happen. Like everything else King Louis says, he will get a pass in the MSM and be allowed to continue his vitriolic bilge unchecked. The next time a levee in New Orleans breaks, I hope the King is as close to it as possible to experience the shock of its blast so he can corroborate his lunatic assumptions.


Monday, September 19, 2005

North Korea Nukes - Crap!

Is anyone besides the MSM buying this? I'm not. It's total crap. North Korea (NK) is out of power. It's that simple. It does not have its own renewable source of energy. (Sound familiar?) So now it's playing the Good Neighbor role to get oil. Does anyone remember Glasnost and Peristroiyka? Gorbachev never intended to make Russia less communist, he only wanted to make communism more efficient. And of course, all the slobbering dolts in the media and lefty acid head professors on all the college campuses bought that crap hook line and sinker. So in the case of NK, all it wants is energy to make it style of centralized planning and human suffering more efficient. Not one country on the planet should give NK anything. Ever!


Ars Gratia Arssses

I came across this site today - Old American Century. Of the less rancid stuff which the left use to attack us on the right, take a look at the Gallery Section on the left (4 in all). You will see some pretty interesting and entertaining posters - the Gilligan's Island one is pretty funny. Hey, did you hear that, leftie. I think some of your crap is funny! I have posted similar pics, and there are tons of conservative sites that have similar WWII poster art like Parrot Check, Mudville Gazzette, and Patriot Files. How differently the right uses the same genre. For your own safety, don't show any to those in the military. If you do, they'd realize they are fighting the wrong enemy - Watch Your Six!


Saturday, September 17, 2005

An Ex Pat's View of New Orleans

This was sent to me by a life long resident of New Olreans now living in Boston. Wow!

I used to think that the people of Boston had an arrogance about them regarding their history. A holier than thou, elitist view that irritated the hell out of me (and I'll admit still will after all is said and done in the aftermath of Katrina). I have always told, no, bragged, about New Orleans as having just as much of a history as Boston, and a place in the annals of this country, and was proud to do so. But after watching the events of the last two weeks unfold, I wonder where the pride I feel, and know that you feel about the city's history, has gone.

I think that there is a lack of a "collective soul" in the city. Yes there are some people that live and work there who know the heritage and worth of New Orleans to the U.S. But overall, the majority of the people living there have no regard for the place they call home. When did that happen? What a disgraceful display the world has seen of what should be a proud place.

When the Twin Towers came down, the country knew that New York would come back. Not because of the U.S.'s retaliation against the terrorists, but mostly, I think, because we knew the "collective soul" of New Yorkers wouldn't let that city wallow in disgrace and defeat. New Yorkers are in your face and they are rude. Like Boston, they have an arrogance about them that says, "to hell with everyone else, we're New Yorkers" and that spirit is what made the city come back so quickly form that devastating day.

Aside from a handful of people, New Orleans doesn't have that spirit. The blacks, the democrats, the political machines that have taken away the city's "collective soul" have seen to it that the city is a cesspool of illiterates who don't care for themselves, let alone the great place from where they come. How can anyone have pride about the place they call home if they don't have pride in themselves? The decades of deterioration that have been so well hidden from the masses have come to light from this storm.

- Now, where will the blame be placed for that ? The people who turned New Orleans into the murder capitol of the U.S., the place where the poorest of the poor haven't advanced beyond the boarders of Iberville and Desire, the place where generation after generation has lived off of the promises of something better only to live in squalor, will blame you and me. As is the nature of the time in which we live, the democrats, both white and black, won't take personal responsibility for the plight of the city that they destroyed. It is our fault that nothing has been done to help lift these people out of their desperate and despicable lives.

Do you remember the song lyric, 'Promises, promises, all I get are promises, promises now ...'? Dionne Warwick sang the song. Well, I think once you change two words, we have the motto of the Democratic party and its' treatment of the blacks of New Orleans. It goes like this, 'Promises, promises, all "we give" are promises, promises now.' That is the lip service that the blacks of New Orleans have been fed for so long. And the cruel irony of it all is that they are too stupid to know they're continually being lied to. As long as they get their checks, they think they're being taken care of.

And here comes Oprah to the rescue ... even she is too stupid to know that the people of Iberville and Desire are not her demographic. The soccer mom rejects from the Clinton years are the people who watch her show and 'worship at the altar of Oprah.' The blacks she said that "this should never have happened ..." to don't watch her. They watch Jerry Springer and Judge Brown. They are not going to run down to the local Barnes and Nobel to get her latest recommendation from her book of the month club.

And to further that thought, where have all the black leaders of this country been? Why haven't they stepped up to help the project dwellers? We know the answer to that. Had anyone helped the blacks of New Orleans, the democrats wouldn't have been able to stay in power all these years. If you think about it, why would anyone who lives off of the government that feeds them, clothes them, and makes it so that they don't have to lift a finger to help themselves, vote any other way than the way that allows them not to work?

This is my conspiracy theory about the democrats. They treat their constituents like drug addicts. They give them enough of what they need to get hooked in the first place. They scare them into believing that the Republicans will take away everything that they have, their drugs as it were, and put them to work. Now that they're elected time after time, they give just a bit more again, again and again to keep their addicts coming back thereby ensuring their own jobs and existence. That's how the Democrats have stayed in power. That's how they have stripped they city of its' "collective soul", leaving nothing to those of us who love it, but that cesspool of illiteracy, drugs and murder.

I'm getting tired so I'll just give you one more rant ...

I think it is shameful that all New Orleans is known for now is Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street. The only thing people want to do when they go there is drink and see women pull up their shirts to get a $.30 strand of plastic beads. You know the city's history far better than I do. I do know enough of it though, to know that what happened there long before Mardi Gras started and long before Bourbon Street was built should be what draws people to the city. People come to Boston to see the Old North Church, Bunker Hill and the Constitution. Do you think once the city is disinfected, burned to the ground and otherwise emptied of the refuse that destroyed it to begin with, maybe history will be the factor that draws people there (yes, the food will still have to be an integral part of that equation)? Do you think that those who remain to rebuild will form that "collective soul" that will help New Orleans regain its' heritage and pride? I guess we can only hope and pray ...



