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Friday, June 23, 2006

von Braun Built Our Rockets - Klinsmann Can Build A Soccer Program

The US is out of the World Cup. Two things need to happen:

A) Honor the US Caoch and celebrate the US Team getting this far in WC play
B) Fire Bruce Arena as the US Head Coach

No doubt Bruce Arena has lifted the US from being the door mat of international football. He needs to be honored for this herculean accomplishment. However, Arena needs to step down for obvious reasons especially since this latest showing in the WC was a disaster, save the spirited tie against Italy.

We need new blood. We need a new coach. We need a new direction in organization, tactics, and marketing.

The answer: A German!

Jurgen Klinsman is the answer. He is the most famous face in German Football. He has been a success in all levels of this game: the youth level programs, club play, national & international team play, and obviously the World Cup coach for Germany. And Klinsmann can do the same thing in the US with a von Braun like program.

Germany will cut Klinsman loose from Germany’s head coaching slot after this WC ends in July. And since he lives in the US and has family here, this is the best option available for the US to get back to the WC.

von Braun Built Our Rockets - Klinsmann Can Build Our Soccer Team

USA worked like trojans. They did themselves an enormous amount of credit. Having said that, many are only bit part English league players. It's not the coach- we just need some more home grown soccer talent. They also were not helped by cheating Italians...
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