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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Jewish Group Blasts Mitt Romney for Choice to Hold Campaign Announcement at Henry Ford

Click on the above link, This is a great post from a great site.

I am a massive supporter of Israel. But what is it with the Jewish left in this nation? As I posted on the Yid With A Lid site: 'OK - look, Henry Ford hated everyone, not just Jews. He hated Catholics, Socialists, Communists, most Protestants, Congressman, newspaper editors and reporters. He hated everyone! So to say that having the kick-off of a Presidential Campaign at the home of a dead person is like saying Atlanta is a racist city since there used to be slave owners in the South. I am as Pro-Israel, anti-defamation'ist as anyone else. When will this oversensitivty stop? Get over it. Romney is kicking off his run using a symbol of America's greatness. Get over it! Oy!

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Jonah Goldberg had some interesting comments on this... but this thing was so politically motivated.

Still, in our book, Mitt is the man!

To help our readership we created this Mitt Romney interactive Issue map . Share and enjoy.
And what politician does something that is not politically motivated. I thought it was agreat move on his part to kick off his campaign in MI. Besides Gerald Ford, how much success has the GOP had in that state?
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