Friday, September 16, 2005

Grandma Had The 'Walkin Farts' - Jeff Foxworthy on NPR

Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion has been on National Public Radio for over thirty years. That is quite an accomplishment in the entertainment industry. His Prairie Home Companion illustrates the past of a fictitious little town, and is heard by four million listeners every week on over 550 public radio stations.

For those that have never listened to it, it's quite good sometimes, especially the stories about his family and the idealism of Lake Woebegone. I think its placement on Saturday on my local NPR station is well suited - it's a time when we should all get away from what we do for a living and what we do in our spare time, like blog, read and watch the MSM, etc. (We should all spend more time with our families!)

But I was thinking about Mr. Keillor and his thoughts on politics. And it struck me that our tax money goes to subsidize NPR and this program.

Keillor is no friend of the right. At the opening of a new wing of children's hospital in Chicago right after the 2004 election, Keillor sated, “I am a Democrat—it’s no secret. I am a museum-quality Democrat” He prattled, "People voted for all sorts of things they don’t know they’re getting,” he said. “They voted for freedom to worship, which is sort of like buying a plane ticket to London so you can eat a pack of salted peanuts. Even after they get what they wished for—like the two or three justices it may take to overturn Roe v. Wade. If you forbid a doctor to perform an abortion for a young woman working at McDonald’s who has no health insurance, you have set the motions for an American tragedy."

He then turned to the audience and said, "I’m trying to organize support for a constitutional amendment to deny voting rights to born-again Christians,” Keillor smirked, “I feel if your citizenship is in Heaven—like a born again Christian’s is—you should give up your citizenship. Sorry, but this is my new cause. If born again Christians are allowed to vote in this country, then why not Canadians?”

If Garrison Keillor represents the liberal idealism of folksy mid-America, then why not have someone like Jeff Foxworthy on NPR. With equal time, which should be allowed since your tax money pays for NPR, Jeff Foxworhty would regale listeners with undoubtedly much more entertaining fare about rednecks, NASCAR, beer, trucks and hunting dogs. And isn't it all about ratings, anyway? Here is what a head to head competition could resemble:

Keillor: The pulchritude of Woebegone in the waining days of an Indian Summer...

Foxworthy: Grandma had the Walkin Farts last night, it sounded like someone was machine gunning a seal!

Now I have always thought that Lewis Grizzard should have had equal time, but alas, he is up in Bulldog Heaven. For those who are not familiar with Lewis Grizzard, you have missed a classic Southern humorist - unapologetically a Georgia Bulldog fan, chain smoker, and staunch conservative.

But as long as you have the DNC Blood Group tattooed under your left arm, your tax money will continue to fund Radio Hanoi, Keillor and other Party Officials of the DNC's Central Committee and no equal time will be given to anyone on the right. At least the right has AM Radio and FOX - and they are FREE - and we certainly have more than four million listeners. Git R Done!


Flight 93 Memorial

There has been a lot of text given to the proposed memorial for the brave men and women who died on Flight 93 on September 11, 2001.

The proposed memorial has been rightly criticized as surreptitiously inserting homage to Muslims with a crescent which latitudinally and longitudinally points toward Mecca.

After seeing its design, it’s obvious that its design is intentional and is nastily insensitive to the victims and their families.

Looking at the plaque which exists today, what else is needed?


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Halliburton Out - Freeport McMoRan In

If you hear any Liberal say the word Halliburton one more time, punch him/her in the face!

Freeport-McMoRan (PTF) should be the only company to be awarded ANY contracts coming out of the Katrina disaster. Why? There are only three companies on the planet that can build nations: Halliburton, Bechtel and Freeport McMoRan.

Now you don't hear about PTF. Why, it's not politically attached to anyone in the Bush Administration. It will be. Why? It's based in New Orleans. That's right. It's in New Orleans, friends.

There has been a cacophonous cry from those in LA and the press to allow only LA contractors to rebuild New Orleans. There is no other company better suited than PTF. Now, PTF is not only an excavation and mining company. It builds nations. It builds roads, houses, infrastructure, energy plants, etc. It's a fantastic company, solvent, forward thinking, and as mentioned above one of the only players that can bring the kind of muscle it will take to rebuild LA and MS.

Take a look at the Board of Directors. Pretty impressive: http://www.fcx.com/inrl/brdmgmt.htm

Here the link to PTF: http://www.fcx.com/aboutus/co-overvw.htm

If W is looking to get the Halliburton Monkey off of his back, award all contracts to FTP as soon as possible.

BTW - I thought the speech tonight was horrible. I hated it. It was flat, empty and full of Great Society messages that I don't think W will be able to deliver. Maybe FTP will save the day!


Girl in Pakistan is a MS Certified Professional

The MCP credential is for technology professionals who have the skills to successfully implement a Microsoft product or technology as part of a business solution.

At just 9 years old, Arfa Karim Randhawa , of Faisalabad, Pakistan, is one of the youngest MCPs in the world.

She recently received her credentials from Emre Berkin, chairman of Microsoft's Europe, Middle East and Africa region, and Jawwad Rehman, Microsoft's country manager for Pakistan.

"I belong to a purely agricultural family from a rural background. My late grandfather was an unlettered scholar and had a great passion for higher education for his next generation. My father is serving with a U.N. peacekeeping force in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. My mother is a landlady and looks after the land affairs in the absence of my father. I have two younger brothers, named Sarmad and Dawood, ages 7 and 3, respectively. Prior to me, no one in my family is in the field of IT, but I can feel that my brothers are following my footsteps very anxiously and enthusiastically. They are posing a constant challenge to my world record," says Randhawa.

Now how smart do we all feel?

SOURCE: Microsoft Corp.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005


FSU Cheerleaders get ready for their upcoming game against Boston College -

Sep 17th 3:30 PM EST ABC


Clinton Let Bin Laden Slip Away and Metastasize

I have to post this. I did not want to, but I was challenged in one of my recent posts about OBL and his failing Kidneys. Here goes:

Clinton Let Bin Laden Slip Away and Metastasize -LA TIMES December 5, 2001 - MANSOOR IJAZ :

President Clinton and his national security team ignored several opportunities to capture Osama bin Laden and his terrorist associates, including one as late as last year. I know because I negotiated more than one of the opportunities.

