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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What If You Were Karl Rove For A Day!

W’s poll numbers are low. Admittedly, there are numerous reasons why this is happening. Not the least of which is the penchant of this administration to perform no damage control, not lead like conservatives should, and to spend money like drunken sailors on Bangkok shore leave (I use this quip quite a bit, but it still works). Add to this, the continuous attacks on this President by every nut-job person on the left and the MSM, what we are seeing are poll numbers of abysmal proportion.

Let’s speculate for a minute. What if you had five minutes to talk to W? What if you were an advisor to the President and he called you into the Oval Office and said, “Guys and Gals, we (Republicans) are in big trouble. Our poll numbers are way down and we have a mid-term election coming up in a few months, not to mention 2008 is already here. I need advice. Give me ideas of what we can do immediately to get our numbers back-up.’

So if you were Karl Rove for day, what would you tell the President? I have ideas, but I want this to be an open discussion.

What say you?

If I were Karl Rove for a day, I'd immediately run to the nearest temple, church or mosque and tearfully repent and I'd encourage Bush to do the same.

Then, I'd come clean on all the illegal and immoral acts I'd done, ask forgiveness and step down from office.

Then, I'd go take a shower and try to clean the filth off me.
It’s infallible!

Thanks Danny Boy for proving my point – when you want to talk to liberals openly and honestly, they just can’t stay away from comments like this. Besides not answering the question with actual advice for boosting the Administration’s performance in the eyes of the public, all you could come up with is filth, immorality, illegality and a bath. Filth from what, immoral how, and what illegalities? (Obviously I am opening myself up for you to respond to all of this.) But, you’ve already prosecuted and convicted without due process; or is that a by-product of low poll ratings? I think it is, actually. But that speaks to the question of the post: what advice would you give W to improve ratings and public perception. I thought your conviction (and I think profession – aren’t you a FT Minister?) would preclude you from such vitriol. If I am wrong, would you apply this same standard to all politicians, left and right? And if so, there are legions of others who need to take a bath, correct?

So please tell us all who else we need to turn the hoses on. And you beter name some of your buddies on the left if you have any shred of objectivity.

Get the soap ready. Danny is going to tell us who needs a washing!
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