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Thursday, March 02, 2006

No One Predicted The Devastation In Mississippi

Let me tell you why the latest tapes of the President before Hurricane Katrina are total crap…because no one predicted the devastation to Mississippi. And isn’t it amazing that on the six month anniversary of the storm, all of a sudden a video miraculously appears! Bastards!

Why is that important? Because anyone can say that the levees in New Orleans could break. That’s easy. That has been said for over one hundred years. And when the levees did break, all of a sudden this is news?

As smart as those weather fellas are, no one and I mean no one predicted that entire coast of Mississippi up to three miles in-land would be wiped clean off the map of the US.

It’s easy for the MSM and the GD Associated Press to continue to blather about poor old New Orleans and the 9th Ward. The AP continues to pander and race bait and I am sick and tired of it. What would be news is if AP would investigate why up to five days before the storm no one in Orleans Parish did anything to prepare. Orleans Parish had over five days to prepare for the advent of this storm. Jefferson Parish prepared. So did St. Bernard and all the other ones in and around New Orleans. Why not investigate the decades of corruption and mismanaged projects for the upkeep and improvement of the levees. That is news.

Do the world of journalism a favor AP: stop talking about the GD levees in New Orleans and the plight of the poor people of the 9th Ward. Report about the rest of LA, MS, AL and do your job of being objective instead of feeding us crap about how this admin is insensitive to the plight of blacks!

So..........do I get to come here and be off topic?
Absolutely. And I did try and keep to the sprirt of your post by talking about lent! How did I do?
First off - excellent answer!! you appear to understand that I get to do whatever I want.

Secondly - yes you did recover well and you did a good job.
I still fail to recognize how this is a Federal issue. Best I can tell, it is simply a way for people to place additional blame on President Bush. This was a state issue, primarily, and until they ask for federal assistance, it remains solely a state issue.

The Constitution sets state's rights; one is that the federal government can send in troops without permission.
Aw youre spoilin all the fun buddy, no Bush bashing?..What Kanye gunna beef bout then huh?..lolz
The crime rate in NO is down 75%. However, the crime rate in Dallas and Houston is up 50%.

I wonder why?
Those that rely on the left leaning press to give them the truth may as well bury their heads in the sand. Perhaps the disgusting state of the media in this country is all Bush's fault!

Hell, he had the CIA blow up the levees right?

As far as the crime rate issue, it's obvious to those of us that use logic instead of emotion to form our decisions and opinions (aka: rational adults).
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