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Monday, August 29, 2005

Lights, Camera, Grief!

Cry and say something bad about the President...you're on camera!
(thanks IROP for the inspiration)

OT: But I thought you might be interested in this comprehensive article about the gross fleecing of America by War Profiteers. I know the problems of government waste is something we both kind of agree on.
Come on...the President can't meet with everyone. This is a wounded combat soldier, not a creation of the media. Your FrakenSheehan (I should copywrite that since I just made that up) is the media's creation. This young man should be in line before Sheehan. Remember - she already had her turn!
My point was really just that there are a lot of people who have problems with the way these are handled and they aren't just 'lefty hippies'.
...the way the war has been handled.....
I agree. I'm one of them. But, I'd like the US to hear the real Sheehan - the one I heard use the F-Bomb and all of the other rants. Thanks for the link to the Brad-whatever project. I listened to a few Sheehan clips. I am tracing some of the better bits for a new post. Long Live the 1st Amendment!
Fair enough, but to be honest I think most of the attention she gets comes from the Right Wing news outlets. At least that seems to be where I hear nearly everything about her. The Malkins, Town Halls, O'Reills, Limbaughs of the world claim to loathe her but they go a long way to keeping her in the news. To be fair I don't watch network/cable news or read CNN so that's pretty anecdotal.
Oh Muther Sheehan is the best thing to happen to the Republican Party since Karl Rove was a College Republican!

In my wildest dreams it would be hard to dream up a woman trashing her son's service (he volunteered, he re-enlisted, he loved the military) for her own political agenda.

Says it all when you see that she is being sponsored by virulent anti-American Socialist groups like Code Pink.

And when you read the transcript of her remarks at a rally for Lynne Stewart, convicted of aiding terrorists, you get a sense of who and what this woman is:


"This country isn't worth dying for?"

The woman is a national disgrace!
Amen Brother
I hope she remians as irrelevant as she is since Katrina rolled into the Gulf South!
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