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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jonbenet Ramsey Is Not News

The Ramsey's are not news. This should not be on the air. I don't care about this twisted perv who confessed and was captured at his NAMBLA-Club Med love compound in Bangkok (that in itself is a crime since this SOB was guilty of child porn while a teacher and Bangkok is one of several places on the planet where you can pass kids around like a peace pipe). I don't care about his neighbors and how they 'feel' about what kind of person they think the alledged killer is. It's all tabloid crap that has no business on the air.

I did a post months ago that there should be a missing children's cable station and Greta Van Sustern should be its lead anchor. It's a great concept since it seems that there are millions of sickos that need their daily fix of 'electronic enquirer' crack. And since Israel and Hezbollah are not killing each other, it's back to the same 24/7 entertainment schtick.

Do yourself a favor, if when watching the news and a story of JBR comes on, turn the station.

I completely agree! It's on every damn news channel all day long!
Hey M - thanks for stopping by...I have not seen you in months - miss your comments and patronage...

It's sick isn't it? It really is...tabloid crap...any child murdered is bad. But for God sake - this poor family has been through hell. And whatever the family did to bring any press in on themselves...it's sad all the way around.

Unfortuntely, there are too many Ramsey's in this nation. Why in God's anme is the MSM focused on this one? Simple really...there is no reporting required...its all specualtion crap.

Shame on this nation and the press.
Exactly! I agree with you 100%! What in the world is wrong with the media? They give this asshat exactly what he wants: attention! I mentioned it briefly on my last post as well. I can't believe the media on this and that includes Fox News!
FOX News is losing its edge...I call this the 'Great Factor'

If you've read my site, you prob have noticed I dislike the Great show after Hannity & Colmes. What she does is not journalism. It's tabloid crap, it's lazy and irresponsible. The lastest JBR stuff is a perfect example.

I have said here before that Great needs her own network - a missing and exploited children's network.
It's a same that the PDs at FOX think that JBR will get them more ratings. It won't. This stuff needs to be relgated to where it belongs - ET with Pat O'Brien.
Thank you for this pretty blog, I have the honor to visit my blog JONBENET RAMSEY :

I will pass along your comments to the family, I am sure they will be heart warmed.

Heck, she was just collateral damage eh?/ Kind of like those 1/2 million kids in Iraq that were-what was albright's comment/-oh yeah, worth the price.

Keep shilling for the NWO, I am sure you will get your medal ( and eventually, a bullet)
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