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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Joe Lieberman Switches To Republican Party

No, this is not true. It's made up. But think about the title of this post this way: Democrats are targeting Lieberman for his support of some of GWB's initiatives, especially the GWOT. And if his party continues to go after him, he should come to the right side of the force.

Lieberman's 'closeness' to the current administrations initiatives is exactly what Congressman are supposed to do - work, collaborate, and debate in good-faith, the most important issues of the day. It's called statescraft and no one on the left or the right either possess this skill nor demonstrates it if it exists.

So Lieberman wants to work with Republicans. Good. How many of his buddies on the left can say the same thing?
Newsmax has another take on Lieberman's closeness to GWB.

I disagree with Joe on quite a bit, he is still on the other side of my political leanings. But he's honest. He isn't partisan. If the President has valid plan, he works with him, if not he opposes him. Its not a political issue with him. I really appreciate that.
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