From 1996 to 1998, I opened unofficial channels between Sudan and the Clinton administration. I met with officials in both countries, including Clinton, U.S. National Security Advisor Samuel R. "Sandy" Berger and Sudan's president and intelligence chief. President Omar Hassan Ahmed Bashir, who wanted terrorism sanctions against Sudan lifted, offered the arrest and extradition of Bin Laden and detailed intelligence data about the global networks constructed by Egypt's Islamic Jihad, Iran's Hezbollah and the Palestinian Hamas.

Among those in the networks were the two hijackers who piloted commercial airliners into the World Trade Center.

The silence of the Clinton administration in responding to these offers was deafening.As an American Muslim and a political supporter of Clinton, I feel now, as I argued with Clinton and Berger then, that their counter-terrorism policies fueled the rise of Bin Laden from an ordinary man to a Hydra-like monster.Realizing the growing problem with Bin Laden, Bashir sent key intelligence officials to the U.S. in February 1996.The Sudanese offered to arrest Bin Laden and extradite him to Saudi Arabia or, barring that, to "baby-sit" him--monitoring all his activities and associates.

But Saudi officials didn't want their home-grown terrorist back where he might plot to overthrow them.In May 1996, the Sudanese capitulated to U.S. pressure and asked Bin Laden to leave, despite their feeling that he could be monitored better in Sudan than elsewhere.Bin Laden left for Afghanistan, taking with him Ayman Zawahiri, considered by the U.S. to be the chief planner of the Sept. 11 attacks; Mamdouh Mahmud Salim, who traveled frequently to Germany to obtain electronic equipment for Al Qaeda; Wadih El-Hage, Bin Laden's personal secretary and roving emissary, now serving a life sentence in the U.S. for his role in the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya; and Fazul Abdullah Mohammed and Saif Adel, also accused of carrying out the embassy attacks.

Some of these men are now among the FBI's 22 most-wanted terrorists.The two men who allegedly piloted the planes into the twin towers, Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi, prayed in the same Hamburg mosque as did Salim and Mamoun Darkazanli, a Syrian trader who managed Salim's bank accounts and whose assets are frozen.Important data on each had been compiled by the Sudanese.But U.S. authorities repeatedly turned the data away, first in February 1996; then again that August, when at my suggestion Sudan's religious ideologue, Hassan Turabi, wrote directly to Clinton; then again in April 1997, when I persuaded Bashir to invite the FBI to come to Sudan and view the data; and finally in February 1998, when Sudan's intelligence chief, Gutbi al-Mahdi, wrote directly to the FBI.

Please, if you're going to attack this administration on the topic of not capturing OBL, start with the previous administration and work your way up from the seven years that first attack against the Towers in NYC took place. Morons! Hate Mail and classless comments forthcoming!


Senate Fails in Bid To Block Bush Mercury Plan

I'm stunned. President Bush wants to cut mercury emissions by 70% by 2018 - a worthy and sensible goal - anyone remember Minamata Bay, Japan? It's the same scheme that is used to cut acid rain pollution. Why did Congress veto this? Two words: Special Interest! Read:


Bravo, Mr. President. Take the lead on this legislation, damn the Special Interest and make an Exectuive Order to cut mercury emissions. And who says W ain't a friend of the environment?


Egypt destroys tunnel to Gaza after finding arms

I posted at least two weeks ago that 'it already started' a reference to a rocket attck from Gaza hitting Israel the same day the last Isralei's were expelled from Gaza. And now this: http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/L14324050.htm

"The opening of a tunnel was found ... and it went to the other (Gaza) side of the border," an Egyptian security official, who asked not to be identified, told Reuters on Wednesday. He said it was discovered near the Rafah border crossing.
Egypt has begun deploying 750 border guards along the 12-km (seven-mile) border with Gaza under an agreement to help Israel end 38 years of control of the strip, home to 1.4 million Palestinians.
Israel left on Monday but still controls Gaza's sea lanes, air space and other borders.
The tunnel, which started inside a house and was at least 10 metres (33 feet) below the surface, contained 35 automatic rifles with 115 magazines and three rocket-propelled grenade launchers with 280 grenades, the security official said.

This is the nose under the tent for future actions against Israel as the PLO and other terror orgs begin to get organized in Gaza. Why did Israel ever pull out of Gaza?


US colonel says bin Laden ill: al-Hayat

CAIRO (Reuters) - Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden' is in poor health and is seeking medical attention, the London-based Arabic newspaper al-Hayat said on Wednesday, quoting a U.S. officer in

"Osama bin Laden is trying to obtain medical attention," Colonel Don McGraw, director of operations at the Combined Forces Command in Kabul, told a group of British reporters, including one from al-Hayat, it said.
"He (McGraw) refused to say what the Qaeda leader is suffering from or whether it is the same kidney disease which Pakistani officials said in the past he was suffering from," the newspaper added.
Al-Hayat said it was not clear how the U.S. military had obtained its information or where it thought bin Laden might be.
The Saudi-born militant is believed to have taken refuge somewhere on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan after escaping from U.S. troops and their Afghan allies who toppled the Taliban government that had hosted him in 2001.

The sooner he dies the better. If our troops can't get him, kidney failure will.


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Economies of Stupid II

The MSM and seemingly everyone else in the US is convinced that George W Bush manufactured Hurricane Katrina because he is a bald face racist and did not sign a piece of paper that would limit greenhouse gasses, etc., blah, blah, blah...I was wondering if other Hurricanes were racist like the Big One in Galveston, TX. 8000 people, mostly White, were wiped off the map. Could it be that storm was racially motivated since?

- The Army Corp of Engineers did not build a levee system or sea walls to protect Galveston

- Congress did not budget for money to protect Galveston and reduced budget spending that year on projects deemed 'pork'

- 90% of the victims of this storm were White. Hundreds if not thousands of the victims were Women and Children.

Applying current theories of racism being used today retroactively, isn't it true that the Republican William McKinley hated White people so much he wanted them dead so he made this hurricane level Galveston.

It's amazing any you on the left can actually breathe!


