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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Duane 'Dog' Chapman - The Bounty Hunter

I am a big fan of the 'Dog.' Ever since he nailed the heir to all that Max Factor money in Mexico, I have watched his show on A&E any chance I get.

Funny, John Gibson at Fox has a story about the Dog when he did an interview with correspondent, Jane Skinner. Here is the link.

What's amazing about the Dog is that he nails these guys and girls with no weapons. What I find interesting about the Dog is that he gets into the psyche of the felons he goes after and uses their MOs to 'hook and book' them.

The Dog states, "I've captured over 7,000 fugitives and maybe it's because I know how they think. I mean, if I wouldn't have been doing what I'm doing, there's 7,000 people who would have gotten away and how many victims would they leave behind?" And if you've seen his show, there are great messages about faith and family mixed into what he does as a profession.

If you have not seen this show, give it a look. As Jane Skinner adroitly stated, "...some have called it a cross between "COPS" and "The Osbournes" and a little bit of "WWF" thrown in"

The Dog is much more entertaining than COPS and the WWF. Watch it, Bra!

The dog is the man, bra! For a family show, it's not exactly June, Ward and the Beaver but they've obviously worked through some adversity in their lives and come out ok....albeit a little "intense".

You're right about the messages of family and faith. I can't say if they're genuine but he's gotten emotinal to the point of tears a few times on the show and he really seems to care about what he does and also about helping those he nabs.

Two thumbs up!
It's a great show...thanks for the visit. Loved the stuff you did about Disney! I worked there for many years and I know what you mean about the good, bad, and the ugly parenting!

Keep The Faith, Bra!
I've only seen a few minutes of the show - but what I saw I loved. This guy is a trip. I love him. I wish I had more time to actually WATCH shows that I like. Someday...
I love Dog too. He has a good instinct for separating people who are genuinely hammered by events but willing to keep trying from the one's who shuck and jive. He's pretty cool with the former and it's a pleasure to see him haul off the latter while being impervious to their sniveling.

Does sniveling have one "l" or two?
Does not matter...it still spells 'loser' Thanks Col. B!
The Dog is a solid front-runner for the front of the Wheaties box. America's children are far better served staring at a real dude like the Dog who has put his Wheaties consumption to good use. PM
Maybe we should send him after Osama.

THAT would be must see TV!! :)
Great show! I'm glad to see The Dog is becoming popular. He's that one-in-a-million guy who not only turned his life around (he's an ex-con), but used his negative experiences to help others and make America a better place.
The Dog has nailed over 7K people...drugs, rape, larceny, etc. That is a lot of people. I like how he talks to these guys on the way to jail. But what we don't see are some of the more hardcore people who are not too nice about getting bitten by the Dog. Sounds like a vide he could sell! I'd watch it!
I like the show too,

surprised you all like him as he:
1. Does not relish weapon use
2. Does not relish killing that there ay-rhabs and Islamofascists.

Oops, that's right, he does have a picture of your Leader behind his desk!!!!!
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