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Monday, March 28, 2005

Paper Shredders In Cuba

Since anything of value in Cuba comes from the black market, its tough to gauge just how bad the Cuban economy is. But you can get a pretty good understanding of the state of the state by what items are going for, which items are hot, and which items are cold.

But let’s try and tie the black market to the state of Castro’s health. I’ll bet that when paper shredders and matches go up two to three-hundred percent, the fate of El Presidente will truly be known. For when the ‘Beard’ is about to go to that big banana plantation in the sky (oops, they don’t believe in heaven anymore – almost forgot), you can bet that any piece of paper the government has that would show the criminality that has been visited upon this once proud nation for forty years would be made into compost for all of the state run farms.

The real question is when is the ‘Beard’ going to die? Not soon enough as far as the West should be concerned. But we better wake up soon since he is still a threat to peace and stability in our hemisphere – look to an article in the latest National Review by Otto J Reich. http://www.nationalreview.com/

When he does do his final meringue, the doors to one of the last, closed societies on the planet will be open. And when that happens, we on the right and the world should be able to marvel at that sound of silence coming from those on the left that have lionized Castro as a great ruler, and man of peace, a victim of US hegemony.

I can’t wait until that day when all freedom loving Cubans bury this man. I can’t wait for the records, if there will be any left since they will probably all be destroyed, are made available. I can’t wait for the thousands of political, religious and cultural victims still alive can tell their stories to the world – let’s see if CNN will be the first to interview anyone who says Castro was a git!. When the beard dies we can then catalog and examine the suffering of those who have been murdered, tortured, exiled, and socially reeducated, a number probably in the millions since he’s been around for so long. For example, we will be able to know the truth as to why Cuba is the only nation in the world where the per-capita incidences of AIDS declines with every passing year. Amazing! What secret do the Cubans have that they have been able to halt a disease that marches forward with no resistance to drugs? If there is a miracle drug, why hasn’t Castro shared it with the world so he could add another international humanitarian distinction along with his Nobel Peace Prize nomination? (But since Koffi Annan won it that year, it might as well have been Castro, anyway!) Could it be that once someone is diagnosed with AIDS IN Cuba that he or she is taken to a ‘hospital’ to receive proper and state supervised convalescent treatment? Uhm…

The world is a much better place without Ceauşescu, Pol Pot, Franco, Haile Mengistu, Amin, Karadzic, Saddam, Ho Chi Minh, Hitler, Stalin, and all those underlings and sympathizers who allowed these men to murder by the bushel.

So let’s track what happens to the world’s supply of paper shredders in the next several years. If for some reason, paper shredders disappear from the shelves of stores, warehouses, and when Lloyds of London begins to insure office supply drivers from an unexplained increase in truck-jackings, I’ll bet you a ripe plantain that the destination will be the Ministry of Information and the Cuban State Secret Police in Havana. Then the world will know that the beard’s days are numbered.

The Pantheon of Evil Is One Casket Short - Mate A La Barba! (Kill The Beard!)

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