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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

WWL 4 New Orleans


Right now, WWL-TV 4 CBS New Orleans is streaming video from KHOU - Houston, TX. If anyone sees this, I am looking for a Parrish by Parrish update. In fact, I'm looking for information about Metairie from West Esplanade up to the lake between Transcontinnental and Clearview. I saw pictures on CNN of Clearview Shopping Center. The Target Building (Old Maison Blanche) had its sign blown off. I also saw the canal on Veterans is flooded. The 17st Canal is flooded (which floods in strong rain anyway) and the levee broke there and the 9th Ward is completely under water.

For all of this, what we don't know about are the people outside of the city. Has anyone heard about Boothville, Grand Isle, Port Sulfur, Dulac, Venice, Delacroix? I hear St. Bernard Parrish has over 50K homes under water. Has anyone heard about Palcquemines Parrish? As much as the news focuses on New Orleans, there are so many other areas that were affected. Has anyone heard from HAM Radio operators? What about CBers?

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those in MS who have been affected. The Red Cross is announcing that money is the best kind of support to give. Food and other survival 'stuff' is not necessary since it can't be transported.

More updates to follow.

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