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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

MLK, Tarleton State, and the ACLU

Crush Liberalism and FNC did a good job breaking this down.

The students at Tarleton State University should be ashamed of themselves for what they did off-campus at a mock MLK celebration party. From what I read and saw, it's disgusting.

But here's the kicker...where is the ACLU in defending the free speech rights of these students to be idiots? Every time there is a speech issue which advances the ACLU agenda of anything anti-Bush, anti-US, etc., the ACLU is out banging its gong and suing anyone it can. But the silence of the ACLU in this case is deafening.

The ACLU will do nothing since it sees any defamatory speech against minorities as hate speech while it defends groups like NAMBLA and all of its other preferenced groups.

Watch and listen...these students will be crucified and the ACLU will do nothing. I hope that the students at least contact their local ACLU chapter for help if and when the PC Cops discipline, expel and ruin these kid's lives.

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