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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Entire Louisiana Guard Now Mobilized

In 05, his Majesty King Nagin would not allow the Guard in Orleans Parish with a round in the chamber. Now that Gov. Jindal has taken control of the situation, let's hope and pray what you see on the left does not happen again...

Lock and load, boys...protect the lives and property of law abiding citizens...round in the chamber...empty the clip...no bag limit!

Pray for all of TX, LA, AL, MS, AL...this hurricane will be nasty.

God Bless The Guard, Police, Fireman, Paramedics, Doctors and Nurses and all who stay and help those in need.

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Nagin, is a fool--but foolish and igorant people keep re-electing him. The masses are uneducated, uninformed, and just plain stupid. Most who live in New Orleans don't even know what direction the Mississippi river flows or into what body of water it emptys according to a recent survey---these are the voters, ha, ha!!
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