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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thanks Yankees - Leave The Indoctrination To Us!

Hat Tip - Razor Sharp Claws

Thanks to dcat at the site above for giving me the inspiration for this post. Go see her site - it's another great one!

March 9, dcat posted, 'Hollywood Hate Spreading Worldwide.' It seems that
Der Spiegel has another 'we hate America piece.' Here is what dcat has to say about it"

US Hollywood "Stars" Zane and Busey Spreading America-Hate Worldwide(By Ray D.)No Consequences for Gary Busey and Billy Zane in America?The big movie blockbuster in Turkey today is "Valley of the Wolves Iraq." The film, which vilifies Jews and Americans, has become so controversial in Germany that Bavarian Governor Edmund Stoiber has called on movie theaters to stop showing it and unleashed a nationwide debate. In just ten days the film has attracted 200,000 primarily young Turkish immigrant viewers.So what makes the film so controversial? For starters, American soldiers are portrayed as violent, brutish, trigger-happy, civilian-murdering, hyper-religious, sadistic gun-nuts. The star villain is an arrogant, murderous character named Sam Marshall (played by American actor Billy Zane), who is killed by the Turkish protagonist at the film's end. Another stereotypical villain is a Jewish doctor (played by American actor Gary Busey) stationed at Abu Ghraib prison who extracts human organs from prisoners for export to Israel, England and the USA.

When I responded to her post, I commented that peddling this film in the US is unforgivable. To peddle this bilge in another country is treason. The best thing that can happen is that no one in the US will see it. The best thing that can happen in the Muslim world is that they think, 'so what?' 'We know all this already. Why have a film telling us what we preach in our Mosques and indoctrinate our children with everyday? Thanks Yankees, but leave the indoctrination to us, Yankee Pig Dogs! Let's hope that the Muslims who watch this film think as I do that has-been no talent hacks like druggie Busey and Straight-To-Video Zane aren't doing Muslim outrage any favors by showing what is already preached to radicals in Turkey and beyond.

Thanks dcat - Keep The Good Stuff Coming

Yes the more that know the better! Good job :)
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