Good Guys Strike Again

The Pakistani military has destroyed what the http://ap.tbo.com/ap/breaking/MGBEMZTFKDE.html describes as a “major al-Qaida hide-out” arresting 21 suspected terrorists and a government official accused of helping the terrorists out.

During the four-day operation, thousands of troops seized a cache of weapons, including bombs, detonators and rockets; communications equipment used to exchange messages with militants in Afghanistan; and propaganda CDs and literature. The operation coincided with a visit by President Gen. Pervez Musharraf to the U.N. summit in New York.

“It is the biggest-ever operation, which is still going on in North Waziristan,” Lt. Gen. Safdar Hussain, the top army commander responsible for anti-terrorism operations in northwestern Pakistan, told a news conference.

“As a result of this operation, a center of al-Qaida and terrorists has been destroyed and the back of al-Qaida and terrorists has been broken in the tribal areas because terrorist activities were carried out from here.”

Hussain said foreigners and “some important men are included among the captured people,” although he would not elaborate.

Waziristan is the location where many people believe Al Qaida and the Taliban have a strong foothold as well as the area where Osama Bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri are located. Do not look for either of the Al Qaida leaders to be among the “important men” captured, rather expect those men to have been linked to assassination plots against Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf.

Tally Ho!


Who Says It Best - The Soldiers!


Monday, September 12, 2005

Economies of Stupid

Imagine for a minute if Hillary, Pelosi, Byrd and the rest ran the Warren Commission. Can you imagine what would have come from the above group? Talk about conspiracy. Looking at the 12 Conclusions of the Warren Commission detailed and applying that to what we know about the Witchfinder Generals on the other side of the aisle, every wacko conspiracy theory we've heard would probably have come out in their own assessment of the Kennedy Assassination. I bet that they would have concluded that:
- Oswald was trained by Mossad and not the Marines
- Oswald received special sniper training against moving targets in open air automobiles
- Castro funded part or all of Oswald's training in the Marines
- the Mafia gave Oswald his weapon
- the Secret Service gave Oswald maps of probable high strike target platforms in Dallas
- There were more than three shooters
- Oswald and Ruby were born in Russia, smuggled into the US and trained by Soviet operatives
- Jack Ruby did not use real bullets and that he and Oswald are living in Yemen
- All eyewitnesses were paid for their testimony through secret Swiss Accounts

Now this cry about a 9/11 Commission type group to investigate the first few days of the Katrina relief would not by independent at all. In fact, the same people that screwed up that investigation would be charged with putting on paper something certainly not even close to having the same weight as 9/11 - sorry folks, the two just don't hold up. It was a storm, not terrorists hurling planes into buildings.

What the left realizes and won't admit is that once engaged, the President and all the relief efforts have been the best they can be considering the enormity of the situation. So, now we have an economies of scale on the stupid meter - the longer we move away from the first few days of inaction by Brown and the Keystone Cops in Homeland Security, the sillier the cries from the left become. I am not excusing away culpability of anyone group or person. I have written that W should kick-out Brown and anyone connected to the first few days of response. Equally guilty are Nagin and Blanco. Anyone defending what they did individually or collectively is blind.

If there is going to be an investigation, and I think there should be, neither the Republicans nor the Democrats should have anything to do with it. It should be a Warren type group - a group not connected in anyway to the current relief effort. How about a former group of retired Joint Chiefs? That seems to me to be the only non-partisan group with enough ability to conduct a Warren type investigation. It can't be done by anyone at State, DOD or other Cabinet function, let alone the conspiracy wonks on the left. All of this is fantasy and the subject of numerous hate comments (which I have already received by email) by those that live for this stuff. Still, the Republicans control both houses and the Whitehouse and the investigatory group will come from there. It's there prerogative. They have the majority. So, if the left wants to have its own investigation, it will have to wait until it wins back the Whitehouse. Yeah, right!


Why We Fight

Rethinking the post below after comments and emails from many...

This is why we fight!


Saturday, September 10, 2005


So much has been said. So much will be said. I think the best way to honor those affected by the terror attacks of 9/11 is to pray to your God in your church today.


Brown Vs Board of Inquisition

Nice move today by W to get rid of Brown and put in the Coast Guard Admiral. The Coast Guard is bearing a huge burden in relief efforts in my home town.

I think W should have moved even further with this and I'll tell you why. I, like most arm-chair political commentators, at least know that sometimes politics is doing what is necessary, not what you know. Once the Katrina turned into South Florida and the track of the storm having an eerie parallel to Camille in 69, W should have federalized the entire planning, evacuation, and recovery phase of this disaster. In fact, by Wednesday - tops, W should have demanded to FEMA, Homeland Security, 'You've got two hours to get food and water and other necessities to the people on the ground or I'll fire everyone of you'

This tragedy is about leadership. Now many of you who read this blog know I will go to the wall for this administration. But there is a failure of leadership here that many on the right are in denial about. And before I get hate mail, this issue of leadership by-passes the state and local levels. At the end of the day, this is a national security issue that rest squarely on the shoulders of G W Bush. In the military, a commander is responsible for the actions of everyone under him. If any of them or anyone screws the pooch, there is hell to pay - and it rolls down hill! W is responsible for Brown being hired because W selected the men and women that selected Brown. I want to make that clear. W did not have to review browns resume en total, but the command structure surrounding W should have said this guy is either a putz or the next Guliani.

Politically, this was a good move on W's part to fire Brown. But it won't be enough for the left. And frankly it's not good enough for me. Less than four of the eight heads of the Homeland Security group actually have practical experience. These are political appointments. I want to see Homeland Security raised to the Cabinet Level.

It's time for W to step up and act like a Commander who adjusts plans, changes personnel and shows his troops that he can lead. I have faith W will get there. The relief work on the ground in LA is impressive - MS is starting to catch-up. But there is more butt-kicking that needs to take place. Pelosi and the other Witchfinder Generals will not be satisfied with just one offering.

Chertoff - you're next!


