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Friday, August 26, 2005

Stolen Election?

As Parrot Check so adroitly said, 'Every time I see this map, it reminds me how much 'W' stole the election.'

Then I got comments from readers that said W's 2004 wash of the US was not a Mandate. Look at 1984! What about this map? Does this qualify as mandate? PBS did a speacial about the 1984 Election called, 'Minnesota: The Lonliest State'

Thanks Parrot Check for the inspiration

That would be pretty impressive provided you are totally willing to stop thinking. In reality it is actually totally meaningless.

Here are some other electoral maps that are a tad more 'reality based'

Electoral Vote map adjusted for population.

But for the most part the country is still quite a mix.
Boo Hoo Hoo - you lost!
I wasn't crying, just pointing out the silliness of using that map to prove some sort of mandate.
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