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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Chanukahs Message To Americans

Link to the Democracy Project

Shema Israel


Thursday, December 22, 2005

New Years Resolutions

I will never make New Years resolutions.  No self respecting Republican would.  Resolutions are the kind of self effacing drivel for the Chicken Soup for the Soul weenies.  My moral and spiritual compass does not need adjusting every 12 months because I gained a few pounds or someone thinks I need to be nicer to animals or whatever the latest trend is.  Resolutions are for people who don’t get off their fat butts and do something with their lives – they are for losers and Oprah/Dr Phil wombats.  I need only apologize to my God (regularly performed Sundays at 11:30 am – and I pray a bunch too), Wife/Children, Dr. and Accountant.  

Therefore, I resolve to do and change absolutely nothing in 2006.  Who needs resolutions when you’re a God-fearing, ultra-right-wing, hetero, gun-owning, self educated (MS, MBA), voting, ex-pro-military, anti-left, 6’0”- 210 lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal Reagan Republican with a fantastic TCR (Top Credit Rating) and great big flppin wads of cash invested and diversified so I can send all my children to college (even though they will all go to UF or the Naval Academy on full-rides)?

Maslow be damned…I don’t need no stinking resolutions!


Monday, December 19, 2005

A Second Amendment Christmas Greeting



Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Conservative Wish List For Christmas

Dear Santa,

Although I think you’re a Democrat since all you do is give stuff that someone made to other people for nothing, I still think you’re neat and look great on a Coke can, which is the only place you should be seen in public. So here goes my wish list for this year:
Your Pal, CR.

Merry Christmas

All my ‘wish fors’ above make me what kind of conservative? Absolutely out of my mind? Good! Ideology be damned - all conservatives, no matter what stripe, tilt, bent should unite in the fight for some of the things in my wish list since it is these principles (save some of the sillier ones) plus the multifarious ones I have omitted, that the left attacks us with 24/7/365. NeoCon/PaleoCon. Phooey! When you look at the left and what it stands for, does it matter? Nope!



Sen. Charles Grassley and the Barrett Report

This is the latest from the Evans and Novak Political Report:

Barrett Report: Democrats have their own scandal brewing at the moment, but they are doing much better in covering it up than their Republican counterparts. At issue is the report by David Barrett, the last remaining U.S. independent counsel. Over ten years, Barrett has spent $21 million on the investigation of former Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros, who lied to FBI investigators about hush money paid to an ex-mistress.

The reason the report and the investigation have taken so long is that allies to Cisneros and the legal team of former President Bill Clinton at the powerhouse Washington law firm of Williams and Connolly have fought its progress in court at every step. Meanwhile, Clinton-sympathetic judges have sealed everything concerned with the case, including Barrett's report.

The report contains shocking allegations of high-level corruption in the Internal Revenue Service and Justice Department under Clinton, which Barrett found as Clinton aides monitored his investigation and sought to derail it in order to cover up the Cisneros matter. A regional IRS official had formulated a new rule enabling him to transfer an investigation of Cisneros to Washington to be buried by the Justice Department. Barrett's investigators found Lee Radek, head of Justice's public integrity division, determined to protect President Bill Clinton.

A recently passed appropriations bill, intended to permit release of this report, was altered by Democrats behind closed doors to ensure that its politically combustible elements never see the light of day. Democrats succeeded in inserting instructions into the bill's conference report that are very broad and will allow judges to continue suppressing the report. Three of the toughest Democrats in Congress -- Sen. Carl Levin, Sen. Byron Dorgan and Rep. Henry Waxman -- have been behind the effort to suppress, and they have done it effectively. The final language authorized the judges "to protect the rights of any individual named" in the report. With two out of three judges on a three-judge panel inclined to the Democrats, that means hardly anything out of Barrett's allegations will remain in the report made public. The bill was passed by Congress Nov. 18 and signed into law Nov. 30.

The only hope for the public seeing the report lies with Senate Finance Chairman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), who may still try to force its release. Grassley would love to see a thorough investigation of the tax agency. Otherwise, Republican Congressional sources expect Section B of the report, dealing with the allegations of IRS-Justice corruption, to be eliminated in its entirety. The rest of the report will be so heavily redacted to obey the new Congressional language that it will be of scant interest to either ordinary citizen or legislator.

