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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Iraq story: how troops see it

Don't miss this from the Christian Science Monitor.


Who Has Done More For World Peace?

Any Questions?


Crippled Crescent City

I do not usually post two articles from the same source in one day – people read NRO and pick and chose what they like. This article, however, touched me more than most things I have read about my home, New Orleans. Deroy Murdock gives a chilling account about the devastation Katrina brought to my home city. It’s a good read, even if you’re not from this area. My parents just left for their other home in AL. The told me stories of devastation on the break-side of the 17th Street Canal as it impacted those they know – lifelong friends and even relatives – houses moved off of foundations, water past the roof up to twenty something feet – business gone. Some estimates of recovery seem Biblical in their predictions– thirty years before it’s all back together. Imagine. At least two whole generations of life eradicated in less than a 24 our period. Imagine if this happened where you live. For my family, in Jefferson Parish, life is getting back to some kind of normalcy – dry wall is up in their houses. New appliances and cabinets now occupy the spaces where the water line was up to two feet. Outside, trees have been removed from power lines. At least for them, life can resume. For others, as mentioned in this article, life is on hold – maybe for generations.


Preemptive Surrender

Michael Ledeen over at NRO gives what I think is a scathing snub to the way the diplomatic side of Iraq is going. Read. It’s a great lesson in majority rule government and the required abandonment of the realpolitik that seems to be taking place.


Monday, November 28, 2005

Bush Plans Anti-illegals Campaign

It's about GD time! Where the hell has this administration been on immigration reform? This is a massive failure on domestic policy. There are those that have blamed the WOT and other issues that are distracting the President from this issue. I think the two are linked - open borders and national security. If W can play that card, he can sell any reform in this session of Congress. I have an issue with this amnesty thing. It's wrong. But since the system is so bloody flawed, how would you know if anyone is illegal and do we have the manpower to kick them back across the Rio Grande? I hope W can get this through - no compromises, no conciliatory rhetoric - simple reform: more fences, more border patrols, more restrictions, and let's kick out anyone with a student or teaching visa! Read the latest from the Washington Times.


George Best - RIP

Pele called George Best 'the best soccer player in the world!' Probably the most gracious compliment by the world's most recognized athlete.

For those unfamiliar with the world's beautiful game, George Best was the Joe Namath of International Soccer - flamboyant, outspoken, chic magnet, ultimate party-boy in a time of cultural and personal excess - and that says a lot!

One of the best descriptions I heard was a commentary in a match in the 70s...'Score by Charlton (Bobby), but setup by this genius, George Best, who turned on the most glittering magic. You don't blame the goalkeeper, you congratulate the goal scorers.'

RIP George Best - the Beautiful Game has lost a legend.


Friday, November 25, 2005

FL Sen Mike Haridopolos Proposed Bill To End Illegals From Obtaining FL Driver’s Licenses

His name is pronounced ‘Har-REE-Dop-POLE-Us’ FL Sen Mike Haridopolos is trying to put a halt to any illegal getting valid FL Driver’s License.

How twisted has our ‘state’ of affairs become when a law has to be passed to stop something that should not be happening in the first place?

Sen. Mike’s bill is going after identification used to get a FL DL. One such document, the Mexican Matricula Consular, is a target of this bill. The Mexican Gvt hands out their MC cards at will. There is no way anyone in FL would know that the MC is valid. Why is this a good idea? There was a case in Sen. Mike’s district where a woman was assaulted. The rapist was an illegal who had used a forged MC to obtain a FL DL. If Mike’s bill was law, this illegal could have been stopped at the Dept of Motor Vehicles.

There is so much that need to happen with stopping illegals from doing illegal things in the US. And Sen. Mike’s bill is a step in the right direction.

Bravo Hari – Good Luck


Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for? Me: Family, Health, Freedom of Religion, our glorious military men and women, Freedom of Speech. What else is there?