Thursday, September 08, 2005

PA Gets $50m from US, Then Calls for Terror Against US Soldiers

I can't believe we all missed this one...The Palestinian Authority continues to openly promote vicious anti-American hatred right after signing a deal to receive $50 million in direct aid from the US. According Palestinian Media Watch:

The Bush administration broke a long-standing taboo last month when the president announced $50 million in direct aid to the Palestinian Authority, meant to help the Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, prepare for Israel's scheduled withdrawal of settlers next month from Gaza. In February, the State Department announced a new package of $350 million in American aid to Palestinian nongovernmental organizations.

Palestinian Media Watch's director, Itamar Marcus says, "Governmental and non-governmental organizations in the Palestinian Authority continue to receive hundreds of millions of dollars from the U.S. Agency for International Development, some of which is going directly to frameworks that sponsor branches of Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations."

A spokeswoman for USAID, Heather Layman, said in an e-mail response for comment, "USAID provides 'in-kind' assistance to some Palestinian Authority agencies - for example, technical assistance, training, office equipment, medical supplies, and the construction of infrastructure facilities, such as water wells, pipelines, and schools. All of this in-kind assistance is targeted to specific development objectives, and is carefully monitored to ensure that no assistance is diverted to other uses."

Why in Christ's name are we giving money to the PA? And who is monitoring that this money is going to be spent in good faith for phones and desks? This is an awful lot of moeny for GD office supplies! What happens when we find out that this money has gone to Rockets, C-4, and AK-47s? Are we going to ask for the money back? This is worse than Oil for Food!

At the same time we give these murderes money, this is what the PA is broadcasting. Are you ready? Sermon by Yusuf Abu Sneina, Imam of Al-Aqsa Mosque

"Anyone who watches closely the nature of our world today, can see that the heretical countries - first and foremost, the USA - have succeeded greatly in tearing our Islamic world apart by disintegrating and splitting up more than one Islamic state, intending to weaken it, disperse [its citizens] and plunder its resources. It is terrorism, and there's no choice but to fight it."

"As regards Iraq, there is much to say about it. The USA has composed a draft of the Iraqi Constitution in a way that it will serve US interests and enhance the disintegration of Iraq's unity. The new constitution includes federal solutions, which are dividing Iraq into small countries."

"A federal government hides behind it; the seeds of a future civil war… The USA is planning to rule Saudi Arabia and disintegrate it, too, despite the close friendly relations between the two countries... "Is the USA going to fulfill its ambitions and aggressive plans? And, for how long shall the submission and surrender to the plans of the enemies of the [Islamic] nation?"

In a recent July 8th broadcast, Abbas-controlled PA TV calls to "annihilate the infidels [common reference to US and Western countries]… God, count them and kill them to the last one, and don't leave even one."

I swear to God this Administration never ceases to amaze me.


Family Update

There is good news to report that my Uncle has been located and is good health. Apparently, he was evacuated with others yesterday and flown to Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. Here is how the call was received:

Flight Line Sgt: Mr (My Brother’s Name)
Brother: Yes, this is He.
Flight Line Sgt: This is Sgt (Name) calling from Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX. Do you have an Uncle John?
Brother: Yes, I do.
Flight Line Sgt: Well, we have him. He is safe and sound and is housed here with other evacuees from New Orleans.
Brother: Thank God. Thank you so very much.
Flight Line Sgt: He and all the others are fine, they have fine facilities, and some are receiving the medical care they require. However, we do not encourage you to come and collect his as we do not have the ability to release anyone at this time. Here is the phone number where he can be reached.
Brother: Fine. Is there a time in the near future when he could be collected?
Flight Line Sgt: We will let your Uncle know once we have stabilized the situation with all the other evacuees.
Brother: Thank you very much Sgt for everything you and all the other members of Air Force are doing.
Flight Line Sgt: No problem, Sir. You have a good night.
Brother: You to, Sgt. Good Night.

To fully appreciate how this came about, you have to understand that how my Uncle was evacuated. He walked to the airport by himself. He walked over six miles from his home in Jefferson Parish. You see the facility where he lives like most everything else in Jefferson Parish was flooded the first few days after the storm hit. Living on the eight floor of his facility with no power, sporadic phone, no water, and a staff that was bare bones since many of them had damaged homes and missing relatives was enough for him. Now my family tried to get him to evacuate and go to Alabama. But like many others whose whole life is tied to their homes and possessions, he did not want to leave. My parents gave him all of our contact information with phone numbers and I guess my Brother was the first person who could be contacted.

We all feel fortunate that he is alive and well since there are so many others who have lost their lives and homes in this most tragic of tragedies to befall our nation. My thanks to all who sent me messages of support over the last week. I hope and pray that other stories of reunions continue to make their way to all the evacuees.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Us And Them!

This picture is incomplete since Condi is not in the 'Ours' Section!



FOX NEWS reports that The American Red Cross - 1st Responders- could not get to the Superdome or the New Orleans Convention Center to deliver food and water because Mayor Nagin kept them out of the city since that would encourage people to stay in the city.


Neocon Treason

Constitution of the United States:
Article III - Section 3:
Clause 1: Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.
Clause 2: The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.

Here is a classic Clause 1 definition of treason given to the public by none other than Paul Craig Roberts - http://counterpunch.org/roberts09032005.html. Some of the more salient points will be highlighted:

