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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Difference Between Israel And Its Enemies

Got this at American And Proud Of It!

If you liked that cartoon, have you ever read Michael Yon?

Here is his take on the Jihad madness. This is a good read:

Thanks for the HT bud,
That is a good read.
Pass his site to any and all that are interested in real journalism coming from the Mid-East, esp. Iraq.
Great cartoon. It hits it dead-on.
Shouldn't the pram infront of the hibullah terrorist be blown to bits with bits of other prams laying about all over the place while the Israeli guy just shruggs?
Hi friend!..long time no see...thanks for the visit at my site..come more often y'hear!..:)
Lucy, Lucy, Lucy...please. You know that the main tactic of the terrorist is to blend in with the locals to hide himself since he knows that the Israeli's are less likely to go after civilian targets.

Do the Israeli's go after civilian tagets? Yes. Is it doctrinal, SOP? No. That is the difference. And you have to acknowledge that if you have studied anything about terrorists urban warfare tactics.

Wake Up!
Shows the real difference.
Go Israel!
Lucy: Knock it off. The Palestinians are terrorists who have no right to that land other than "finder's keepers."

Great cartoon.
"Foreign Office minister Kim Howells Speaking in Beirut, Mr. Howells said: "I very much hope that the Americans understand what's happening to Lebanon.

The destruction of the infrastructure, the death of so many children and so many people. These have not been surgical strikes.

And it's very difficult, I think, to understand the kind of military tactics that have been used.

You know, if they're chasing Hezbollah, then go for Hezbollah. You don't go for the entire Lebanese nation." http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/5205658.stm
Since it seems that you support the Hez'bollocks, then maybe you should study their terror tactics.

Do you know that the Hezzies are using the homes of non-terrorists to store thier weapons?

Do you know that the Hezzies are using the homes of non-terrorists to fire weapons and rockets into Israel?

Did you know that the Hezzies were using the UN Outpost as a cover to launch rockets into Israel, assuming that Israel would not respond since it was a UN Outpost.

So how do you try and kill a bad guy when the bad guy hides behind a non-terrorist (and it must be accepted that there is sympathy for the Hezzies in the houses of non-terrorists)?

You kill the bad guy where he/she is. You extinguish his ability to wage terror. And if a few non-terrorists get killed, oh well.

Next time the IAF can drop leaflets telling the Lebbs to stay in thier houses, we are not going to shell you...

Take another look at the cartoon, sweeite.

It seems your buddies are on the left side, like your politics, and the good guys are always on the right.

Shema Israel!
...Just stopped by your blog and I read your explanation as to why you do not allow comments on your site.

You state, 'I really don't care what the opposition has to say...so what would be the point? I said think of me as a televangelist, I'm just spreading the word about the corrupt Bush Klan. It's my duty as a good American, more importantly as a moral human being to speak -out against policies that have been harmful to our country and disastrous around the world.'

Those are words from your own site.

Yet, it seems fitting and proper for you to comment on someone elses blog but not your won.

Uhm. You should allow comments on your site. You really should. It would make your readers more willing to visit and you would be able to stand behind your thouhgts and defend your position like I do.

If you are as passionate about spreading the word of the corrupt Bush Klan, then stand-up for your self and stand behind your arguments.

Or can you take what you dish out on other people's blogs?
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