Please release this report Sen Grassley. Since all we hear about is how corrupt Republicans are, it’s nice to see the legacy of the Clinton’s still evolving.


Monday, December 12, 2005

Abraham Lincoln Was Right

Thanks to PBS Watch for this picture. Get over to that site. It's a great watchdog on the media and how your tax dollars are spent in the name of broadcasting for the public.

And Michael Reagan is Right!


Female Soldier Making History In Iraq

There is a link to 'Live in Iraq' on my site. If you have not visited it, please do. Like many mil sites, there is some truly amazing and inspiring posts. Click on this link and scroll down until you reach the title of this post to read this story of another great American. This is a wonderful story.


Conservative Tour of DC

I have the great fortune to be on a long term project in our nation’s capital. I will be able to see the city and the federal area unlike ever before – getting to sites during extended holiday hours and arranging my schedule to avoid the flux of visitors during heavier travel seasons. Of all the benefits of being in DC, I can embark on sojourns to see sites not typically listed in ‘Duck Tours’ or the ‘Fromers Guides.’ Here is a list of must see conservative sites in DC I lifted from John Miller’s article Aug 8, 2005 NRO:

The Edmund Burke Statue
Alger Hiss’ Home – Georgetown
Joe McCarthy’s House
Se Robert Taft Carillion
Barry Goldwater’s Residence
The Reagan Shooting Site
Victims of Communism Memorial
Where Lincoln Prayed
Democrat Scandal Sites

I especially want to see the Victims of Communism Memorial. It is still not complete, but according to Miller, 'the current plan calls for a 10-foot-tall bronze statue based on the "Goddess of Liberty" figure erected by the martyred Chinese students of Tiananmen Square.’ How inspiring will that be to see this magnificent statue to the over 100 million men, women and children who died under the various forms of communism throughout the world? If you have the means, try a challenge grant to make this statue a reality. I can't wait to begin my tour.


Friday, December 09, 2005

The Complete Military History of France

Submitted by 101st LRRP friend: ***Please note you may critisize this oversimplified French history all you wish, blaming or threatening the site owner (me) is not nice. We are still accepting submissions from any history researchers.

- Gallic Wars- Lost. In a war whose ending foreshadows the next 2000 years of French history, France is conquered by of all things, an Italian.

- Moors in Spain, late 700s-early 800s.Even with Charlemagne leading them against an enemy living in a hostile land, French are unable to make much progress. Hide behind Pyrennes until the modern day.

- Norse invasions, 841-911.After having their way with the French for 70 years, the Norse are bribed by a French King named Charles the Simple (really!) who gave them Normandy in return for peace. Normans proceed to become just about the only positive military bonus in France's [favour] for next 500 years.

- Hundred Years War- Mostly lost, saved at last by female schizophrenic who inadvertently creates The First Rule of French Warfare; "France's armies are victorious only when not led by a Frenchman." Sainted.

- Italian Wars- Lost. France becomes the first and only country to ever lose two wars when fighting Italians.

- Wars of Religion- France goes 0-5-4 against the Huguenots

- Thirty Years War- France is technically not a participant, but manages to get invaded anyway. Claims a tie on the basis that eventually the other participants started ignoring her.

- War of Revolution- Tied. Frenchmen take to wearing red flowerpots as chapeaux.

- The Dutch War- Tied

- War of the Augsburg League/King William's War/French and Indian War- Lost, but claimed as a tie. Three ties in a row induces deluded Frogophiles the world over to label the period as the height of French military power.

- War of the Spanish Succession- Lost. The War also gave the French their first taste of a Marlborough, which they have loved every since.

- Seven year War 1756-1763Lost: after getting hammered by Frederick the Great of Prussia (yep, the Germans again) at Rossbach, the French were held off for the remainder of the War by Frederick of Brunswick and a hodge-podge army including some Brits. War also saw France kicked out of Canada (Wolfe at Quebec) and India (Clive at Plassey).

- American Revolution- In a move that will become quite familiar to future Americans, France claims a win even though the English colonists saw far more action. This is later known as "de Gaulle Syndrome", and leads to the Second Rule of French Warfare; "France only wins when America does most of the fighting."

- Haiti, 1791-1804.French defeated by rebellion after sacrificing 4,000 Poles to yellow fever. Shows another rule of French warfare; when in doubt, send an ally.

