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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Katie Couric Is No Dan Rather

To lift one of my favorite Sesame Street kids routines, ‘One of these things is not like the other – one of these things just doesn’t belong – Can you tell me which one of these things is not like the other before I finish this song?’ (you know the tune!)

A) Edward R Murrow
B) Walter Cronkite
C) Dan Rather
D) Connie Chung
E) Katie Couric

Answer: E

What is CBS doing? The selection of Katie Couric to fill in the slot for its evening news has to be about ratings because the choice of Katie to take the brass ring at CBS can’t be about tele-journalism. If it was, why would she be on anyone’s list? She's not a journalist.

Say what you will about Dirty Dan and all his shortcomings, he was a journalist first and a really good one at that. Dan broke the Kennedy Assassination and he’s interviewed some of the most important people on the planet because of his credibility as a journalist. Can anyone see Katie walking the nation through 9/11 or interviewing the Pope? I can’t.

Since CBS is not serious about television journalism since it picked Katie to sit in the chair once occupied by some of the greatest journalists and anchors in tv history, I think I’ll just switch over to watch Sesame Street – it’s much more informative and the Muppets are better looking than Katie is.

Why on earth would mainstream media be concerned with hiring actual journalists?
Look at that list again...ER Murrow (a personal favorite and he was a Fraternity Brother).

Can you see Katie Couric doing 'Harvest of Shame'


It's all about the glitz, make-up, and ratings...
No offense, but Cronkite and Rather weren't so hot either. So Kronkite interviewed the Pope. A high school journallism major could interview the Pope if he had access.
If a high school journalist had access to the Pope, he'd be sitting in the Anchor chair at CBS. Isn't having the reputation to earn access the point?

I may be a little young for Cronkite (sorry Mr Mountjoy), but I do remember Dan Rather....I remember thinking how nnoying he was but as the author states....he's a journalist. (But he did wear make-up too).
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