Going through Washington-Dulles Airport today on my way home, I saw a trooper in the 82nd just home on leave. Without hesitation, I walked up to him, shook his hand and said, 'Thank you.' 'Thank you to all the men and women with whom you serve to keep us all safe and free.' He just looked me in the eye and said, 'Happy Thanksgiving.'



Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Free Jack Idema Blogburst

You need to read this post at Cao's Blog. It's disturbing on so many levels. I will continue to research this and keep myself aware of all the facts that I can find. Do youself a favor and read this post on Cao's Blog.


Young Drinkers Thinner Than Non Drinkers

MUSCULAR DEVELOPMENT MAG, NOV 2005“Fat, Drunk, and Stupid is not way to go through life, son.” Says Dean Vernon Wormer to Flounder in ‘Animal House’ about what most people believe: college party animals are fatter and dumber than their non-drinking classmates. Think again! Researchers from Louisiana State University found that in men and women 20-38 years of age (1,335 subjects), BMI (balance between weight and height) was higher in non-drinkers than drinkers. Alcohol consumption was slightly higher in men than in women and in whites versus blacks. Carbohydrate intake decreased with increasing alcohol consumption, but protein intake was the same. Non-drinkers are more fat than drinkers. Physical activity was the same in both groups.

Conclusion: Enter LSU when you’re 20 and drink your butt off for 18 years and you’ll end up skinny, drunk, and stupid! (Journal of American Diet Association 105: A -60, 2005 Abstract)


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Don Goldwater - Gov Arizona

The latest Evans-Novak Political Report caught my eye with this one:

Republicans had all but given up hope of making a serious challenge to Gov. Janet Napolitano (D), but the grandson of Barry Goldwater -- Don Goldwater -- polls relatively well and has placed himself in the race. Goldwater, whose main issue is illegal immigration, is probably enjoying good numbers thanks to name recognition. Napolitano still begins as a prohibitive favorite.

Let's hope Dan can carry-on with his Grandfather's work. For all of my AZ readers, get out there and make this happen!


The Double Kerry and the Call for Military Withdrawal from Iraq

ESPN© November 21 - The Olympics are a few years away and it looks like there will be a host of new athletes to lead the way to US Gold. We are talking about a new crop of semantic and intellectual contortion gymnasts - the Democrats of the 109th Congress.

The team consists of Captain John Kerry – the best hope for Gold who flip-flopped his way to election nirvana in 2004 with his brilliant take on the GWOT: ‘I voted for the 87 billion before I voted against it.’ His signature move, ‘The Waffling Kerry’ is now a staple in the arsenal of our Congressional athletes, emulated today by the vast majority of Democrat hopefuls to make the 2008 team. And some leading Democrats are now performing their own take on this most elegant of moves calling it the ‘Double Kerry’ which is really an affirmation that they voted for the war before they said it was wrong and now they are falling over themselves to support our troops without supporting the war. In the words of all the analysts at ESPN(c), 'We have not seen this kind of semantic contortion since Olga Corbett on the balance beam in ’72 .'

For the past three years, however, there has been relatively little activity in the proving grounds of potential flippers on the GWOT for the ‘08 US Dem Team. But over the last two weeks, those who wish to be part of Kerry’s run for gold have expanded exponentially. Now it seems that every Democrat wants to show he or she can flop with the master and bring our nation more medals than the records set in Athens in ’04.

EPSN(c) and the RNC(c) wish Captain Flip-Flop and all the other Democratic hopefuls well as they show the US and the world that when it comes to being on both sides of any issue, no one beats the Democrats in the 109th US Congress.