- India, 1673-1813.British were far more charming then French, ended up victors. Therefore the British are well known for their tea, and the French for their whine (er, wine...). Ensures 200 years of bad teeth in England.

- French Revolution- Won, primarily due the fact that the opponent was also French.

- 1798-1801, Quasi-War with U.S.French privateers (semi-legal pirates) attack U.S. shipping. U.S. fights France at sea for 3 years; French eventually cave; sets precedent for next 200 years of Franco-American relations.

- The Napoleonic Wars- Lost. Temporary victories (remember the First Rule!) due to leadership of a Corsican, who ended up being no match for a British footwear designer. Should be noted that the Grand Armee was largely (~%50) composed of non-Frenchmen after 1804 or so. Mainly disgruntled minorities and anti-monarchists. Not surprisingly, these performed better than the French on many occasions.

- Barbary Wars, middle ages-1830.Pirates in North Africa continually harass European shipping in Meditteranean. France's solution: pay them to leave us alone. America's solution: kick their asses ("the Shores of Tripoli"). [America's] first overseas victories, won 1801-1815.

- Mexico, 1863-1864.France attempts to take advantage of Mexico's weakness following its thorough thrashing by the U.S. 20 years earlier ("Halls of Montezuma"). Not surprisingly, the only unit to distinguish itself is the French Foreign Legion (consisting of, by definition, non-Frenchmen). Booted out of the country a little over a year after arrival.

- The Franco-Prussian War- Lost. Germany first plays the role of drunk Frat boy to France's ugly girl home alone on a Saturday night.

- Panama jungles 1881-1890.No one but nature to fight, France still loses; canal is eventually built by the U.S. 1904-1914.

- World War I- Tied and on the way to losing, France is saved by the United States. Thousands of French women find out what it's like to not only sleep with a winner, but one who doesn't call her "Fraulein." Sadly, widespread use of condoms by American forces forestalls any improvement in the French bloodline.

- World War II- Lost. Conquered French liberated by the United States and Britain just as they finish learning the Horst Wessel Song.

- War in Indochina- Lost. French forces plead sickness; take to bed with the Dien Bien Flu

- Algerian Rebellion- Lost. Loss marks the first defeat of a western army by a Non-Turkic Muslim force since the Crusades, and produces the First Rule of Muslim Warfare; "We can always beat the French." This rule is identical to the First Rules of the Italians, Russians, Germans, English, Dutch, Spanish, Vietnamese and Esquimaux. The French consider the departure of the French from Algeria in 1962-63, after 130 years on colonialism, as a French victory and especially consider C. de Gaulle as a hero for 'leading' said victory over the unwilling French public who were very much against the departure. This ended their colonialism. About 2 million ungrateful Algerians lost their lives in this shoddy affair.

- War on Terrorism- France, keeping in mind its recent history, surrenders to Germans and Muslims just to be safe. Attempts to surrender to Vietnamese ambassador fail after he takes refuge in a McDonald's.The question for any country silly enough to count on the French should not be "Can we count on the French?", but rather "How long until France collapses?""Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without an accordion. All you do is leave behind a lot of noisy baggage."Or, better still, the quote from last week's Wall Street Journal: "They're there when they need you."

French-on-French losses (probably should be counted as victories too, just to be fair):
1208: Albigenses Crusade, French massacared by French.When asked how to differentiate a heretic from the faithful, response was "Kill them all. God will know His own." Lesson: French are badasses when fighting unarmed men, women and children.

St. Bartholomew Day Massacre, August 24, 1572.Once again, French-on-French slaughter.

Third Crusade.Philip Augustus of France throws hissy-fit, leaves Crusade for Richard the Lion Heart to finish.

Seventh Crusade.St. Louis of France leads Crusade to Egypt. Resoundingly crushed.

[Eighth] Crusade.St. Louis back in action, this time in Tunis. See Seventh Crusade.

Also should be noted that France attempted to hide behind the Maginot line, sticking their head in the sand and pretending that the Germans would enter France that way. By doing so, the Germans would have been breaking with their traditional route of invading France, entering through Belgium (Napoleonic Wars, Franco-Prussian War, World War I, etc.). French ignored this though, and put all their effort into these defenses.

Didn't Patton say he'd rather have a German Division in front of him than a French Division behind him?


