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Friday, June 09, 2006

Think With The Wise And Talk To The Vulgar

It’s infallible. The left can get away with saying anything it wants to. But when a conservative says something, it’s a scandal.

Should AC have called the NJ wives Harpies? Sure. The men and women in our Armed Forces, along with the Constitution, give us all the right to say to say what we want. There are limits to speech, however, (shouting fire in crowded theaters and all). But in the case of what AC used to describe the NJ gals, Harpy is right on.

And why not? For these gals to blame the President for what happened on 9/11 is not only patently stupid, it’s irresponsible and lazy when these same women have said nothing, absolutely nothing about the murderers who killed their husbands in the first place. And since they have openly placed thier views of politics squarely to the left, after we agree that these women should receive our sympathy for the loss of their husbands, then anything thye say is fair game - human shields no more!

AC could have called them lunatics. She could have called them insane. She could have called them un-patriotic. But Harpy is a pretty good choice from a historical context and here’s why.

Look at the picture of the Harpy. It’s a vulture with the head and breasts of a woman. According to the Greeks, Harpies were pretty nasty. Besides stealing the food from King Phineas after Zeus shackled him in front of a banquet table from which he could never eat as punishment for telling it like it is, the Harpies defiled the food to make it inedible. The Harpies were eventually sent flying off, but they were never killed. Thus, their continued existence was a way for the Greeks to explain to us mortals the nastiness of anyone who does something vile for time immortal.

In the context that Coulter thinks the NJ gals are spreading verbal disease with anti-war, anti-Bush Administration talk is right on when described as Harpies. I don’t see the outrage.

Now, should Coulter have said anything about the NJ gal’s marriages? I read her book and the context of her statement. Perhaps this crosses the line of decency. But en total, anyone who claims that GWB is responsible for 9/11 is allowed to be called anything by anyone. The folks who killed AMZ yesterday give us the privilege to do just that!

I finished reading AC's book last night. And there are far more instances of outrage the left could get upset about than going after the NJ gals. I loved this book. AC has a great sense of humor in pointing out the absurdity of the left by being absurd.

Coulter Thinks With The Wise And Talks To The Vulgar – Greek Proverb

Anne isn't guilty of doing anything that the liberals aren't doing. If Randi Rhodes can openly call for Bush's assasination of live public radio I think its appropriate for Anne to question the motives of these wives.
The wives get a pass on any criticism of 9-11 action or inaction. that being said , when they start leveling criticism at the President for the war in Iraq and personal attacks like sheehan and breg, they become a target of resentment. If they can't take the heat go back to being mourners and we would respect that.
oops I meant Berg.
I couldn't agree with you more. The liberals prove Ann's point by criticizing her. They prove their hypocricy by the way they criticize. I don't know how the gay lobby of the Democratic party lets their leaders get away with using lesbian or fag as a slur against any conservative they want. Unfortunately the vast majority of those on the left are far too dense to ever see the irony of the situation.
Ann Coulter is a heroine of Christian Right and I am glad she is willing to step OUT of the box of "polical correctness" to shake some sleeping brain cells once in awhile.
I love vulgar! It's the only way to get through to some people! And then they can be too thick to get it anyway.

I will try to get here more ofted I have been busy with life however that is no good reason. Stay safe from the weather season. I don't think I could handle it. We just have rain and maybe some tremors now and then.

Plus with all that sun I would be a raisin. Just one week in Antigua and I now could pass for the other side of the border. Paradise is nice however I don't think I could deal with the storms.
Well...one thing you don't hear the right talk about are the books from such paragons of virtue such as Al Franken and M. Moore - 'Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot' and 'Stupid White Men.'

That's ok though since no one bought those books and both them fellas wish they had the press Annie gets.
it's ironic, regular, but continues to bear repeating, that liberals can dish it out but run crying like anguished kindergartners when given a dose of their own medicine...free speech is not a one way street...while calling AC's comments over the top, the Kos kids are suggesting she should kill herself...inconsitant logic is their only constant...SHAMELESS PLUG: listen out for Wideawakes Radio set to go on line on Independance Day, 2006 with quite a few great hosts already lined up (and me as well)...
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