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Republican Proposes Fence Along Our Border

I got the idea for this post from Euphoric Reality blog while I was posting comments. Seems that southern CA Republicans want to fence the border with Mexico. As Gomez Adams would say, ‘Capital Idea.’ Don’t stop with a fence. To make this really work we need do the following:

Mine the border
Electrify Fences
Manned Gun Towers every 200 yds
Kill zone 100 feet in from border line
Trap doors
Tigers in trap doors

There has to be a disincentive to not crossing open spaces of land. I mean, if an intruder broke into your house, would you shot? I would. So why is our border any different? Unlike the Russkies, we need a wall to keep people out, not in. We need to take a page from the Israeli’s and how they have their wall setup to keep exploding terrorists out of its country. We are not there yet, but imagine if every third or fourth illegal had a bomb strapped to his body. Now I know that I am going to get all kinds of hate mail about this. Good. Bring you’re ‘A Game’ lefties (if you have one). Is this cruel? No. Is this un-Christian? No. This is about our national security. This is a war – a war to save our nation from being flooded with undocumented and unassimilable illegals. Let all who want to enter the US enter legally. And while we are at it, how about not letting anyone in the US for about 5 years, maybe longer. We have enough people. Hell, we can’t even properly account for the ones who are here legally. In fact, I have a list of people I want to kick-out. But let’s just start with taking care of our southern border. Then we can get to the list of people who should be kicked out!

If this nation really wants to keep people from crossing the border, then let’s do this correctly.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

France Wins Big at NATO Awards


Online Freedom of Speech Act (H.R. 1606)

We all need to be aware of what could happen in the House of Reprehensibles this week. Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R., Tex.) and Sen. Harry Reid (D., Nev.) have introduced a bill called Online Freedom of Speech Act (H.R. 1606), which would alter federal election law to exclude Internet communications from the definition of "public communication." In practice, the bill would complicate, if not prevent, government use of campaign finance law to control the Internet – Read the article at NRO Online

I can remember the ‘Hush Rush’ attempts in the early 90s that the Dems tried to push through. And thank God those attempts failed. But the fact that a Republican is on the side of legislating censorship is absolutely amazing. This is bad for everyone folks - Dems and Republicans.

Write or call your US House Rep and tell him or her to Vote No to HR 1606!

Bloggers Beware – the speech that is censored if this bill passes will be ours!

POST UPDATE - The Bill Failed In The House. It's not over yet. Read


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Harvard’s Chicken Littles Say The Sky Is Falling

Hey - How many Frenchman does it take to keep a window closed? About 10,000!

There is a new study coming out of Harvard that says the US is going to fry like the French and the rest of the EU fried in the summer of 2003 if global warming continues, if we don’t build more shelters (code word for the homeless) with ac, plant more trees, build better heat resistant roads, etc., blah, blah, blah. Harvard researchers looked at what would happen if a comparable extreme-heat event settled on five major U.S. cities, learning that not only would the country experience massive blackouts, but thousands of people could die – operative word - could. (I can name five cities in AZ that are scorched eight months out of the year and people don’t drop dead like the EU’ers) But these global doomsayers need to bank on the word ‘could’ in order for their schlock science to prove anything. What a great way to validate the bleeding obvious – if one or more people die as the temperature goes up, then global warming is proven and the US must alter it’s economy and way of life to save itself from solar annihilation. Bollocks! Fact - People die when the weather gets warm. Fact – People also die when the weather gets cold. What studies show the number of people who die when it snows around the world? Maybe the human body deals with the cold better than heat. So to make the causal link that people die when the temp rises and pin that on global warming maybe the heady stuff on which research grants are awarded, but it certainly is not science nor can it be proven. Never mind the fact that the avg daily temperature is hotter in the US and periods of extreme heat last longer here than across the pond and we don’t drop like flies – but that is not even considered since it would invalidate the claim that the sky is falling according to the eco-alarmists in Cambridge, MA. No thanks, Harvardistas. We in the US are a lot smarter than our French and EU cousins and know how to open a flippin window when the temp goes up!

Stay Cool!