The raison d'etre of the Bush administration is war in the Middle East in order to protect America from terrorism and to insure America's oil supply. On both counts the Bush administration has failed catastrophically.
Bush's single-minded focus on the "war against terrorism" has compounded a natural disaster and turned it into the greatest calamity in American history. The US has lost its largest and most strategic port, thousands of lives, and 80% of one of America's most historic cities is under water.
If terrorists had achieved this result, it would rank as the greatest terrorist success in history.
Prior to 911, the Federal Emergency Management Agency warned that New Orleans was a disaster waiting to happen. Congress authorized the Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project (SELA) in order to protect the strategic port, the refineries, and the large population.
However, after 2003 the flow of funds to SELA were diverted to the war in Iraq. During 2004 and 2005 the New Orleans Times-Picayune published nine articles citing New Orleans' loss of hurricane protection to the war in Iraq.
Every expert and newspapers as distant as Texas saw the New Orleans catastrophe coming. But President Bush and his insane government preferred war in Iraq to protecting Americans at home.
Bush's war left the Corps of Engineers only 20% of the funding to protect New Orleans from flooding from Lake Pontchartrain. On June 18, 2004, the Corps' project manager, Al Naomi, told the Times-Picayune: "the levees are sinking. If we don't get the money to raise them, we can't stay ahead of the settlement."
Despite the dire warnings delivered by the 2004 hurricane season, the Bush administration made deep budget cuts for flood control and hurricane funding for New Orleans. The US Senate, alarmed at the Bush administration's insanity, was planning to restore the funding for 2006. But now it is too late. Many multiples of the funding that would have saved the city now have to be spent to rescue it.
Not content with leaving New Orleans unprotected, it took the Bush administration five days to get the remnants of the National Guard not serving in Iraq, along with desperately needed food and water, to devastated New Orleans. This is the slowest emergency response by the US government in modern times. By the time the Bush administration could organize any resources for New Orleans, many more people had died and the city was in total chaos.
Despite the most dismal performance on record, Bush's Homeland Security Secretary, Michael Chertoff, said on Thursday that the Bush administration has done a "magnificent job."
The on-the-scene mayor of New Orleans sees it differently: "They're feeding the people a line of bull, and they are spinning and people are dying."
"They're thinking small man, and this is a major, major deal."
It is a major deal, one that will affect Americans far beyond New Orleans. According to reports, 25% of our oil and gasoline comes through the New Orleans port and refineries, all out of commission. Needed goods cannot be imported, and exports will plummet, worsening an already disastrous deficit in the balance of trade.
The increased cost of gasoline will soak up consumers' disposable incomes, with dire effects on consumer spending. US economic growth will be siphoned off into higher energy costs. American lives far from New Orleans will be adversely affected.
The destruction of New Orleans is the responsibility of the most incompetent government in American history and perhaps in all history. Americans are rapidly learning that they were deceived by the superpower hubris. The powerful US military cannot successfully occupy Baghdad or control the road to the airport--and this against an insurgency based in only 20% of the Iraqi population. Bush's pointless war has left Washington so pressed for money that the federal government abandoned New Orleans to catastrophe.
The Bush administration is damned by its gross incompetence. Bush has squandered the lives and health of thousands of people. He has run through hundreds of billions of borrowed dollars. He has lost America's reputation and its allies. With barbaric torture and destruction of our civil liberty, he has stripped America of its inherent goodness and morality. And now Bush has lost America's largest port and 25 percent of its oil supply. Why? Because Bush started a gratuitous war egged on by a claque of crazy neoconservatives who have sacrificed America's interests to their insane agenda.
The neoconservatives have brought these disasters to all Americans, Democrat and Republican alike. Now they must he held accountable. Bush and his neoconservatives are guilty of criminal negligence and must be prosecuted.
What will it take for Americans to reestablish accountability in their government? Bush has got away with lies and an illegal war of aggression, with outing CIA agents, with war crimes against Iraqi civilians, with the horrors of the Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo torture centers, and now with the destruction of New Orleans.
What disaster will next spring from Bush's incompetence?

Why isn't this treason?

I guess this would be worse than getting thrown out of office for a blowjob and lying about it under oath!


We Can't Be Stuck On Stupid!

UH - FRICKIN - RAH! Did you hear the words that Lt. Gen. Russel Honore used today in describing the situation in New Orleans? He said in effect, 'We have to focus on the future. We can't be stuck on stupid.' He added, 'I see trees, I see houses. I see a lot of water. We've had that before, it's New Orleans. We've come back, we always do.'

Speaking of Stupid...I never thought I would ever use the C-Word in public, let alone in front of my wife or other impressionable ear, but Nancy Pelosi is exactly that...A Communist (I bet you thought I was going to use another word - I wasn't brought up that way, but I know the word I'm itching to type!). She actually disclosed a private conversation with the President about FEMA to the Press. She blathered on cameras, 'I asked him if he was going to fire the Brown for what went wrong last week. He said what went wrong. This President is oblivious. In denial. Dangerous.' She called the President DANGEROUS. Why isn't she in JAIL?

Jesus Mary Mother of God! Her rant is as criminal as looting on Canal Street. Why isn't this treason? Isn’t the disclosure of a private conversation with the Commander In Chief in time of war treason? Not only did Pelosi disclose a private conversation with the President to the public, she also had to take the conversation out of context to make her point. Did she disclose the entire conversation? Nope. Did she hammock her comments with what was said before and after 'he's oblivious' comment? Nope.

Pelosi is Stuck in Permanent Stupid and the people she represents need to throw her out. That won't happen since she represent the leftist left of the left coast - Communists!


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Words of Wisdom

I was listening to WWL Radio New Orleans (you can get it all over the South since it has a massive broadcast scope). There was a caller who said that he and his son were traveling to South Louisiana to help the victims of the storm when his son said, 'Dad, look at all the trees that are still standing.' What an absolutely incredible observation from a child.

We all need to take a lesson from this child as we think and comment about what has happened since Katrina devastated this region of the US.


Monday, September 05, 2005

Lance Armstrong Arrested

Sunday, September 5, 2005; 11:00 PM EST
PARIS, France -- UPI
--Lance Armstrong's record setting seventh Tour de France victory, along with his entire Tour de France legacy, may be tarnished by what could turn out to be one of the greatest sports scandals of all time. Armstrong is being quizzed by French police after three banned substances were found in his South of France hotel room while on vacation after winning the 2005 Tour de France. The three substances found were toothpaste, deodorant, and soap which have been banned by French authorities for over 75 years.

Armstrong's girlfriend and American rocker Sheryl Crowe is quoted as saying "we are both users". Along with these three banned substances, French authorities also found several other interesting items that they have never seen before, including a backbone and testicles.


You Like Me...You Really, Really Like Me!

The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth has honored me as Blog of The Week - must have been a slow week for the fellas at this site!

As Big Beer Drinking Butch Oscar Wilde said, 'There is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.'

Thanks again for the Honorable Mention.

Keep The Faith!


Every Other Parish Was Ready - Why Not Orleans?

