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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

US Government: More Trusted Than Media

(Hat Tip - Peer Review - FL)

I never heard this or saw this in the MSM, Fox, Rush, etc., but it seems people trust the gvt more than the media. How scary is this? Read:

"I normally don't put much faith in polls, but Globescan, a London-based research firm released a poll yesterday shows that Americans trust the US Government more than it does the media. The poll, surveying 10,230 people in 10 countries found that 67% of Americans trust the government while only 59% trust the media.

Isn't it fascinating that while the MSM continues to tell us that nobody likes the President and that you can't trust this administration on anything that the majority still has faith in our government, more-so than the sources telling them not to? Make of it what you will.

The US and the UK were the only countries surveyed where the government was viewed as more trustworthy than the media.

The poll also showed that one in four (28%) reported abandoning a news source over the last year after losing trust in its content.

The most trusted specific news sources mentioned without prompting were FOX News (mentioned by 11%) and CNN (11%).

Also, blogs are the least trusted news source (25% vs 23%) – with one in two unable to say whether they trusted them. Understandable, there are alot of crazies out there on the Interweb. But know, you skeptics, that there is at least one safe-haven for truth, right here at Peer Review, where we are unashamed to call it like it is.

Oh yeah, Michelle Malkin is pretty good too."

Great post and blog!!!
I did a short read on this post at my site... linking it back here.
Hope you don’t mind... I added your site to my Blogroll too.
Take care for now...
Americans trust government more than media
Fox News, CNN score high marks, with Big 3 networks, N.Y. Times among lowest

I've had this sitting on my que for a long time, but haven't put out a "Death of the Old Media" post since April.
Did you see this one on the New Media?

Murdoch to Old Media: 'Adapt' or 'fail and fall'
News Corp. founder says: 'Power moving away from elite editors'

Murdoch Hails 'Empire of New Knowledge'
Comparing today's Internet pioneers with explorers such as Christopher Columbus, Rupert
Murdoch hailed the arrival of a "second great age of discovery"
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