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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Know Thy Enemy

Got this from Smith Daily Family Journal. Pretty funny!

I love the Reagan bullet. I had a picture of RR in my office when I worked at Disney. It was a picture of the sculptor making the bust of RR for the Hall of Presidents. I took this picture with me to every office I occupied in my ten years of working a WDW. The picture made most people I worked with in Eisner's liberal Fanatsyland twitch with rage. But the irony was that it was a Disney made picture. So their criticism was blunted when I informed them that it was a picture of the sculptor making a bust for the HOP. To criticize the picture was to criticize WDW, not RR. Idiots!

Just one of the many reasons I left all the lefties there! (there were a few conservatives who worked at WDW when I was there - they are now ex-Cast Members)

Enjoy the list!

RR was the greatest President this country has ever seen. Hands down. Amen.
Yes he was!
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