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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Study Claims Hurricane's Power Depends on Pollution

Read This -

Why don’t any of these research projects come from schools in the South? Why is the sky always falling above the Mason Dixon and west of the Mississippi? We’ve got some fine institutions of higher learning from TX to VA, but ya’ll don’t see any of our schools put out any of this Chicken Little stuff. Nope, our science folks are more concerned about stuff that matters like plant propagation and animals/livestock genetics like all the folks over at Vandy, Rice, and Emory. Look, if the boys and gals in God’s school in Gainesville, FL can possibly find a cure for AIDS by hooking up a monkey’s brain to a Sears’ Die Hard Battery, I’ve got two things to say: The Red is Positive and the Black is Negative.

What all these chicken-little sky-is-falling crappy gvt funded research projects don’t tell you is that nature itself pollutes the atmosphere at a much more devastating and more frequent rate than anything man can produce. Anyone remember Mt Pinatubo? When Mt. Pinatubo exploded in the Philippines way back when, more crap went into the atmosphere than the total amount of human made pollution ever since these propeller heads have been licking their index fingers and sticking them in the air – I remember scientists saying back then that there would be horrific consequences because of all the gas and ash pushed into the outer reaches of the atmosphere. What happened? Nothing. Nature adapted to Mt. Pinny’s eruption and we all went on with our lives (cost us a naval base and a pretty good AFB, though)

And why is it only Atlantic hurricanes are more powerful because we drive SUVs and use aerosol sprays? What about tornados? What abour tropical cyclones? Oh, those are not as powerful and are not linked to pollution even though there are more frickin people in China and the Pacific Rim than the US will ever have. And we all know that China and the rest of the nations of that region are paragons of being good custodians of the environment. You see how utterly senseless this kind of crap is?

Anyway, I wish these propeller heads would spend their time and my tax dollars on something worth-while like cancer research, bone marrow, kidney, heart, brain and birth-defects and autism research, which by the way is a hell of a lot more difficult that saying the water temperature of the Atlantic may or may not rise in one hundred years...what a way to stretch the grey matter. Why waste tax dollars on something people can’t see and don’t give a crap about? Hell, spend the few 100K and tell me why cats land on their feet when you throw them, Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard!

It’s fashionable in science to create controversy. It’s even better when you can spend someone else’s money when you do it. All in all, even if these fellas are right, this pseudo-science doo-doo will probably be used as another weapon to quilt-trip the crap out of any person or nation that has the ability to make a device that shoots paint out of a can. New legislation from the UN on its way!

Oh Blow Me!

I agree. Hurricane casualties, even Katrina, are a drop in the bucket compared to cancer and other diseases that we could cure but won't because there is so much money in the medicine.
Add to that: Why will cock roaches survive a nuclear war?


PS: Love your blog!
And don't forget Keith Richards!
Don't give up on my Eagles blog Neo! I cover the entire NFL, including your Saints. (Who I almost always root for)
So much HOT AIR and environmental scaremongering is just that.

Say you are a researcher at a University and you need a big $$$ grant to subsidize your cushy lifestyle.

The more outrageous and scary the assumptions you intend to "study" the more likely you will get the grant.

And since I worked at the US EPA in the grants department, I know what I am talking about.

Did you ever read that Michael Crichton speech about environmentalism as a religion?

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