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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Simon Is Right - A Totally Forgettable Performance!

I saw something really disturbing last night on FNC. Republican hopefuls for 2008 were at some summit thingy and they were asked the same five questions, ‘If you were President, how would you handle – Iraq, Iran, the Borders, etc (I only caught three questions)

Here’s the issue. Not one of those Republican hopefuls looked or sounded presidential.

Mit Romney: The only person who had good answers and looked the part was Mit. Perhaps because he’s taller than everyone else.
Bill Frist: Tall, but he looks like he needs to put on a few pounds. And what’s with the wind tunnel tested hair-do? I just don’t get him…kinda squirrelly.
Huckabee of AR – to use the quotes that Simon uses on American Idol,
a totally forgettable performance – no one is going to remember anything about you.’
J McCain: Still have soft spot for all he had to endure in N. Viet Nam. Then he opens his mouth and all that flies out the window. I bet he’d be a hawk on defense. But he’s a wild card when it comes to those on the other side of the aisle.

Synopsis: I’m scared for 2008. 2006? We could lose every election and still control the House – no issues there. But as far out as 2008, if the fellas above are an indication as to what our prospects are for keeping 1600 Penn Ave, I’m scared.

Condi – please don’t take the NFL Job in 2008!

Mitt's ok. He's my guy here in Massachusetts. I backed him, and I will back him for President if gets the nod. That said.....I can't get very excited about him. I was an enthusiatic backer of Weld and grew to appreciate Cellucci, but Mitt was just better than the Dem.

Frist is going nowhere. His 37% is easily explainable. His state, and overwhelming number of his supporters bussed in, his nation wide exposure gives him a higher Q. Actually when you look at it, he should have done much better.

Huckabee, lol.

As far as McCain....he's like nothing else in my political life. I back him everytime and he breaks my heart again and again. But he always get me back because he'll give some speech like the one he gave at that Southern Republican Leadership Conference. Secretly in my heart, I want him to get the nod. I want to feel that passion for a candidate.

Logically, I want Condi.

I am going to go have some M&Ms now.
I neede a qualude after what I saw - M&Ms just would'nt help.

Statesmanship/Statecraft (right or left) is non-existent in anyone I have seen. The giants of yesterday are gone. The right has no Reagan. The left has no Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

A leaderless Right and a leaderles Left - God Help Us
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