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Monday, May 15, 2006

NSA's New Friends and Family Phone Plan

I called the NSA today to make sure it has my correct phone number. I just wanted to make sure that if and when it listens to my conversations, that the spooks in the cubes not only have my correct contact infromation, but also to ensure that everything that is recorded makes it to their database so I am not cross-referenced with the bad guys' phone calls the NSA is going after.

What a bunch of whinny, chicken little, sky-is-falling cry-baby doo-doo. It would be news if the NSA was NOT cataloging phone calls! Are the civil libertarian nuts really bent out of shape about the gvt listening to your phone calls when the very same people steal over 38% of your salary to give to other people, let alone all the other crap our gvt does to its citizens in the way of puntitive laws such as environmental legislation, taxes of corporations, and all the goodies Congress gives to such inane programs like protecting snail darters, Barrow Alaska Conservation Research, the Sparta Teapot Museum in Sparta, ILL., National Cattle Congress Building Renovations...the list goes on and on. Click here for a catalog of
'Pork Books' going back to 1991.

After reading the list of Uncle Sugar's spending priorities by year, why on God's earth do we continue to send these idiots to Congress who steal your money and spend it on crap? So the NSA is the real issue in gvt waste and privacy infringement? If listening into phone calls can stop a plane from hitting the White House, I have two things to say, 'Here is my home phone number and you can reverse the charges.'

Wake Up, People! Your phone calls are not the issue!

Hello, NSA...Can You Hear Me Now?

Say, cut the paranoid a break.

It's pretty sad considering it is the headlines that do the implying, yet the articles really don't go anywhere.

As far as the 101st, we are a very select group so.........so select that they haven't included me yet.

If I remember correctly, I think I did a comment or trackback to this post - http://www.captainsquartersblog.com/mt/archives/006857.php

I still don't know if that is the correct way to go about it, but it is what I was told. To date, I did as the post instructed but don't see my blog on the roll. It's a bummer, but my guess is they are bogged down with the requests. At least if you add the blogroll youwill see yourself listed when they eventually get you up there.
Not saying much, but I put you on my blogroll. I also visited Freedomdogs and commented on a post wondering what might be up with the 101st blogroll, I mentioned your site was interested too.
Some of your very best writing. Ever.

There is no finer group of techno-nerds and analysts on this planet than the NSA and we should lay on our backs and howl at the moon thanking the collective gods that they are on our side fucking with the other guys and not visa versa. That we are able to generate useful intelligence from billions of data bits siphoned from otherwise useless phone records is a thing of beauty. Who are these idiots/nere-do-wells who hide behind some ill-focused concern over amorphous personal liberties that are of no concern when your country is under threat?

There should be a tick-box on your phone bill authorizing the NSA to contact you if they need any help.
So dumm kann doch kein Mann sein.
Born: July 4, 1776
Died: December 11, 2000
Rest in Peace

This is the New & Improved CCCP!
You are some sad little sheep, aren't you.
CCCP is a poor example. You shouldn't be as paranoid as you are, this is still a good nation. A little skepticism goes a long way; you my friend have OD'd
How they rob usand waste our money should be the priority headlines in the news. Yet all we get is the cry of foul that our govt is trying to catch people that are trying to kill us. The problem is all journalist schools are populated by teachers that are socialist(communists) and to them the redistribution of wealth is the problem in the whole world.
Hey Someother clown...what a statement! I think this is the first time on a blog where someone has called our gvt a communist regieme and not fascist.

I might have missed something over the last few decades, but I don't recall the US mimicing and or putting into practice all of the glorious apparati of a centrally planned or agrarian state. We don't have state controlled news or media, no state controlled financial institutions, no state controls on workers pay/rights, no party system which requires total participation and membership, gulags, etc., Now we can pick and chose the finer points of China, Cuba and the former CCCP and talk for days about the differences each of those systems have to ours. But I love the idea that you think you live in a totalitarian regieme.

Well, good luck as you travel where ever you think you need to live to escape the ravages of dictitorial regieme. Nice knowing you and thanks for the visit to my site to express your right to speak freely.

Can you do that in a communist society?

Right on, Blandly. Take the needle out of this guy's arm - OD in progress!
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