Thursday, December 08, 2005

And Now, From Nazareth...The Amazing! A Lost Bible Passage Discovered

From Brit Skits at http://brit_skits.tripod.com/BritSkits.html
Feel free to distribute, but be sure to credit me and visit my site.
And Now, From Nazareth, The Amazing...: From Rowan Atkinson: LIVE
[Setting: Inside a Church. Rowan is standing at a podium, in a priest's robe and scarf. A little organ fanfare plays as he walks to the podium]

And on the third day, there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee. And it came to pass that all the wine was drunk. And the mother of Jesus said unto the Lord, "They have no more wine". And Jesus saidunto the servants "Fill six water pots with water." And they did so. And when the steward of the feast did taste of the water from the pots, it had become wine. And they knew not whence it had come. But the servants did. And they applauded loudly in the kitchen.

And they said unto the Lord, "How the Hell did you do that"?!?! And inquired of him, "Do you do Children's parties"? And the Lord said, "No".But the servants did press him, saying "Go on. Give us another one." And so he brought forth a carrot. And said "Behold this, for it is a carrot". And all about him knew that it was so. For it was Orange. With a Green Top. And he did place a large red cloth over the carrot and then removed it. And lo, he held in his hand...a white rabbit. And all were amazed and said "This guy is really good! He should turn professional!"

And they brought Him, on a stretcher, a man who was sick of the palsy. And they cried unto him, "Maestro, this man is sick of the palsy". And the Lord said "If I had to spend my whole life on a stretcher, I'D be pretty sick of the palsy too!" And they were filled joy and cried out, "Lord, thy one-liners are as good as thy tricks. Thou art indeed an all-round family entertainer".

And there came unto him a woman called Mary, who had seen the Lord and believed. And Jesus said unto her "Put on a tuton and lie down in thisbox". And took he forth a sword, and cleft her in twain. And there wasmuch wailing and gnashing of teeth. But Jesus said, "Oh ye of little faith". And he threw open the box, and lo, Mary was whole. And the crowd went absolutely Bananas. And Jesus and Mary took a big bow. And he said unto her "From now on, you shall be known as Trixie. For that is a good name for an assistant".

And the people said unto him "We have never seen anything like this. You shouldn't be wasting your time in a one-camel town like Cana. You should be playing the big arenas in Jerusalem." And Jesus did harkenunto their words. And he did go unto Jerusalem. And he did his full act.Before the scribes and the Pharisees and the Romans. But alas, it did not please them in their hearts. In fact, they absolutely crucified him.

Here ends the lesson.


What The Arab World Thinks

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

This is graphic, and I think you should each watch it and tell your friends. Click on the websites, either one (they are the same)
Subject: FW: from the horse's mouth

This is a discussion of the attitudes of Arabs towards the Western idea of peace and tranquility and civilization. Written by an Arab, not some think-tanker who thinks he/she might know what's going on. This is what we face; this is how we are viewed.
Torture is accepted and even expected in the Arab world. Yes, I know what you're thinking-that's not politically correct in most mainstream media. And you know some nice Arabs who have immigrated to America. But it's the truth in the Arab world. Might makes right. Real men don't eat quiche. They prove their manhood by the way they treat their enemy. After all it's what Muhammad did to the nonbelievers - Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians in the Quoran - the 'holy book' allegedly mishandled in Guantanamo prison.

Arab Muslim men gain honor by shaming, belittling, abusing and torturing their enemy in the most horrific ways. Just look at how the Palestinians treat so-called collaborators by disemboweling them and hanging them upside down in Manger Square in Bethlehem. Look at the terrorist torture chambers that the coalition forces recently uncovered in Iraq.
When people refer to the prisons of Saddam Hussein and his regime they think he is the extreme exception. Not! The t! ruth is his torture tactics are quite the norm in the Arab world. If you want to see torture that is beyond what any Westerner can ever imagine please go to ( http://www.masada2000.org/impalement.asx
<http://www.masada2000.org/impalement.asx> )

Yes, you read it right, impalement. You'll get a glimpse of what the Arabs do to their own people.
As someone who came from the Arab world and knows how they think, it frustrates me to see self-appointed righteous minded politicians and media pundits oblivious to Arabic culture and thinking, criticizing America's actions at Guantanamo. These are a bunch of al Qaeda jihadists who were captured while bent on killing us - the kaffirs or 'unbelievers. They lau gh watching our government bend over backwards, forwards and sideways trying to appease the critics. The more we stumble over ourselves questioning our goals and tactics, the more they think we are weak and easy to defeat.

