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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Enter Mexico Illegally And Try This...

This is lifted from a popular email being circulated, but I thought it would be worth the post…

If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, TRY THIS:

Good Luck, Amigo-Ex Patriot. Can this happen in Mexico? No. Try this and you’ll be dead.

It won’t happen in Mexico or any other country in the world except the US.

Immigration used to mean coming to America and becoming an American. Now it mean illegally entering and forcing American to change becuase of the politically correct game that is being played by both parties over the border issue. I wrote about this and the surface scratching bill which I don't trust by McCain/Kennedy on Sunday. It's time to get tough on the border and close it then inforce the existing laws adding severe penalties to the 12 million already here, including imprisonment. Also tell Mexico to stuff it. If they would take care of their own problems we wouldn't have to do it for them. This pandering to Mexico a false ally is ridiculous. They need us militarily and economically so getting tough on Mexico won't cput a rift between the countries. Mexico knows where their bread is buttered so the pandering has to stop!

Thanks, Ken. I just don't get this...does Fox have naked pictures of W or something? I just don't understand why of all pressing national issues, this being one of the easier to remedy, W and Congress have done nothing to seal the border. Staggering. Scroll down a bit and look at my piece on how my Catholic Church feels about this issue...
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