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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ned Lamont - Another Disaster For The Democrats

Left, Left, Left...The Party Marches (sung to the tune of a popular WWI song)

A win for Ned Lamont is a disaster for the Democrats or a boon for Republicans. Why? Moving left means losing. Whenever the Democrats move left, they lose elections. Even if the donkey braintrust states that a Lamont wins means playing to its base, historically, moving left means wins for Republicans. Thank God!

One bright spot for Republicans is if Lieberman can win in November as an Independent.

Also, Cynthia McKinney lost and lost big in her run-off in GA. And of course, it was the fault of voting machines and electoral irregularities that caused her shalacking at the polls. It's amazing however that the voting machines that supporters for Hank Johnson used seemed to work quite well!

Adios McKinney - Hello Unemployment Line!

Left, left, left - they march in circles. This is a ploy by the disenfranchised old Left to eviscerate the Party and pull the sheep's skin over their red wolf body. The Kos-bats are easily manipulated.
I am happy about this whole Lamont deal. Hope Lieberman beats him as an independent, and that this helps the GOP in the Nov elections.
Thanks for the visit to my site today.

And after the latest thwarted terror plot, every Mosque in this nation needs to be survailed. Every Muslim organization needs to be tapped. The NSA 'Friends and Family' phone tap program needs to be exended.

I am willing to give up all kinds of liberties in the name of national security. And why not? Got to hand it to the Brits for taking thier own 'citizens' down.

Watch for a 'W Bump' in the polls. This admin can get tons of mileage out of this incident if it does it right.

Let's hope.
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