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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

FIFA Condemns Israel, Not Hammas

FIFA is the governing body of world soccer and it's getting on the bandwagon with all the other countries and hate groups that routinely target Israel for anything it does.

Read this article from Tom Gross at NRO.

The world's beautiful game is also incredibly powerful. In 2002, over four billion people watched World Cup matches all over the globe. And when Yugoslavia was disintegrating back in the 1990s, both Serbs and Croats signed a five hour truce so Yugoslavia could play a World Cup qualifying match. That's pretty amazing for a sport to do that. After the game ended, each side went back to shooting each other.

I hope FIFA gets its head out of the pitch and does not go through with its idiotic stance on Israel. In fact, becuase of FIFA's stand on Israel, I hope it wins the World Cup. That would put FIFA and all of Israel's enemies on their backsides.

Some people really seem to hate Israel. I like to root for the under dog.

I shall bewatching the world cup matches in my local pub. ; )
Hoist a Gold Star or Macabee for the Sons of David!
That would be very cool if they win!
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