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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Why Israel Must Live

Israel must live because so many people want it to die. Here in the US, Europe and every rag-head with delusions of virgins in heaven, millions would like nothing better than if every Jew in Israel was pushed into the Mediterranean.

If Israel dies, we in the West die, metaphorically speaking. Why? Besides the quick and easy realization that losing Israel means our only ally in that region is obliterated and replaced with some neo-Fascist-Islamic banana republic, but its loss also means that one pillar of Western Civilization has been wiped clean from the earth.

Israel is alive, breathing and thriving in the face of an ideological enemy that borders all sides of this tiny nation. Judaism, unlike modern Christianity, permeates the people, culture, and politics of that nation. It is the most religious nation of all religious nations. And unlike the religion and politics of its enemies, there is nothing in the Talmud or the Constitution of Israel that calls for the destruction of its enemies. We in the West must do everything we can to support Israel no matter what the cost in lives, money and world opinion.

Anti-Zionist apologists like Richard Ben Cramer cite the occupation of Palestinian land as the sole reason why Arafat hung on for all those years and why suicide bombers blow the arms and legs off of innocent civilians. Bollocks! Cramer claims that the subjugation of Palestinians in its 37 year occupation of their land (well, that land did not belong to Palestine since Palestine did not exist in 1947 – QED Israel is not a squatter tribe that stole land from a country since that country did not exist). Cramer speaks for many left of the left Israelis and laments in anguishing apologia that the soul of Israel is lost, that there are factions that loathe the IDF and that three decades of war have torn apart the social, cultural and economic fabric of the most robust race of people on the planet.

The soul of David is alive in the people who bear witness to the untold generational suffering of realpolitik social engineering and genocide that occurred from Vladivostok to Paris for over five hundred years. Some of what Cramer and the legions of Israeli detractors say may be true. But one salient fact remains that Cramer and others causally dismiss – the destruction of Israel as a nation and its people as a race is the aim of most of the Arab world. From this single point, Israel has the right to its own manifest destiny.

Zionism is not racism. Zionism is not criminal. Zionism is a metaphoric slap in the face to anyone who has forgotten what mans inhumanity to man represents. My God, has the world forgotten what happened to the millions of innocent Jews, Gypsies, and other undesirables in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany? The fact that Israel exists as a nation is that the world said, ‘Never Again.’ And right now, the US and the world needs to support those in this little nation that are fighting for that ideal.

Shema Israel!

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