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Monday, February 06, 2006

It's The Message Stupid!

Wow...another 2 million jobs added to the economy by 12/06. Look at the latest figures from the CBO in Larry Kudlow's article in NRO.

Larry's right: It's The Message Stupid. Why isn't The White House shouting these figures on air and hurling these massive gains to the public? This is where the White House needs a Lee Atwater. In fact, this is where we need to take a page from our friends from across the aisle. The Clintonistas were masters at media manipulation, save the fact that the media welcomed any piece of information that advanced its leftist causes. The Clinton information machine pumped out mountains of press releases about anything it did, any photo op, any airtime it could squeeze...and it worked wonders in public perception.

So why don't the Bush Admin's press folks do the same thing?

Look at it this way: We had 9/11, and the economy kept moving. We are in a billion dollar a day war, and the economy keeps moving. Our 24th largest city and the Gulf Coast were wiped of the map, and the economy keeps moving. The House of Reprehensibles spends money like drunken sailors on Bangkok shore leave, and the economy keeps moving. The resilience of our economy is amazing.

So why not get on the air and print media and say so! I just don’t get it.

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