This what Jefferson Parish did to get ready for Hurricane Katrina:

- Issues Mandatory Lockout of Parish on August 29
- Contracted with private firm to have 350 Bulldozers ready to go after the storm
- Contracted with private utility company to have 150 trucks ready to help resotre power
- Setup Command Center to coordinate with all towns in Jeff Parish and State and Fed
- Implemented Mandatory Evacuation Scenario for Cat 3 storm
- Arranged a 'Lend-Lease' pact with three Super Wal Marts in Ark for relief supplies - Arranged to have those Wal Marts act as a 'bank' for obtaining all kinds of supplies - those trucks were loaded and ready before the storm hit
- Required Canal Pump Station workers to reamin on post 24/7
- Required all Jeff Parish pump stations to have back-up and redundant electrical supply for third tier support in case of catastrophic sotrm
- Move all public school busses to safer area

What did Orleans Parish do? Nothing. The Mayor did write a memo that the Dept of the Army has which states that Military Personnel were not to enter the city unless their weapons were empty - although he was able to get his friends and family out of the city while there were others at the Superdome and Convention Center who were first in line And Gov Blanco did request Fed Troops Tuesday after the storm hit - Tuesday at 5:15 PM CST! Amazing!.

I don't expect a lot of you who read this post to understand. This really is a N.O. issue. You have to be from this area to know how twisted its politics are. Relative to Jeff Parish, it's not a Dem/Rep thing - the Mayor of Kenner is a Dem and the Sheriff of the Parish is a Rep (my mother went to school with him). I conceeded that W should have Federalized troops to get the rescue and relief effort out of the hands of the mayor and the Gov. But when Blanco and Nagin had over 5 days to prepare - 5, then some blame has to be absorbed by them as well. Lafouche, St Charles, St Tammany, St. Bernard get it and got prepared. What happened to Orleans?


Friday, September 02, 2005

Wolf Blitzer - Apologize Now!

It's no wonder no one watches the Clinton News Network or MSNBC anymore. Here's why!

Interview: Wolf Blitzer and Elijah Cummings (D-MD)
Cummings: I feel that the Congressional Black Caucus is responsible for the movement of Federal Aid to New Orleans.
Blitzer: There are some who are saying that if this disaster would have happened in a predominantly white area, Federal response would have been more swift. Do you agree with that?
Cummings: Yes (then he knit a flag)

On MSBC - another station no one else watches, Matthews interviewed Mark Levine, a reporter from Newsweek, a magazine no one reads, this is what was said:
Levine: 'The Congressional Black Caucus stated that aid has not gotten to New Orleans since Orleans Parrish is predominantly black. Bush had some disasters in TX while Governor, but he is a bureaucrat and has no experience in handling something like this. Look, this is the same group of people who are supposed to protect this nation in the face of a terrorist attack. The head of Homeland Security is a lawyer, not a civil defense expert. No one is strong enough to push the President to act faster. There is no face on this disaster leading the way. The Presidnet can't hide behind patriotism anymore since this is national disaster.'

Now on MSNBC, John Edwards (who lost in Nov 2004 if anyone remembers) is comparing incomes of blacks and whites. 'If anything goes wrong in a person's life, they have nothing to fall back on. They go right in the ditch. We have not taken the responsibility to help these people.'

As I type, FOX has confirmed a report that a gang with guns have sniped and pinned down fireman in the St Bernard Parrish Fire Station. They are being shot at from unknown locations. One fireman has been hit, presumed dead. So the hurricane has miraculously blown weapons into the hands of individuals, put rounds in the chambers and has made them shoot fireman and civilians. Amazing!

I am overcome with outrage over the politization of this disaster by the left. Actually, it's a great political move. Until this disaster, about the only policy leverage the left has had in the last ninety days has been Cindy Sheehan. Now she can go the way of Do Do. So I bet that all the detractors of the Fed response are probably thankful that they have a new vehicle to attack the President, even though, despicably, it's on the backs of people of all colors. Funny how concern for others only seems to be one color!


Got Guard?


An article for all you liberal idiots and the MSM who continue the shrill and baseless ramblings that there is not enough National Guard or Military in the US to help with the South. It makes me sick, absolutely sick at the way this disaster has been instantly politicized. You sorry sacks of cowardly Un-American bastards should not only be ashamed, but should leave the US right now. You don't like this country. You don't like anything this Administration does. You don't think that there is hope. You don't think this President cares. You think the US is a criminal imperialist organization bent on sacrificing its military for the whim of one man. How sick do you have to be to think this way. You GD mental midgets. Cowards and bastards to a man! Go to hell ABC, CBS, NBC! (national news) Get your stuff and get out! You don't deserve to be called Americans!

If you watch the streaming video of the local officials in the outlying parrishes like St Bernard and Placquamines, you would hear the local elected parrish official say: 'we know help is coming, we know our gvt cares, we know the gvt can't get to us. right now we have to rely on ourselves until they can get to us. right now, we are going from house to house and giving people water. now we are ferrying people to Algiers, get them food and water and get them out of the area. right now I'm coordinating with the state of FL to get more helicopters since boats are starting to bottom on cars and other debris which means we needed 10K boats to make this work. so we are doing all we can do, we know help is coming, but we need to hold on until we can get more help. there is no looting in St Bernard Parrish.'


This man gets it. And he is right there living through this hell. God Bless this man and thanks to WWL4 CBS for news about another Parrish besides Orleans!


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hastert Is An Idiot...So is Sharpton And Other Observations

First, I just sold all my Disney Stock. ABC ran a story where some bastard from the NAACP said that if blacks with the means got out of New Orleans and whites were the ones who had stayed during Katrina, then relief would have gotten there faster and he (NAACP) would not have to be on television complain that blacks are being victimized. It's tough for me to type how outraged I am about this....I will never take my family to Disney ever again.

Now, Hastert needs to be tarred and feathered. Besides the fact that what he said was taken out of context - which it was (he said that since N.O. is below sea level, why rebuild?) - he should not have opened his big fat mouth. Even if anyone agrees with what he said, and I for one do not since I'm from there, why in God's name would you say this? Everything, and absolutely everything anyone in the Bush Administration is doing is under a microscope. He should have realized that his statement would have been taken out of context and crucified with it.

