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Friday, June 23, 2006

ACLU: Miami can't pull pro-Cuba books

inspired by Stop The ACLU email

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Don't be shocked. I actually agree with the ACLU on this issue. Any Pro Castro books should be on the shelves of school libraries. As a form of propaganda, they are important tools to teach children what disinformation is.

On the other hand, do we trust the teachers of this nation to provide the other side of the story - the facts of Castro's subjugation of this nation, the torture, the murder, the social engineering, the gulags, etc as witnessed here at this
site and here? (This is a disturbing site)

I trust the teachers in Broward County, especially the ones who are Cuban-Americans, to show what the glories of Communism are in Fidel's Workers Paradise to children.

So stock the books as high as possible. Lies like this can't stack up against the truth.

Isnt it "odd", that the guns on the borders of workers paradises always point inwards?

BNP member, also known as "not in my backyard"
Cuba is our shame as well...we should have taken care of that SOB in the 60s. There is a Spansih expression - 'La mala yerba no muerte' Bad trash doesn't die. I don't think anyone expected Fidel to live this long or be in power this long.
Why trust the teachers with anything? The same teacher who can't teach a 4th grader how to read (start your Google now) is to be trusted with teaching him/her about sex?

I trust them to indocrinate kids to anything anti-American. They'll come through.
trust the ACLU to hate America
I can see your pov on the propaganda tool, but not on the teachers. There are too many commies living in this country for my comfort. (BTW, if one was here, that would be too many!) :)
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