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Thursday, August 24, 2006

End The Jewish Occupation of Arab land!

Cry me a river!

Ironic, my latest post on the Republic talks about a similar issue, drop on by.
Isn't it ironic that Israelis are coming under 'fire' for improperly using US made munitions while there are no rules for anything Hammas, Hezbollocks, PLO or anyone is tied to.

Great post at your site!
You know that when Muslims talk about getting the infidels out of Muslim land, they extend that to mean anywhere Muslims live. They also want to retake Spain and parts of Europe which were under Muslim domination. And they don't mean to stop there. I hear suburbs around Detroit Michigan are now considered occupied territory because the U.S. refuses to allow full Sharia law to rule.
Good post. Click out this link below... it goes perfect with this post.
Take care...

Mike has it about right.

But regarding Israel, I would hope that by this time everyone realizes that the "land for peace" formula is gone and dead. It worked on time, with Anwar Sadat. And it worked with him because he was a reasonable man not consumed with hatred and religious prejudice.

The Palestinians are not interested in a "two state formula", nor are Hezbollah, Syria, or Iran. They want to destroy Israel, plain and simple. Anyone who doesn't believe me should google for "right of return"
A pic really does say a thousand words...
Here is a hint on mindless, Fox sturated viewers:

Turkey is not Rab, nor is most of hte people to the west of Iraq on this map.

Futher, the Arabs-many are Christian-in Israel have lived for over a 1000 yrs on Palestinian soil. They did not invite the Jewish settlers to move there, take over land and pass racial laws similar to Nazism.

Get a brain and think for once, brainwashing on El Rusbo does not count (unless you are into immorality and drugs).
Great post, brilliant pic! Really lays out how ludicrous the whole "Palestinian state" situation really is. And how ironic it is that of all the various Arab nations in the world, none of them are willing to share land with the Palestinians. They just want Israel to move out of the tiny bit of land they have.
John: You obviously would rather get your news from the picture doctoring NY Times. Further, your comment was totally irrelevant. If you have a problem with Israel keeping its God-given land, maybe you can tell me by what sacred property rights that the land belongs to the Palestinians?
This picture hardly reveals an accurate representation of the situation in the Middle East. A cursory look at history over the past 100 years reveals a much more complicated reality. I find it interesting the need some have for such simplistic lines of reasoning. As an aside to highboy..........talk about irrelevant. Your use of the term "God-give land" reveals a level of irrelevance that boggles the mind. Please try and move into the Age of Reason.
And how many nations voted for Israel to become a nation in the UN? What say you about those you think do not live in the age of reason?

And when the USSR broke apart and over a dozen new nations were born and drawn by ethnic and religious boundries, were those people not living in the ager of reason?

Shame on you!
Hey Highboy, God told me I could have your land. Beat it.

Why didn't we carve off a slice of Germany for the "chosen ones"?
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