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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pat The Nut!


Pat Robertson is absolutley out of his mind! This link spells out his latest lunatic rant, but also lists other howlings of nuttiness. Take a look. However, Pat's comments on feminists being devil-worshiping, baby eaters may not be off the mark if you look at the faces Susan Estrich makes when O'Reilly asks her questions on The Factor! But for Patty R. to advocate the assisination of Hugo Chavez is really off the 'real' mark. Don't we all have a list of people we'd like to see our Special Ops guys go after? I do. And if you've been reading this blog for a while usted sabe quién es el número uno en mi lista? Castro! Why can't Pat advocate knocking off El Presidente? Cuba is ripe for change. Castro has been abusing this Island for more years than Chavez has been in power. It's time for 'The Beard' to go to that great plantation in the sky! A little revolution now and again is a good thing.

Wow, we actually agree on the Robertson thing, how about that. Now it wouldn't be nearly as scary if Religious extremists like Robertson didn't have so much power in our government. It really worries me the number of fanatics who have gained mainstream credibility through this current admin.
This nutcase has been around for over 25 years. This is not a 'new' issue. Power? As much as the libs have on the lefty congress-people. Power goes both ways. Speech is the issue. Robertson is as crazy as Ferrakhan and Jeffers! But when is the last time you heard about the stuff that comes out of King Louis' Mouth?
Yes, and if Farrakhan was given 1/10 the power that Ralph Reed, James Dobson, Bill Frist, Tom Coburn, or any of the people listed Here. You may actually have a point. However this administration has been built on politics and cultural warfare over policy. It's sickening. If you don't know what I'm talking about I can give reams of examples.
And during the 8 years the Clintonistas ran wild, besides Hillary conjuring Elanor R to help her with her run-away licentious co-president, who was propping up the left. Who powered the left for the last sixty years in Congress. Knucklehead. So, the other way to look at this is that you, specifically, are against Christians (right or wrong). If this is true, does this make you A) agnostic B) athiest C) Other (Red Sea Pedestrian C is the best possible answer. If you chose A or B - I'm closing the post!
I dont see what's wrong with his (Pats) statement .He just should not have voiced it. Since its not an ammendment issue here and this guy in Venezuela is in bed with a friggin communist who as you will see will get worse as time evolves in the oil rich SA country promoting Muslim terrorists.We should have wasted (Covert Ops)some other heads of countrys instead of losing thousands of men and women.
Sorry, who were the radical leftists in Clintons cabinet? Which radicals ran his campaign? Because I can certainly name radical right who works with Bush. And I hate to break it to you but this has nothing to do with my feelings about christianity. In reality most of these people are about as Christian as the pope is jewish. Infidelity, lying, stealing, fraud, coveting, judging/hypocricy, hypocricy, lying again, torture and a complete lack of compassion are their trademarks.

If these people are representative of Christians than I may have to rethink my beliefs. They are hypocrites and charlatans of the worst kind.
Here's the real test...does Castro deserve to live? A) Yes B) No

If you chose B, then you pass the test. If you chose A, then you agree that what Castro is, does, stand for and those that support him in this country is ok. How can you call yourself an American?
How very Christian of you.

Let it ring from the rooftops that c r mountjoy stands in judgement of man and declares death to be the only answer! Let thy 6th commandment be damned! Fire, Brimstone, locusts (oops, falling into the old testament). What Would Jesus Do? Obviously he would say Kill! He would say 'Judge your fellow man, for you surely know the correct path!'. 'Yes, I preached against violence, greed, and power but nevermind that when it doesn't suit your base desires.'

