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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ordering Pizza in 2010

Lifted from email - this is pretty funny/scary.

Want to see how to order a pizza in 2010? Click the link and see.

Turn up the volume. Listen closely and watch the screen and carefully. You may laugh and think this is funny, but it could happen.

The technology is already here!

Or so the ACLU video and email claims. Look, I think this is funny. Do I think this could happen? Yes. Do I think this will happen? Nope. That is why this is funny. So, please don't get bent out of shape over this post, folks. I have already receveived hate mail. I see this video as parody. The ACLU created this as a fear mongering call to action for it's own poltical agenda. If Leno or Letterman did this, it would be great TV. Since the ACLU created this, it's pandering at its worst. Just laugh. It's funny.

That was kind of funny!
(And I don't even hate you!!!)

Thanks, CR!
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