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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

W Don't Lead By Polls

I don't like polls, even if I agree with them. In this era of instant news, instant analysis, blogging-buffonery (like mine), I hate polls even more. Sure, it's the stuff that makes news, especially for the left since any dip in polls these days makes for Nostradamus scrap that fills news channel timeslots and paper headlines.

That said, the recent polls of American’s like/dislike of W comes into play. Again, I don't care. Here's why? First, polls don't matter unless you're Bill Clinton or the MSM. Second, it's not November. There is time to fix the issues plaguing this administration if only someone would step up and be ahead of the main issues of the day like Iraq and the latest noise about our port sale. Lastly, the only relevant polling numbers that this admin. needs to watch out for are the numbers related to House and Senate Republicans. Those numbers are pretty bad. And the numbers for Cheney are inconsequential - he just shot someone - what did you expect his numbers were going to be?

But unlike the mid-year election in the ninety's when the House was won by Republicans for the first time in sixty-years, there are very few seats up for grabs this go around. And that is about the only real news that those on the right should take from this latest plethora of polling nincompoopery.

Still, W don't lead by polls! Thank God!

Keep your shirt on, bro. This poll is as bogus as a three dollar bill with Bill Clinton's face on it. It has a sample with ten percent more Democrats than Republicans. In the Real World America, there are more Republicans than Democrats. This poll was as real as Dan Rather's documents! What do you expect from c-BS?
Thanks...I need that! I think I'm polled out. It seems like every other day there is another poll about some issue, blah, blah blah. This one in particular was all over the MSM and talk radio. So unlike the others recently made public, this poll 'got to me.'

Thanks for the does of reality. And W still don't lead by polls!
DOSE of Reality! Sorry...
Hey CRM as long as our TTLB numbers are up thats all that matters..lolz
You like that? I got that from 'Auntie Mame' when the banker in charge of Patrick Dennis' future described Rosalind Russel's shenanigans in raising Dennis. Great Movie! Great Line! I also think it's a word that speaks to the infantile hubris the MSM latches onto polls to decry foul about anything this admin does.

I could cuss and put crap on this site like most of the lefty sites I've seen. But that would be, um, nincompoopery! Speaking of which, I saw a lefty site that put a Hitler mustache on W and another that had a pic of Limbaugh with a brown shirt and swatstika arm band.

Americans like you and those you recruit defend the rights of gits like that to act like a***...oops...nincompoops.

Keep The Faith!
Question: When's the last time you tooke a poll???

When they call my house I hang up on them......When they bug me in the mall I all but spit on them.

Seems to me only dirtbags, young turds without a clue, and those with an ax to grind take polls........NO WONDER CONSERVATIVES ALWAYS SHOW POORLY IN THEM.

Last I checked the polls had GWB losing in 2000 & 2004, the Senate and House losing seats in 2002 & 2004, and for the Dems to filibuster Alito.....So much for polls, aye.
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