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Thursday, August 10, 2006

The New 9/11 Is 8/10

Thank God for the Brits. They did it. MI5 and probably our FBI and other groups foiled an even bigger attempt by terrorists to kill people on planes.

The Bush Admin has an opportunity to exploit this averted disaster to complete the unfinished secruity measures from the real disaster five years ago. Here is a short list I posted on another site that the Bushies should take care of immediately:

a) Send 200K National Guard to our southern border
b) Deport any non-American students from an Arab country (this includes Muslims from Asian countires, not just the Mid-east - undergrad, grad, med schools, etc)
c) Deport any non-American professors, Dr's, anyone who is not a US Citizen - see (b)
d) Freeze all assets of any Muslim-Friendly fund-raising group
e) Obtain search warrants for any and all Mosques in the US
f) Obtain Drivers License lists of all Muslim names, begin profiling, subpoenas, deportations - no DLs to non-US people
g) Stop all humanitarian aide to the PLO (Hammas)
h) Never invade Iraq (oops - already did that!)
i) Put 750K troops in Afghanistan and invade Pakistan
j) Profile at airports, profile everyone
k) freeze all assests of any Muslim-owned company in the US
l) Freeze all emmigration to US for a five year period
m) Deport all non-US felons in prisons to their country of origin, and their families
n) Shoot To Kill orders at the Border...(if you're being shot at, do you really want to try to cross into the US?)
o) Open up ANWR with an Executive Order (skip Congress) and drill, drill drill - open up LA and FL off shore drilling
p) Begin construction of an additional twenty refineries and an additional twenty Nuke plants in the US
q) Kick the UN out of the US, pull all aide to the UN
r) Pull all foreign aid for a five year period
s) Pull all remaining US troops from Europe/Germany (thanks for your help in the GWOT)
t) Begin collecting loans from all nations we gave money to
u) Reinstate the Draft

Come On, W...it's time to get serious about National Security!

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