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Friday, August 04, 2006

What's The Point? Burka Picture Caption Contest

There are so many possibilities for captions for this picture. Post your comments, sayings, opinions, etc. Here is what someone already said about this gem of photo-magic:

"What's the point of taking this picture? Is a good point..an interesting point. When I was in Saudi Arabia, I saw a young man and woman get off a plane (inbound from Europe) at the Jeddah Airport.. The young woman was dressed in the latest Paris fashions. The moment her foot hit the Tarmac, she was handed a Burhka and she put it on. So, these ladies could be dressed to the nines or have on Levis. Just a nonsensical point."

Let The Games Begin!

Picture taker thinking, "Heee heee! They don't know I have xray film in this camera."
"Here's me and the girls on vacation, I'm the one in black."

LOL, I got this via e-mail the other day, cracked me up.
I think you've won your own contest! I like the caption: "What's the Point?"
oi, are you smiling ? come on girls it the first picture of the ku klux khan !!!
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