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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Is Dead

...and I don't care. Well, that is a bit harsh. But from what I know about this lady, which is not much, her life after being 'discovered' has been a train wreck. So, it seemed to me it was a matter of when this would happen and not why. The real tragedy here is that this lady's child will not have a mother, even a bad one. And with the money she was still trying to wrangle from her marriage to Moses, it seems this poor child might grow-up penniless.

ANS is a product of the minute-by-minute media that latches on to someone or some topic and won't let it go. Everything about ANS' life was made public, by her own choice and also by a media that wrote and pictrued everything about her life.

It's a sad end to a sad life, it seems. There will be another ANS to take the place of this beautiful and tragic figure the media and many in this nation could not get enough of. I only hope that the next ANS does not end like this.


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