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Friday, September 16, 2005

Flight 93 Memorial

There has been a lot of text given to the proposed memorial for the brave men and women who died on Flight 93 on September 11, 2001.

The proposed memorial has been rightly criticized as surreptitiously inserting homage to Muslims with a crescent which latitudinally and longitudinally points toward Mecca.

After seeing its design, it’s obvious that its design is intentional and is nastily insensitive to the victims and their families.

Looking at the plaque which exists today, what else is needed?

Wasn't the design created and approved by Family of the victims? Doesn't South Carolina's Flag have a crescent in it? Isn't New Orleans referred to as The Crescent City? Have you seen other scehmatics of the memorial besides the topographical one posted by Malkin and many others?

I can understand the concern but I really don't think there is some conspiracy to incorporate islamic imagery into the memorial. I mean really, is that the claim? It's actually a pretty common architectural theme so I kind of feel like there is a lot of manufactured outrage.
All that is needed is what is already there...that is all. What else is needed? Nothing.
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