They smirk because they believe that Americans have demonstrated how stupid and weak they are by caving in to stories about maltreatment of Guantanamo detainees. They are watching our critics in this country and counting on them to embolden the radical Islamic cause and weaken our resolve.

Actually Gitmo is a joke as far as the Arabs are concerned. Prison? You call that a prison? Let me tell you what some of the prisoners call Guantanamo, "Al muntazah al-dini lilmujaheden al Muslimin," The Religious Resort for Islamic Militants. They are given three halal meals a day in accordance to their religious dictates. How man! y kosher prisons are there in the Arabic world? None. Jews captured in the Arab world are butchered like those obscene pictures taken in Ramallah during the frenzied slaughter of two Israeli reservists who got lost. Remember the Palestinian man holding his red, Jewish blood dripping hands, high above his head in victory? Remember Nick Berg's head being held high also?

Most of these detainees never had three meals a day in their entire life. They are gaining weight, and are living in what they refer to in Arabic as "Al-Jannah," paradise. They have radio, television, soccer games, air-conditioning, clean clothes, servants, meaning American GIs, who wait on them hand and foot. They have Islamic chaplains and handed Qu'rans, the social hate guide against Infidels, by people so concerned as not to offend that they wear latex gloves and carry the book with two hands.

Many Muslims in the Middle East would gladly give up their poverty, dictatorial governments, corrupt! leaders and social bondage to enjoy the relative luxuries Guantanamo offers. They have free medical care, better than millions of uninsured Americans and our military men and women serving on the jihadists' battlefield. Some of them who couldn't afford to see an optometrist now have glasses and can see and read their Qu'ran. Others who never had the opportunity to see a dentist now have a free dental plan. It has become such a joke; we even stop interrogations to let them take prayer breaks demanded by their religion.

As an Arab, I can tell you that Illinois Democratic Senator Richard Durbin is aiding and abetting the goals and strategy of Islamic jihadists who have declared war on the United States. Where was Durbin's comparison to the Nazis when we found the torture chambers in Iraq? Where was Durbin's comparison to Soviet gulags when we found the hundreds of thousands of bodies in Saddam's mass graves?

Where was Durbin's head when he compared prisoners captured on the field of battle to the internment of Japanese American civilians during WWII? OK, apologize to unarmed citizens, not fighters with weapons in their hands.

Where was Durbin when he compared Gitmo and Abu Ghraib to the industry of death that murdered 6 million Jewish men, women and children during WWII? If anything his heart and mind were in the jihadists terrorists' camp. If you see what story is being downloaded and shared by viewers of the al Jazeera web site you will find the story on Durbin's comments the winner.

If I were an Islamic terrorist I would be thanking Durbin and forwarding his views to all my fellow fanatics. His reckless comments fuel the fanatic frenzied jihadists, motivating them to blow themselves up in the midst of innocent civilians, savagely cut the heads of helpless hostage! s and devote themselves to killing the infidel who could be your neigh bor stationed in Iraq. Just like the Quran says they should.

Dick Durbin is an unwitting champion of Islamic radical fundamentalists. His comments should be known from this day forward as a "Durbinization" of the facts. To demonize something grossly out of proportion to what the enemy is doing is to Durbinize.

Gitmo and Abu Ghraib have been Durbinized and the Arab world loves it. They laugh at Durbin because he's supporting their belief in the destruction of our country and civilization. The shame is Durbin doesn't have a clue as to what he's done. As far as he's concerned, he did the right thing for the Islamic radical detainees living high on the proverbial hog in Gitmo. What he really did was made them laugh.

Laugh at us for being fools and not real men. Now it's time to see if the voters in Illinois and his fellow members of Congress are men and women enough to tell the Moslem world Durbin isn't our real man.
Brigitte Gabriel is the former news anchor of World News for Middle East television, and now a Contributing Editor of FamilySecurityMatters.com and the founder of AmericanCongressforTruth


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Howard Stern on The O'Reilly Factor Wed 8 PM EST

I can't wait for this. I love Howard Stern. Sure he's not a friend of the right many times, but this guy is funny. Because of work I will have to watch the 11 PM broadcast of The Factor. It should be fun! Tune in if you can. Analysis to follow!


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