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Friday, April 28, 2006

Flight 93 Movie - All Networks/All The Time

Flight 93 hits the movie theaters this weekend. Anyone who debates if this movie should be shown should consider the following points:

The Kennedy Assassination – Probably the most played video and analyzed story of the last forty years. There is not one week that goes by without something on the tele about JFK. Whether it’s the scenes of the motorcade in Dallas or the incessant oblations to Camelot and Jackie’s wardrobe, the Kennedy’s get more coverage than any President since JFK was actually in office. In fact, do a Google Search on the word ‘assassination.’ What did you find? The second, third and seventh hits I got were about...guess who? JFK. And I only did a search on the word, not the person!

Viet Nam – Since we are at war, how many comparisons and parallels are being drawn by the press to Viet Nam? Tons! From politicians to the complicitous media, Viet Nam ranks high in over exposure on regular and cable television.

Watergate – Probably a tie with Viet Nam in the amount of attention the press continues to give this bungled 3rd rate break-in to DNC Offices in DC.

9/11 – How many times have you seen the images of the Twin Towers collapsing or the hole in the Pentagon from the other hijacked plane in the last four years? Not many. Why? Unlike the three events above, 9/11 as an event, makes for ‘bad press’ in the press. You see, the lefties that control the papers and the airwaves can’t show images of 9/11 since what happened on that date is the justification used to destroy the tally-wackers in Afghaninstan and it's the reason we used to liberate Iraq. And certainly the press would not use those images to remind Americans about the cause of our war on terror since it shatters its anti-war, anti-Bush agenda.

I say show the new Flight 93 film on television as soon as possible. Pipe it into every HS and college class. Show it on all the major networks and the cable stations. Show it 24/7 from now until our military finds and kills Bin Laden.

I say show all, and I mean all the images of 9/11 to Americans any time some pacifist dope smokin peace queer says, 'Bush Lied-People Died', 'No WMDs', 'Wrong War/Wrong Place/Wrong Time', 'Quagmire.'

The Press wants us to forget why we are fighting!

The movie was cleared by the families of flight 93. We need heroes.
Absolutely...this needs to be shown to everyone, everywhere as soon as possible.

How about put it on PBS? There, it's free! Thonk the 'I Hate America' crowd at PBS would ever put a movie like this up for viewing. Nope!
Thanks for your comments on my site, the roundup was a lot of work, but the diversity of opinion even amonst thos who liked the film was my insipation.
Is there anyone on the left actually saying that this shouldn't be shown? I personally don't want to see it but not because I think there is something wrong with the film. But I haven't heard anyone suggesting that it should not be shown so I'm curious where this is coming from.
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