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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Police Need Your Help In Capturing Beating Suspects


Click this link. This seems real. If it is....I'm speechless! I hope this is urban legend, sorry for the reference. If this is real, these guy will wish the police catch them before other 'things' might happen. These guys better watch their six - shouldn't be too hard - looks like they don't know how to count! What chaps my ass about this is that this happened over three weeks ago and these tapes were held by the police and just released to the media. JC! Rodney King was still bleeding when those tapes went public! GD - I can't believe I live in the US sometimes! It figures this is on the left coast...I read a post where soldiers were refused service after they showed their IDs and WAS Drivers Licenses to local pub. They were told 'their kind' was not welcomed. Anyone have the coordinates for Seattle? Looks like its time for a little 'collateral damage.'

This is really messed up but it doesn't look like they'll get too far with their faces plastered everywhere.

Also that 'servicemen refused service' story is urban legend.

Thanks for sharing that link at Mike's America. The story was featured on Sean Hannity's radio program and will be on Hannity and Cholmes tonight as well.

Attacking anyone who works for the federal government is a federal offense. I hope that the Attorney General has sent out the word that this offense deserves the attention of the Seattle FBI and Federal Marshall's office.

Bad enough that the left is stealing the honor of our troops memory and offending those seeking to recover from their injuries.


I've heard lefties say we're living in a fascist country. Time after time after time, the only examples of fascism I see is by thugs and hooligans on the left.

Sad, reprehensible and pathetic are the words that come to mind.
Oh god, remove your head from your a$$. This has nothing to do with the left. This is about some criminal thugs who beat up some guys who were soldiers. You're hatred of 'The Left' is blinding you to the facts.
I'll bet you $100 if those "apolitical" thugs vote at all, they vote Democrat.

I'll bet you that terrorists and mass murderers like Timothy McVeigh, and Eric Rudolph vote Republican. What point were you trying to make again?
Don't hold your breathe, those Hooligans do not vote, they prob can't even read!
Now that's where my money would be.
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