Yes, my flock, the choice is simple. Either you wish death upon this Castro or you are a commie, cuba loving traitor!
Wait, were you saying Castro was in Clintons cabinet or working on his campaign? Or maybe some other commie with a beard? Because that is what I've been asking this whole time and you keep changing the subject. If that is your assertion please let me know, and I'd encourage you to seek help.
6th COMMANDMENT! Open your eyes jerky.
Oh JFC...6th Commandment You're using the 6th Commandment for a foreign dictator? Yes, I don't think he has the right to live. I want him dead. Satisfied. In the interest of human rights and national security, he must die! If given the assignment, with alacrity, I'd carry it out. My God and I are tight! He knows my heart. If I burn for this and all other transgressions I've committed, so be it. Never mind that. Stick to the question. Do you think Castro deserves to live? After 40 years of brutal and oppressive subjugation, murder, terror exporter, weapons exporter, gulags, torture...Castro deserves to live? Pol Pot is out, Amin gone, Cacesceau out, Karadsvoic out, Hitler gone, Stalin and the rest-gone. Why does Fidel get a ride with the left? Kill him and kill him now. Be a man and say it: Do you think Castro is fine? Is what he has been doing to his people is ok? Are you a Communist Sympathizer? Just say it if you have the guts. There is no shame. I have said my peace. I want Castro dead. I want him dead now. I want Cuba to be free. Free. Do you understand that word? Why can't you lefties like that word? Why can't the left think and say, 'You know, Cuba would be a whole lot better off if that Commie SOB was dead.' You post here on a regular basis. Tell us all what you really are: Athiest? Communist? Fellow Traveler? Disaffected Child of the 60s? Radical Environmentalist? Deconstructionist Marxist? Trotskyite? Lyndon Larouche wonk? Reform Theologist? Libertarian? Let all the readers know what Cold Pillow stands for. Why don't you start your own blog. Let people know what you think. Got the guts? Or are you just going to continue to hide behind the posts of others? Be a man, or woman. Tell us all who you are? Pick a lable. You pegged me correctly: Right Wing, Pro-Life, Hetero, Gun Owning, States Rights, Reagan/Goldwater Republican, Pro Israel, Anti-Tax, Anti-Communist, Pro Defense, Hawk! What say you, Sir or Madame?
I'd consider myself to be relatively liberal but I have no illusions about Castro. There is no doubt that he has done horrible things to his own people. And Since when has anyone even remotely reasonable on the left been a Castro supporter. I think you seriously need to check your assumptions. However I really don't see what puts me or you in the position to summarily condem someone to death. Especially when I have no idea what you're really suggesting. Are you saying we invade, have a secret agent try to poison him, carpet bomb the country, or just magically snap your fingers and imagine he's dead? Cuba might be better off without him, but I'm not really sure what the alternative would be. It would be great if Cuba could be a successful democracy, or even just a relatively peaceful, sleepy tourist destination a la Puerto Rico (to me, of course I'm sure it's much more to the people who are from there). I'd like all people to be free, successful and at peace. I'd also like a pony and a monkey that makes a good vodka tonic but I don't see it happening anytime soon.

As for me, I suppose it is fair to give you an honest backround. I was fairly non-partisan until the whitewater/clinton witch hunt although I always trended left of center. Domestically I believe that taxes should be progressive and that a 'rising tide raises all boats'. We don't exist in a vacume and the welfare of all Americans should be a priority for us as a country. It's insane to me that given all of our wealth and success that we still have families without basic health care and millions of children either homeless or in poverty.
I think the corruption and entaglement of Government and Big Business is one of the biggest threats to our country's future. When we sell out the many to enrich the few we are walking a path to our collective demise as a country. I think that science and ingenuity is our best hope for staying competitive in the future and our education and social systems sicken me in how it is failing our future generations. I think it is reprehensible the way this administration has hijacked and twisted science to suit its needs. We have the resources and the opportunities to accomplish amazing things and I often feel like those opportunities are being squandered. This is part of why I think the war in Iraq was a mistake. For the cost of this war (not just money) there is so much we could have accomplished. I think the desire to fight and conquer is natural but also kind of base in that it allows us to ignore other possibilities that may be harder or require more thought. Everything has it's opportunity cost and it's crazy that this isn't discussed more.
I believe in smart gun laws and agree with Howard Dean that the laws that work in rural areas do not work in urban areas and vice versa. I don't want to confiscate guns but I also think it's a problem when lobbyists spend millions to ensure that mentally unstable people keep the right to own weapons with no other purpose than to kill people. I think abortion should be safe, legal and rare. A child is too serious of a commitment and too important to be forced on someone that either can't or won't care for it.
I think gay people should be allowed to get married and recieve the same rights that straight people have. I think if you have a problem with gay marriage then you shouldn't get one and that's it. It's ridiculous how much time we spend arguing about something as trivial as this. My marriage won't be ruined if gays are allowed to marry and I'm not worried about being 'turned gay' because we aren't shaming gays enough.
Sorry for any spelling or grammar errors but I was kind of hurrying through this. Let me know if I forgot anything.
You were challenged. You responded. I owe you my respect for stating your case. You did not have to. Just as I don't have to defend anything I type since this is my opinion. Thank you for your reply. While we are diamterically opposite on most issues, most Americans, and let's face it, don't have the conviction of beliefs that you do. Right or wrong, you have every right to your opinion, to state your case, to use cogent logic and defend your position. And for that we can all thank our men and women in our Armed Forces for continuing to provide us this luxury. Please continue to view this blog as you wish.
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