Friday, November 11, 2005

Today in 1984 - Vietnam Veterans Memorial Completed

For those that have not visited the Capitol and have not seen this memorial, here it is. I find in uniquely compelling; and every time I am in DC, I visit this site. Human statues as memorials have always moved me this way. But this memorial, unlike most other memorial statues I have seen here and around the world, forces you to feel the emotions of its subjects. Unlike a statue of Grant, Lee, Patton or others, this memorial is not intended to be a romantic ideal of its subjects. Just look at the faces of each soldier. The artist has done a masterful job in capturing the emotions these men must have felt while in combat. Each face for me makes me feel a different set of emotions. These are common, dog face soldiers; probably draftees barely old enough to shave who were thrown into the hell of combat thousands of miles from their homes. The other intent of this memorial, I think, is for the viewer to look past this time in history and honor anyone who has served in combat in all wars of this nation. I wish statues like this were not necessary. But freedom is not free. I hope each and every American visits our Capitol and stands in front of this statue to gaze into the faces of these three soldiers who represent all soldiers who have fought and died for this great nation.

Comments removed by author in honor of Veterans Day.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Boycott France

Looking at some snipets of how the French Press is reacting to its cities being burned, I came across this gem from France Soir: “The helplessness of the Government to restore order and to propose a political solution is shaking citizens’ trust in the republican pattern. Can republican fraternity still win, or is our country turning to social apartheid, which we thought was the privilege of US society?” So Frenchie press thinks we have a social apartheid in the US. And why are your cities being burned to the ground? Boycott France!


China Issues Terror Warning For US Tourists

If you're going to travel to China, be careful. Accordign to this article, "The US Embassy has learned that Chinese police advised hotels that Islamic extremist elements could be planning to attack four and five star hotels in China sometime over the course of the next week." Now I'm not trying to be racist, but don't you think that someone not from China would stick out like a eggroll in a punch bowl? Unlike the melting pot here and in the EU, China being a rather homogeneous group, you would be able to pick these folks out. Now unless they are Tamil Tigers or Indo-Islamos, that might be a bit more difficult. Watch your six!


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

One Step Closer To Being France

I doubt many of you saw this...it slipped by most of us since it's so bad on so many levels, I think the MSM and even the ACLU has trouble defending it. Read The other way to look at this is from the children's point of view. If every religion was given a day off of school, there would be no days left to go to class! Way to go, Hillsborough County - you just took one step forward to becoming French! Idiots!

UPDATE - Hillsborough County has repealed its own ordinance - the Muslims still don't get anything. Oh well...


Mary Mapes - The Bush Memos Were Not Proven False!

I just read a great piece about Mary Mapes and the CBS Bush-Memo-gate debacle. In an interview on CNN, Mapes was asked if she believed that the Bush Memos aired in Sep 2004 were real. Her response was a classic Clinton'esque Orwellian double-speak: 'No one can prove they were not false.' well, sweetie, it's not the job of the American public to determine if those memos were real. It's your flippin job to prove that the memos were authentic before they went on the air which you and your cabal knowingly put forward to influence the Presidential election. So much for accuracy in the media. Moron!


Republicans Do Not Have To Prove A Thing!

That's right...As I type, the MSM is waging a voting referendum war against GWB. ABC said that being aligned with the President is a bad thing. CBS said that Bush's poll numbers are worse than ever and are hurting conservative candidates. NBC said that candidates are distancing themselves from the White House just to stay close to their Dem opposition. Did I miss something? Did we have a Presidential election today? If we did, I missed it. And in those states where there were elections, was GWB on any of the tickets? What today means, and again, polling locations are still open in several of those states, is that the prima facia case rests with the Dems, not the Repubs. If GWB's poll numbers can be linked to local elections, note the word local, then no conservative should win anything, not one conservative initiative will pass, and this should be the shape of things to come in 06 and 08. I'm betting that this won't happen. And the MSM will not only not eat crow when there is not a Dem sweep today but come-up with some excuse as to why Dems did not sweep VA, TX, CA and NJ. Watch...I bet it will happen!


Greta Van Susteren Needs Her Own Station

Get Greta off of FOX now! Greta has not been a journalist since she left CNN. What she does from 10 - 11 PM EST M-F is regurge tabloid crap masked as investigative journalism. Greta is not investigating anything. What story has she broken that was not already picked up by AP or one of the other cable networks? I propose that someone start the Missing Person's Network. There , Greta and all the other people who need People can go and get their fill of 'what kind of tree Jennifer Wilbanks would be if she gets married!' It ain't news and what Greta does should be relegated to the WB along with Springer and Judge Joe Brown. Give us a break, Greta. I like you Greta, but FOX does not need ratings that bad!