On to Rev Al. Tar and feather this idiot. Hurricane Katrina is racist and so is the Bush Administration since the majority of victims in Orleans Parrish are black. On its face, what he said and believes is racist. If he is only concerned about blacks and not all people, let alone other minorities, then how much more racist do you have to get. Pig!

Mayor Nagin is no Guliani. Right now, New Orleans needs a Guliani. Of course he is overwhelmed. Understood. But where is his Command Center? Where is the coordination his city needs to have with State and Federal authorities? His leadership is as non-existent as the lack of a military presence in New Orleans.

1. Why wasn't Louisiana National Guard put on higher alert?
2. Why has it taken four days for more troops to get to LA? (I know I'm neglecting MS and AL - more on that later)
3. Why aren't residents (not refugees - we are not Iraqis GD!) moved to Fort Polk or Barksdale AFB?
4. Why aren't looters being arrested and put in makeshift jails?
5. Why aren't looters being placed on temp barges on the river or being housed at Jackson Barracks?
6. Why isn't the media covering the magnificent work that the Navy and Army is doing in getting survivors off of roof-tops?
7. Why is it only in Orleans Parrish where there is lawlessness unabated?
8. Why are there not C-130s and other cargo planes running 24/7 in and out of Louis Armstrong Airport?
9. Why aren't there air drops being coordinated among rooftops of buildings close to the Superdome?
10. If a Cat 3 was coming to N.O., why wasn't the request for Fed help sent on Friday? And why weren't there cargo planes ready to go, engines running waiting to drop water, medicine, food on Tuesday?
11. Why hasn't Mayor Nagin come on television and begged, begged looters to stop, reminded them that the Military is on their way to take control?
12. Why didn't W declare Martial Law immediately following the hurricane?
13. Why didn't the city of N.O. have a back-up and redundant communication system?
14. Why can't the MSM shut the **** up and stop pandering and grief pimping misery? (NBC just stated that tomorrow, N.O. will descend into anarchy)
15. Who is handling W Press Image? Currently, it's Ray Charles!
16. Why can't Oil Companies help out and lower prices?
17. Why can't State Legislatures eliminate tax on oil processing?
18. Why can't the media show a 4 to 1 ratio of something good versus looters?
19. Why can't Port A Pottys be dropped and lined across highways and high ground?

1. Nuke the MSM, Now! The sympathy peddling is staggering.
2. Relief is on the way
3. The N.O. officials are useless - it's a banana republic like everyone has always believed
4. This is a Biblical Disaster - no amount of planning could account for the water
5. This is a water disaster, not wind - there is no high ground in N.O.
6. The Military needs to take control now!
7. W needs to mandate Oil Companies provide relief now
8. We need to drill in Alaska now
9. We need to build 20 new refineries in the Mid-West starting tomorrow
10. Declaring a Disaster Area means nothing - Martial Law needs to be imposed for any Cat 3 and above hurricane from this point forward
11. Fire every speech writer for W today - hire a PR firm (it's all about style)
12. W should never have gone on TV and talked to Diane Sawyer
13. Hire private firms to complete the 100 year Corps of Engineer Projects
14. Haul the Corps of Engineers leadership structure into Congress for hearings
15. Open Ft. Polk and Barksdale AFB to residents now
16. Hire EVERY able bodied resident who is relocated to help rebuild N.O.
17. Suspend SS checks and give stipends to residents in three months
18. If anyone from the MSM says that National Guard is in Iraq and not in the US, treason!
19. W should be in the areas as long as possible until the area is stabilized
20. W should personally question Mayor Nagin and ask 'what happened'
21. 100,000 Military personnel should be deployed in three days - that is attainable
22. Relief ships should be docked in N.O. now!
23. Never put a microphone in front of Sharpton's mouth ever again
24. Hastert should resign
25. After a decree from W that martial law is in place, Looters need to be shot on sight

I'm babbling. I'm rambling. Why? I'm not in N.O., but I'm in shock. I'm from there. All of my family is from N.O. - cousins, family friends, etc. I don't know where my Uncle is. I don't know what happened to my cousins. Where are my Grandmother's neighbors? How is her house? Is it underwater? Where is she going to live? I just don't know. I typed in a previous post that N.O. is gone. For now, it seems like it is. But I have faith that it can come back. Unlike the sympathy peddlers and grief pimps in the media, help is on the way. The best way to diffuse the cabal of naysayers is to focus all available national resources to this disaster. It can happen. It will happen. And when it does, the MSM can go back to worrying about Natalie Holloway! This area came back from Betsy and Camille. It can come back from this. It has to. And we are all going to have to help.


If You Loot, We Shoot!

If there is Martial Law (ML) in the Hurricane Katrina area of the South, why hasn’t anyone been shot?

If this is ML, then kill everyone and anyone who steals. Kill everyone and anyone who breaks into any building and exits with anything that does not belong to the break’ee. Seems to me, if you can’t pop a round in the head of someone stealing, then why even have martial law?

Look at this psycho-babble gobbely-gook from the AP. Why is the AP shoveling opinion? Just the facts, please. And even then, no one cares because everyone knows the AP is such a friend of the US and the current administration.


Looting is not ok. PERIOD. Good people don’t loot! They just don’t. I’ve been in a hurricane situation where power was out for four weeks. There was no food available outside the house, no water. We had time to plan. (2 days). We rationed. We sweated. We suffered. We were flooded in the sense we could not leave the house for a two week period. We created the necessary arrangements for taking care of the all ‘human’ needs. And we did NOT loot. Our neighbors did not loot. The people behind us did not loot. When did this happen? 1969 - Camille!

Special Forces, not National Guard needs to be dispatched to the South with bull horns and megaphones blaring: IF YOU LOOT, WE SHOOT. SF troops shold snipe anyone within a 500 foot perimeter around any hospital or necessary facility for the care and needs of real victims.

America needs to understand that this is a special kind of depravity you're witnessing in New Orleans. N.O. has been or has been close to being the murder capitol of the US for over thirty years. There are no words to describe the generational ugliness of endentured welfare-state hanger-ons. Forget all the AP psycho-crap, Orleans Parrish (and parts of Jefferson and the others) is poor, vastly unedcated and has the worst criminals in the nation. Period!

Still, you don’t loot. It’s that simple!


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