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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Islam Will Dominate Update

I had to pass this on...

Everyone is blogging about the wave of violence in the Muslim world. But I wanted to highlight some of the best comments I have received about this evolving and dangerous sitation. Here goes:

Like hell they will!!! ERRRRRRRR!!!
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Amen...keep peepin them is all i hafta say...anyone who is afraid of bein spied..well the exit ramp is over there ____________>..dont let the napalm hit u onna way out.
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Page down to the bottom of the page, where the post begins. The top of the page is blank.Look for the video link in the first paragraph.
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Mike's America

Amen! I think the dems are just digging deeper and deeper by harping on the 'wiretaps' when everyone is watching these riots. I think most people are irritated that they put their own political agendas above the well-being of the country.
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This response below is the one that everyone should read and remember!

I heard a Mullah or Iman or whatever interviewed a while ago on CNN (of all things!). Even the CNN reporter was getting irritated with him.When asked why the Muslim leaders were more upset over these cartoons than suicide bombers, beheadings, rioting, fire-setting, murders, etc., he just evaded the question. Even the CNN reporter confronted him about not answering the questions.But the most intersting thing was that when the reporter asked him what he felt needed to happen so that Muslims and the west could live together, he replied that we needed to accept their religion.Regardless of how the reporter asked the question, he replied that submitting to Islam was the only way we can live in peace.I've heard other Muslim leaders say the same thing.We need to hear that - that's what they are saying and what they believe. They want us to submit to them. That ain't gonna happen.
posted by Beth

It is SO not going to happen. They don't understand who they are dealing with, do they? They think that what issues forth from The Department of State is representative of where the American people stand. Wrongo.
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Thanks everyone. This has been a great exchange of thoughts and one we all need to remember!

nice to know someone reads their comments..lolz..ure welcome and keep the great posts coming!
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