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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Za...Za...Za (Go, Go, Go)...Opps...Wait A Minute!

Why in the name of God would the Israeli Cabinet slow down the offensive against Hezbollah?

Perhaps the Israeli Cabinet is confident that the IAF can conclude the destruction of Hezbollah within a few weeks, succumbing to internal political pressure from within it parties on a comprehensive strategy to deal with terror not involving a deeper push into Lebannon.

Nothing but the utter destruction of Hezbollah is the answer. And it seems that the Israeli Cabinet would rather deal with ending hostilities on a diplomatic level. The latest Stratfor intelligence report supports this assertion:

...it strikes us as exceedingly peculiar that Israel, a country with a heavy track record of fighting experience despite its youth, is so intent on promoting the idea that its defense and political figures are running in circles trying to revise their military strategy while Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah is brimming with confidence in his regular video appearances. It is simply not intelligent war strategy to expose your weaknesses in the midst of a major war campaign -- unless your objective is to spread disinformation to prepare for a larger surprise.

Which is exactly what I think the IDF is doing!

Shema Israel

It makes you wonder, doesn't it? Now with the news that they're calling up 30,000 reservists it REALLY makes you wonder.

God bless Israel.
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Both Israel and Hezbollah have used excessive force and if the dimwit in the White House had an ounce of sense he would call for a ceasefire. I see atrocities being committed on both sides and both sides should be held accountable.

As Americans we must not blindly support Israel or anyone else. It seems cons just want Muslims killed no matter what. They don't care who's right or wrong. According to Israel this whole thing started because two of their soldiers were kidnapped. What Americans fail to realize is that the two soldiers had crossed the border. I don't have a dog in this race, and after Bush's track record on telling the truth, there's no way in HELL I would believe anything that he has to say pertaining to this matter.

Many innocent people are being killed...and for what? I have a few questions for Cons:

* if you were Lebanese and your country was being bombed with bombs that were supplied by America how would you feel?
* How would you feel if the American president firmly stood by the people who are blowing your country to hell?
* How would you feel if the only source of food and aid you received came from Hezbollah?
* Would you refuse the food and aid and hope that other countries would get involved to stop the slaughter of your people?

These people have been fighting longer than some of us have been on this planet. There aren't any simple solutions. Until we come up with one in order to save lives Bush must demand a ceasefire.
A Cease Fire...let's think about that for a minute...

You advocate a cease fire because Israel is using a military response not in vogue with your sensibilities and those of the liberal left? Is that about right?

People like you are calling for a cease-fire in the interests of peace. But there have been more cease-fires in the Middle East than anywhere else on the planet. If cease-fires actually created and promoted peace, the Middle East would be the most peaceful piece of land on the planet and I'd move there!

Let me ask you this: Was our Civil War ended with a cease fire, or did the South just give up after its ranks were decimated by the North?

The allies tossed out Hitler and Mussolini with a cease fire after we kicked the crap out of them.

And to your main point, which I think is, the deaths of innocent people - As WTSherman said as he burned his way from the top of GA to the Atlantic, 'War Is Hell.' Innocent people sometimes die. In the case of the Hezzies, Lebannon is not blameless for electing the hezzies into power, allowing them to run schools, mosques, and fortify their postions against the UN and international laws. And what champions of human dignity and rights this group represents by hiding behind families to store its weapons and fire its rockets on Israelis.

The Israli's in this instance actually use precision weapons and pin-point strikes. (note the precision with which the IAF took out the UN outpost being used by your buddies to lob rockets into Norther Israel - damn good shots those IAF Jews!)

If every country bowed to world opinion, there would not be peace, but utter chaos and lawlessness as enemies (and every country is allowed to defend itself against its own enemies, by the way, seems like you lost that bit in your response), would never be exterminated, but only left alone in a constant pariah-fighting state against its host target country.

The ultimate lesson in why peace movements don't work was WWII - even though I was not born when it happened, to refute your silly quip that one has to have been born in that time or actually in the event in order to comment on it...There was a massive isolationist/peace movement here in the US, France, GB, etc., before the war broke out.

And what was the result? How many people died because the Brits/French/Polish did not do anything to Hitler when he violated the Versailles Treaty again and again, rearming his army and marching into Austria and Chech unopposed? 120 Million when all was siad and done?

You see how silly arguing for peace is? It's an agnostic stance. It goes against history. It abrogates the rights of a soverign nation to defend itself against those that seek to do it harm!

No decent person wants war. No military person wants to fight. But there are times when free nations who operate by the rule of law must prtoect themselves from those that know no law, know no peace, and don't value human life like we do.

For you to elevate the IDF and the terrorists on the same level of consciousness is absolutely deplorable. Do you and your liberal buddies think that the IDF operates in the same way as some raghead SOB with a bomb strapped to his body to blow up people at a wedding?

The expressed intent of the Hez'bollocks, Hammas, PLO, etc., is the extermination of Israel and all Jews.

How peaceful is that?

And the solution is simple...never appease your enemy and wipe out your enemy with the most predjudicial and expedient means necessary!

And if I was a Lebb (and I would be a Lebb Christain, not a Muslim), then I would be pissed as hell that the Hez'bollocks caused the IDF to whoop their ass. And in the end, and again, I am speaking as a Lebb Christain, I'd thank the IDF, by way of the US for getting those sheep pimps out of my country!
Oh the silence is deafening...
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No one should have to suffer the indignity of a moral lecture from Sen. bet basketball John Kerry as did fellow Missourian Sam Fox at hearings before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on his nomination for Belgium ambassador. Given Kerry's history of self-indulgence and hubris, it should come as no surprise that he would forget his proper role in the hearings sportsbook as a senator considering the nominee's qualifications and fitness -- and turn the proceedings into an embarrassing spectacle about himself.Kerry was not about to forego this opportunity to transfer his unquenched hostility against the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth to Mr. Fox, march madness who, it turns out, had donated $50,000 to that group during the 2004 presidential race.
Though Fox received "glowing tributes" from a number of senators, Kerry didn't even try to mask his anger. He said, "I assume that you believe that the truth in public life is important? Might I ask you what your opinion is with respect to the state of American politics as regards the politics of personal destruction?"
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