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Sunday, August 28, 2005


I am originally from New Orleans. I was born there. I went to school there when we could - my father was in the Army. During his three tours of Viet Nam, we lived in New Orleans with relatives. Visits there since I have gotten older have been more spread out, but I am in New Orleans at least once a year. What is unimaginable to me as I type, is that in less than twenty-four hours, New Orleans could be gone. Gone in a sense of measuring time. Hurrican time is measured in terms of when the last big one hit - Camille. For those who are from the area, more often than not we measure time in terms of Pre-Camille or Post Camille/Pre-Betsy, Post-Betsy. Now that I live in Florida, I've gotten a sense of using that thinking in talking about the construction of my house which is a Post-Andrew cinder block home. I think time will be measured for generations in South Louisiana as Pre-Katrina and Post-Katrina. I told my wife that a lot of my spare time over the next several weeks and months will probably be spent in New Orleans helping my parents, cousins and grandparent rebuild. It's not much of a jump to New Orleans from Orlando - 1.5 hours. But if this storm is going to do what they say it will do, traveling to New Orleans will not be a matter of miles, it will be a move backwards in time - The Post Kartina Era is about to begin!

Please pray for all the victims in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama

Yes, I too lived in NOLA as a teen. I loved that city. I pray God for its deliverance.
It looks like it might not be the worst case scenario but it's still bad news. I spent some time on the Alabama coast and it was amazing. My best to your friends and family in the area.
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