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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ann Coulter vs George Carlin - The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

George Carlin and Ann Coulter will be on Jay Leno's Tonight Show Wednesday June 14 - Read

The first time I heard someone cuss besides my Father and Grandfather, who both worked in obscenities the way an artist works in oils or clay (thank you Bob Clark and Jean Shepherd for allowing me to lift this line from your short stories and movie, ‘A Christmas Story’ ‘In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash’), was on Carlin’s FM & AM album. I also got my hands on ‘Occupation - Fool(e)’ and the ‘Seven Dirty Words You Can’t Say on TV’ which was the topic of considerable reflection and mimicry to the behest of my parents and teachers alike.

But over the years, as funny as Carlin is, he cusses in spades. He didn’t used to have to cuss to remain relevant or funny. In fact, if you listen to his albums from the seventies, he rarely used vulgar language which was the whole point of his stand as a counter-culture comic revolutionary – make fun of the establishment, be nice, be funny, and use their own language to make them look like idiots.

I saw Carlin’s last special on HBO. It was funny, mostly. But I could not get past the cuss words and his bent on anything anti-American. Now this differs from his days of commenting about the lunacy of the sixties and seventies, because I remember Carlin when the seven dirty words you can’t say on tv was the exception, not the norm and his take on America was still a good place even if we did stupid stuff.

Carlin 72‘I got fired from a gig in Vegas for saying S*** when the big game in town is called Craps! I’m sure there was some Texan in the Casino saying, ‘Ah S***, I Crapped’

Carlin 05‘Where ideas are concerned, America can be counted on to do one of two things: take a good idea and run it completely into the ground, or take a bad idea and run it completely into the ground.’

Still, I think the cussing and anti-Americanism has made Carlin a parody of himself. The sixties and seventies are long gone, no matter how hard people want to bring it back (Christmas Wish List Itemif you were not born in the sixties, you can’t wear tye-dye clothes).

Putting Carlin and Coulter on the same show is like a smoking while pumping gas. I predict Coulter will not go out of her way to attack Carlin and focus her attention to Jay if she is the second guest - but you can guess she will defend herself if Carlin goes after her. If that happens, I think Carlin will do everything he can to make himself heard by trying to be relevant with quippy and snide comments about Coulter’s stand on anything.

I still think Carlin is one the best comic minds this country has ever produced just as much as I think Coulter is an icon of conservative chutzpah.

Let's Watch And See!

Better than the O'Reilly Carlin debate. That was boring. O'Reilly, while I respect him more than most for his honesty, is not the conservative people make him out to be.
Columnist Wants Coulter Dead
A columnist for an advertising industry magazine wants Ann Coulter dead.

That's what Ad Age columnist Simon Dumenco suggested when he asked Coulter, "would it kill you to do us all a favor and kill yourself? (Oh, well, yeah, I guess it would kill you.)"

Open liberal mouth, insert liberal foot.

Imagine what would happen if a Republican had said that to a Democrat --- well you know.....
OK - Non event. Carlin was nice, Coulter was in top form.
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