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Monday, April 24, 2006

Where Have I Been?

It has been a week and a few days since I posted.

Why?  As the GOV in Blazing Saddles so eloquently quipped, ‘Work, work, work, - work, work, work…hello boys, I missed you!’

Also, I am tired of the issues dominating the news:  a) Gas and b) Immigration!  Gas is expensive and there are millions of illegals in the US.  Get over both of these issues, please.  

Solution for a:  
Solution for b:

Other than that, Easter was great and the weather in FL could not be better.

Give the Governor a Harrumph!

Somebody had posted the idea of building a 700 mi.-long Wal-Mart at the border. The Mexican workers could come and leave from the back door while Americans could come through the front doors and shop.

Not very realistic, but kinda funny
Long term solutions for problem A need to be put into the works. We need to do something about the future. Have you ever read this guy?


I have listened to him speak and I soooooo want it to be true. I want to be foreign oil independent.

Although your solutions for the short term (5-10 years) are on the mark.
Hey Iran Watch - you need to watch the 'Mind of Mencia' on Comedy Central. This guy is funny and has some great comments on immigration. Give him a look!

Carlos Mencia - Comedy Central!
Hey BM - you know how much I support big business. But the oil companies have not invested much in the way of alternate fuel reserach/development/deployment...and why should they? Our gvt over the last 40 years certainly has not encouraged or mandated alernate enegry sources. Nor has our gvt mandated infrastructure changes like more nuke plants and more refineries. So the oil companies love it. I hate it. I want fuel efficeint cars, but we need to be smart about getting us off the Saudi oil dime - more nuke plants, more refineries, more alt sources of oil, drilling in the us, and the repeal of taxes aimed at oil companies for making gas. En total, a plan like that wold render our reliance on the Saudi's et.al., meaningless.

Write your Congress folks and tell them this. I have.
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