Monday, November 07, 2005

Frying Cheese

You have to read this piece over at Pave France. Read the bit in the top section of their post about what the Frenchies said about the LA Riots in the 90s. Oh those French - they are so right all of the time, aren't they?


Friday, November 04, 2005

US Senate Rejects Alaska Oil Ban

Good. I'm glad the Senate rejected this eco-propaganda, chicken little sky-is-falling crap. W wants it. America needs it. The arguments from the left is that drilling in the ANWR would endanger birds, bears, and some moose thingy. Well, so flipping what. Put the animals in zoos where the belong and drill until there is no more oil to be found and let's get off the Saudi dime once and for bloody all. Don't people realize the best thing about animals is how they taste! Now let's see if the House of Reprehensibles has the guts to do the same thing as the Senate. Read more


St. Bernard Parish, LA - Katrina Update

Good friend and source in the gvt tells me the Corps of Engineers states that only four structures in St. Bernard Parish, LA can be salvaged after Hurrican Katrina. Did you read that? Four buildings can be salvaged. This is a number that I have a hard time comprehending. That means no schools, no hospitals, no fire or police stations, no McDonalds, no seafood - nothing is left. Before Katrina over 66K resided in St. Bernard Parish. This is just unbelievable.

More Katrina related news: Three New Orleans residents were arrested in Atlanta, GA for selling crack cocaine to undercover police officers. Nice going, fellas - way to 'represent' the Big Easy!

A job fair was held at Hanscom AFB outside Boston for over 5K New Orleans/Katrina evacuees. Guess how many showed up in the same hanger where they are temporarily housed to apply for jobs: 12! Way to represent!


Jeffrey MacDonald Seeking Parole

The MacDonald Case will be featured in an all-new hour long installment of 48 Hours Mysteries on Saturday, November 5, 2005 at 10 PM EST on CBS. Click here for more details on the program, entitled BLIND JUSTICE, Produced by Josh Gelman, and hosted by CBS correspondent Bill Lagattuta.

Fot those unfamiliar with this case, MacDonald was tried and convicted for the murder of his family at Ft Bragg, NC in 1970. He has been eligible for parole since the mid 90s, but has not sought his release probably for fear of admission of guilt or remorse which would invalidate his incessant claim of innocence. Still, this case has fascinated conspiracy wonks for decades. How CBS will treat this might be known form the tag line in the above link - The 1970 killings of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald's family remains one of America's most enduring murder mysteriesis. No it's not. Conspiracy wackos like those at CBS have kept this alive for over thirty years. MacDonald did it. He is in jail. It's not news. Let's face it, CBS never met a convict it thought was guilty (except maybe Michael Milliken)


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Is Paris Burning?

This is the question Hitler asked General Dietrich Von Choltitz as the allies approached the city in 1944. Well, Paris is burning and it's not by an occupying force. The torching of Paris is at the hands of its own people; a radical ethnic sub-culture that has benefited from years of lax immigration policies has been setting the City of Lights ablaze for six nights. Not much mention in the MSM about this (wonder why) Read


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

WMDs Found In Iraq

You might not want to pass this up. It's always good to be armed with information when you're talking to lefites. Richard Miniter has put together a list of what 'has' been discovered that the MSM and other myopic critics of the WOT routinely overlook. Here are a few items that prove WMDs were/are in Iraq:

Miniter adds, 'This is only a PARTIAL LIST of the horrific weapons verified to have been recovered in Iraq to date. Yet Americans overwhelmingly believe U.S. and coalition forces have found NO weapons of mass destruction.'

Should be worth the read to be informed.


Ann Coulter - It's Morning In America!

Since I made fun of Harriet 'Aunt Clara' Miers in the previous post, I need to make ammends. Click on the link to find a great article from Dame Ann Coulter...inspiring! Good Day!


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